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Just take the footage out of your camera and send it over to us. Don't waste time on sorting it out, renaming files or wiping off the dust from that old vacation video you took 2 years ago. We will take care of all that in the editing room. You can use any cloud storage of your choice but suggest either Dropbox or Google Drive. Oh, and one more thing. When I said we can take footage from any kind of device we really mean it. So you can send videos straight from you iPhone, GoPro or DSLR camera.


Once all your footage is uploaded, the project will be reviewed by our Chief Video Editor and afterwards it will be assigned to a Video Editing Engineer which is specialized in working on that particular type of project. Over at VEEDYOU we have dedicated professionals for projects in different niches such as Wedding, GoPro, Drone, Corporate or Family video. So no matter what kind of video editing style you are after, we have just the right editor to do the job. The average turnaround time for a standard project is 5 working days.


When we are done editing, you will hear back from us and get a direct download link. Finally you get to enjoy a nicely crafted video which you can share with your friends & family, YouTube subscribers or perhaps with your customers. If you plan on using the video for commercial purposes don't forget to let us know upfront so we can work out any potential copyright infringements. Additionally, we can also suggest ways to improve the conversion rates and the effectiveness of the video.

"Our video editing services are out of this world. We can turn your raw footage into awesome looking videos by taking any kind of footage, from any kind of device and make it look like a big budget Hollywood production. For only a fraction of the cost! We are a pretty creative company so we can handle any kind of video project, but most of the times the inquiries we get fall into one of the categories below. But don't freak out if you don't find what you are after in the list below. Get in touch and we would be happy to take on new and challenging projects as well."



Want to get the word out there about your product or services? What better way is there than videos? Video marketing is the top pick of the digital marketers, so why don't you give it a try. We are up for working on all kinds of corporate video editing services. We can handle niches such as real estate, product round-ups, interviews, testimonials, company profiles, Facebook or YouTube ads. You name it and we'll edit it.


The quality of the videos coming out of this matchbox sized action camera is stunning. That's why we are absolutely thrilled each and every time we get a new GoPro video editing service inquiry. Wouldn't it be a pity to leave all that nice 1080p or 4K footage just sitting there and collecting dust on a hard drive you even forgot you have? Well we think it would. That's why we added this service to our portfolio and our customers seem to simply love it.


If you want a short video that captures the highlights of your last holiday the Vacation video editing service is what you are looking for. Let us browse through your footage and select the absolute best moments and create a fun, engaging but also emotional video reel which you can watch at any time and remember all the places you have visited. So what are you waiting for? Send over your footage and sit back tight until you get back the finished vacation video.


We are simply blown away by the amazing shoots that we get from our customers who use drones. If you are looking to add that cinematic look to your video, drones are the way to go. And we know exactly what we need to do in post-production to make everything look like a multi-million dollar Hollywood production. So, are you interested in that?


We can deliver the best online wedding video editing services. We can turn your wedding footage into an breathtaking, emotional video that you will never get tired of playing over and over again for many years to come. All our wedding video editing services are handled by the right video editor from our team. Each and every one of them has an impressive background in multi-cultural wedding video editing so you can rest assured that all the key moments of your wedding will be captured in the final video.

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  • 30 minutes of raw footage
  • Pro cut & transitions
  • Image stabilization
  • Color correction
  • 1 final edited video


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