June 8, 2017

Wedding Video Editing Service

If you are looking for the absolute best online wedding video editing service you are in the right place. Our company can take your wedding footage and turn it into a breathtaking video that you will never get tired of watching. All you need to do is to send us your wedding footage and we will take care of the rest.

We have over 10 years of video editing behind us and we are never satisfied with just “OK” results. We never settle and we are continuously working towards delivering a great customer service.

All our wedding video editing services are handled by carefully selected video editors. Each and every one of them has an impressive background in multi-cultural wedding video editing so you can rest assured that all the key moments of your wedding will be captured in the final video.

To start the project you only need to pay a 30% deposit. The average turnaround time for the final wedding video edit is 5 working days. Once the edit is ready we will send it over to you and allow up to 3 free revisions.

You can ask for any changes you want, no additional fee required. Once you are happy with the final result and pay the remaining balance we will send you the finished video.

What do we exactly do

Well, we are a very creative video editing company so we do all sort of stuff with videos, regardless if it is wedding videos or not. However, our wedding video editing clients usually have specific requirements which most of the times fall into one of the categories below.


Nowadays everyone can be a cameraman. All you need is a decent smartphone or why not, a GoPro. So at your wedding you will involuntary have so many guests shooting videos or taking pictures of you. Why waste all that footage.

Ask your guests to send you the videos and let us create an engaging, funny but emotional wedding video out of it.

Don’t worry if the quality of the raw clips is not top notch. Just let us surprise you with the result. You will be amazed to see how your wedding day looked from your family and friends point of view.

Wouldn’t you like to see how the bouquet toss looked like from the perspective of your bridesmaids? Or wouldn’t it be awesome to include in your wedding video the Snapchats and Instagram stories of your guests?

Over at VEEDYOU we can take footage from literally any device or platform and compile it into a modern, up to date video interpretation of your wedding day.

Save you money

We all know how expensive a wedding video can be. But using amateur taken videos and have them edited by VEDDYOU will probably cost you just a tiny little fraction of what you would normally pay for a wedding video.

Why not take advantage on our online wedding video editing service and save your money. On top of that you don’t get to pay the full amount until are happy with the finished product.

We really believe that our wedding video editing service offers the best quality for the money.

Re-edit your old wedding video

If it’s been a little while since your wedding day and the DVD or VHS tape you love some much looks a little bit rusty and out-dated, we can help.

We love taking old footage and bring it into the digital era. We can re-edit your old wedding video into something totally fresh and out of the box. On top of that you will be able to watch your new wedding video on any type of device whenever you like.

The 3 minute wedding video editing service

Almost all wedding videos are 3-4 hours long. And that’s fine, after all you want to capture as many moments as possible. It is one of the happiest days of your life.

But, what if you would squeeze all the emotion and all the key moments of your wedding in just a 3 minute wedding video reel. Here are VEEDYOU we can browse through your footage, cut it, slice it and select the absolute best moments (or use the ones you specifically want). Then we put all those frames into a highly emotional, stylish and funny video which you will want to watch over and over again.

Re-edit a video you don’t like

It case you feel let down by the way you exiting wedding video edit looks it is not the end of the world. We can re-edit by using our own creativity or by following specific client requirements.

There is no reason why to be upset with your wedding video anymore. We can turn it in the exact video that you wanted in the first place. The three free revisions included in the package will ensure you will be thrilled by the result.

Wedding video editing for videographers

If you are a busy wedding videographer and don’t have time to spend in the studio to cut through the footage, let us do it for you. Send over your best shoots and get back the finished video in a professional and timely manner.

This way you can focus on shooting more events while we do our job in post-production.

Wedding photo to video

Don’t have any footage of your wedding day? No problem! We can use any pictures you may have to create a nice slideshow/video montage out of your photos.

By adding just the right musical background, nice animations and stylish effects we can create a breathtaking story of your wedding day.

Enhance the image quality

Poorly shot videos can still look nice and professional to a certain extent. If the colors aren’t there, or the cameraman was shaky, or maybe the light was not right, we can fix it.

We can take care of all these issues in post-production by using professional editing tools and of course, our experience.

GoPro and Drone Wedding Videos

Maybe you and your guests have been taking things to the 21st century and have shoot GoPro or aerial drone footage. Wouldn’t be a shame to let all that awesome footage un-edited.

VEEDYOU can turn it into an awesome, unconventional and modern wedding video edit that will stand out.

Wedding video invitation

Don’t you want to announce everybody about your wedding in a fun and up to date way? Break the rules and tell them to save the date by sending out a video which will look like it was produced by a Hollywood director.

Shoot it and then let us make it awesome.

Video wished for the weds

How cool would it to reply to a wedding invitation with a video message, wishing the happy couple all the best? Send them a surprise message from their friend and family.

We can edit your best wishes into an emotional video message which they will remember forever.

Are you interested in our wedding video editing service? Start your project by clicking the link below.