30 Awesome YouTube Video Ideas That Get Many Views in 2023

Would you like to know the secret of getting many views on YouTube?

What makes a video go viral? What makes you want to share a video with everyone in your contacts list?

Have you ever wondered how to get more views on YouTube?

Ideas can be challenging to come by.

Whether for a big project or a marketing campaign, it can often be difficult to give birth to a wonderful idea.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 30 awesome YouTube video ideas to help you kick-start your next video.

These ideas will not only aid you when planning your video content, but they’ll help you get discovered and noticed among the growing sea of users on this ever-populating platform.

Get More Views with These 30 YouTube Video Ideas

You need to know what types of videos people want to see to get more views on YouTube and increase your subscribers.

Here are some ideas for creating great content that will get you more views on YouTube in 2023:

  1. “How-to” videos

How-to videos are always popular on YouTube because they solve people’s problems. If you have expertise in one area or another, make a how-to video to teach others how to do what you do best! 

For example, if you’ve used a certain tool or app to build your business, show viewers how they can do the same thing!

  1. Product reviews

Product reviews are a great way to generate more traffic and sales if you’re selling products online.

Many people search for product reviews on YouTube before making a purchase decision. If you have a product that people want to know about, this is an opportunity for you to be seen by potential customers.

  1. Q&A sessions

Another option is to record yourself answering your audience’s questions about your niche and industry. You can do this in video or text on a blog post or podcast.

For example, if you’re running an ecommerce store, you could create a video series where you answer common questions like:

  • What are the best ways to improve organic traffic?
  • How do I optimize my website for conversions?
  • What are the most effective ways to increase my conversion rate?
  1. Vlogs and behind-the-scenes footage

Do you have a lot of content coming out? Why not share it with your audience in real-time by making vlogs? People love watching others behind the scenes and telling little secrets about their lives. 

This type of video can be a great way to build trust with your audience and create an authentic connection with them.

  1. Tips and tricks videos

If you’re a company that sells products or services, consider doing tips and tricks videos for each. 

For example, if you sell clothing, show how easy it is to style outfits using different items from your store or suggest ways they can wear their clothes differently than what’s recommended on tags or labels (this works especially well if your store sells accessories).

  1. Hauls and shopping sprees

This is a popular type of video because it gives viewers an inside look into someone’s life, which can often be more interesting than watching them talk about themselves. Plus, shopping sprees are fun to watch!

  1. Interviews with experts in a particular field

These videos give people insight into topics they may know little about — or even get the chance to ask questions they’ve always wanted answers to. 

These videos are great for attracting new subscribers who want to learn more about subjects they’re interested in or want to follow along as someone else learns something new.

  1. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are very popular among viewers because they give them a sneak peek into the product they plan on buying before purchasing it. This type of video gives viewers an inside look at how something works before they buy it, which often leads to sales when someone watches an unboxing video for a product they were thinking about buying anyway. 

These videos can also be testimonials if happy customers want to share their experiences with others.

  1. Motivational and inspirational videos

These are some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. They can be about anything from self-improvement and success stories to how-to videos or product reviews. 

If you have an interesting story that inspires others, it might be worth sharing in a motivational video. 

  1. Cooking challenges

Cooking challenges are very popular among younger audiences who enjoy watching others cook food and share their recipes online. Create your cooking challenge by inviting friends to your house for dinner or hosting a cooking class at a local restaurant or cafe. 

You could even go viral with a 24-hour cooking challenge where you prepare meals every hour for 24 hours straight!

  1. Reviews of books, movies, or TV shows

Consider the value of your opinion. People love watching books, movies, and TV shows reviews because they often seek a second opinion on what they should watch next. 

If you know much about a topic and have strong feelings about it, this is an excellent way to build an audience who trusts your judgment.

  1. Room tours and organization tips

People love seeing other people’s homes and offices. It’s interesting to see how they set things up in their living and work spaces. A good way to do this is by taking viewers on a tour through your home or office space, showing off how you’ve arranged things so well (or poorly). 

Another option is sharing tips on how other people can organize their spaces more effectively.

  1. Gaming walkthroughs and tutorials

These videos show players how to complete games from start to finish. They often feature tips, tricks, and strategies that can help you beat levels or pass missions. 

If you’re interested in creating these types of videos, you’ll need gameplay footage from the game itself and commentary about what’s happening on screen.

  1. Language learning videos

These are typically short clips showing vocabulary words in their native language with subtitles in English underneath them. They’re usually accompanied by soundtracks to aid listening comprehension and speaking practice. 

They’re also often paired with games like Pronunciation Games which test your knowledge of what you’ve learned so far.

  1. Travel vlogs and destination guides

Travel videos are some of the most popular on YouTube, especially if they’re well-made and interesting. And with a good travel guide, you can show off your knowledge and expertise on subjects people are passionate about.

  1. Reaction videos to viral trends and memes

If you know your audience, there are probably many things they love that you can do reaction videos too. Think about the things that are trending right now (e.g., Fortnite) or viral memes (e.g., “What does the fox say?”). 

These videos can be fun to make, easy to market, and engaging for your audience.

  1. Hair and makeup tutorials

These videos are often very popular with women who enjoy watching others do their hair or makeup and share their tips with them. You can create these types of videos using any camera. Still, they usually look best if shot using a DSLR or similar high-quality camera to look professional.

  1. ASMR Videos

The ASMR trend has been around for years, but it’s still going strong! In this video, ASMR artist Heather Feather uses her soothing voice to talk about sleep hygiene and how to soothe your nerves before bedtime. 

This video has over 2 million views! The best part about this type of content is that anyone can make it! You don’t need fancy equipment or lighting — just a great idea and the ability to be yourself.

  1. DIY Home Improvement Projects

A home improvement project is always a good idea if you want to create a video that will get people’s attention. People love watching others do things they can’t do themselves, and they also love being inspired by someone willing to take on a challenge.

  1. Science and Technology Explainers

There’s no better way to get people interested in science than simply explaining how it works. You don’t need advanced degrees or years of experience making science videos — just a willingness to try something new.

  1. Animal and pet videos

The trend of animal videos continues to be popular on YouTube because they’re so easy to relate to. People love seeing cute animals doing funny things, especially involving other humans!

If you just put yourself in their shoes, you can succeed with any pet video. Dogs are the most popular type of animal on YouTube, but cats are also big hits with viewers. The best part is that there are plenty of content ideas for pet owners: document your own pets’ adventures or interview other pet owners about their experiences.

  1. Historical and cultural explorations

There’s something about history that everyone loves. It gives us perspective on where we’ve been as a species and how far we’ve come. Learning about other cultures worldwide and how they differ from ours is also interesting. 

Take advantage of this niche by making videos about historical events or places worldwide that people have not heard of!

  1. Car reviews and test drives

Everyone loves to see what’s new on the market, especially if it’s a car. If you have an eye for detail, this can be a great way of getting people interested in your videos. You can also include information about the car’s history or how it was made.

Many people like learning about their favorite brands, so this could be a great niche.

  1. Productivity and time management tips

If you love productivity apps, then you can share some of your favorite tips and tricks with others! Is there something you always use that other people don’t know about? This could be an interesting way of showing people how to save time and make their lives easier.

  1. Fashion and style advice

If you’re good at fashion, why not share your knowledge? People love looking good, so why not show them how they can do this on a budget (or even free!)? 

You could also share some tips on picking out clothes that suit your body shape and height, which most women struggle with! It will give them confidence knowing they look good when leaving their house!

  1. Comedy skits and stand-up routines

Comedy skits and stand-up routines may be the best way to go if you’re funny and like to make people laugh. 

This type of video is great for people who want to build their brand or business and need more money to spend on marketing. It’s also an easy way to start making videos if you’re starting.

  1. Art and drawing tutorials

If you’re good at art or drawing and have a lot of talent, then art tutorials may be the right choice. These types of videos attract viewers with similar interests because they often look for tips on improving their skills or maybe even just for inspiration when they’re stuck on something.

  1. Real estate and home-buying advice

This niche is big because people always look for new homes or places to rent. Finding good information online about real estate and homes takes a lot of work. People want to know how much they should spend on a house, what areas are good to live in, etc. If you have experience in this field, this could be a great area for your channel.

  1. Parodies and spoofs

These videos have become very popular recently because people love watching parodies of their favorite shows and movies. They make fun of celebrities, politicians, and other famous people to get more views from their fans who also like those things.

  1. Storytime and personal experience videos

These videos are great for showing off your personality and values as an individual. Still, they can also provide valuable information about a topic your audience might be interested in. 

For example, you could make a video about your favorite recipes or share your experience traveling somewhere new.

Ready to Boost Your Views? Try These 30 YouTube Video Ideas

Whether you’re just starting on YouTube or are a seasoned content creator, having some fresh inspiration for your next video is always helpful.

With these 30 awesome YouTube video ideas, you’ll have many options to keep your viewers engaged, entertained, and returning for more. 

So don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new – who knows, you could be the next big thing on YouTube.

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