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Logo Animation | Character Animation | 2D Animation | Storyboard | Voice Over

From logo animation and character animation to text and 2D video animation, we've got you covered.

Veedyou provides customers with a wide range of video animation services for any need, no matter how big or small. Grow your business with video animation.

Free revisions, money back guarantee and phone call consultations.

Why Veedyou?

We believe in the power of video to grab your audience’s attention and communicate your message quickly and effectively.

Our team is proud of our work and we’re confident that we can meet your needs like never before.

Cristian Stanciu, Founder of

The work we do for clients in different industries...

No more rigid deadlines

We understand that there can be constraints on the turnaround time for projects.

That’s why we offer flexible deadlines so your project can be completed when it suits you best!

What type of video animation servics to we offer?

Logo Animation

We animate logos for companies that need that extra touch to grab their target’s attention.

Our animators are skilled in various styles of logo animation, from cartoonish to realistic.

Direct one of our animators today and see what we can do for you!

Need a character for your next video or app?

Let our team of expert designers or character animators create one just for you!

We offer a wide range of styles and moods that will fit any project perfectly.

Character Animation

Titling Animation

Don’t have the creativity to design creative title sequences?

Our award-winning creative team will do it all for you!

From basic titles and text animations to creative and colorful animations.

We have the right title sequence for any project.

Want to promote your product through an explainer video?

We can help!

With our 2D animation service, we’ll come up with the storyboard and scripts so all you have to do is approve it!

2D Video Animation

Expert storyboard and script creation services

We offer professional video scripting and storyboarding services to help you get started with your project.

We also provide 2 rounds of free revisions per project – so if something’s not perfect, we’ll make it right!

For startups or small businesses, we offer whiteboard animations at budget prices.

It’s a great way to introduce your idea and keep things simple and easy to understand.

Whiteboard Animation

You are just minutes away from getting your video animation crafted by our company...


Transfer your files or ideas

Send us your raw clips, branding package or anything else  through Google Drive, Dropbox or any other similar cloud storage service.

Share a brief of your idea or let us do our magic.


Get your animated video back in 10-14 days

We will email you a download link for your edited video in 10-14 days, on average.

Or in 7 days if you’ve opted in for the speedy turnaround option.


Request changes, if needed

Share your feedback on the video and we are happy to work with you on up to 2 free revisions.

No extra charges, no strigs attached.

Great for any industry

Our team is fluent in the most popular languages and we have experience in creating videos for any industry - from medical education videos to financial presentations.


Our video editing services cover pretty much any type of videos ranging from corporate and branded videos to social media, explainer videos, animations, YouTube, travel or home/family videos to weddings or documentary films.

Not sure we can handle your project? Drop us an email at or use the live chat.

The standard turnaround time is 7-10 days.

We also have an expedite 48 hours delivery option.

We don’t put a limit on it. We often get hundreds of files in hundreds of GB.

So no limit there, but the pricing will depend on how much footage we need to go through.

Typically we get 1-2 hours of footage, but again we don’t put a limit on it. Send as much as you want.

Most of the times, a lot of footage will not be used in the final cut. We only pick the best scenes and a lot of the raw footage gets cut out in the editing process.

Yes, we have the hardware.

We have been working with 4K, 60 frames per second for a while now.

Yes, we can export multiple videos from the same main video. In fact, this is a common practice for many content creators that want to re-purpose video content.

It can be several short videos, or videos in different aspect ratios for different platforms, or anything else you can think of.

Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Yes, we can supply the project files, if needed.

This is not always a very smooth process as there are a lot of things we need to factor in, such as: plugins and templates used, LUTs, fonts and the compatibility between our machines and yours.

So, yes, we can send project files if needed, but it is more of a case by case thing.

Yes, after you review the first cut there’s a revision process where we can implement changes based on your feedback.

We can do up to 3 rounds of revisions for free.

Most of the times we get the video edit right after just 1 iteration.

We can jump on a call and discuss your requirements and you can also check out our previous video projects to get an idea about the level of quality.

Moreover, we can work with you on implementing changes to the video, if needed.

No, all the video editing is done in house.

We have an office in Bucharest, Romania and that’s where all the magic happens.

You can get check out or pricing tool to get an idea about the costs.

With that said though, some projects might need to be quoted individually.

Feel free to reach out to and we will get back to you with a custom offer.

You can email us at, or you can use the live chat app on the website.

We do pretty much all you can think of, but here’s a list with some of the most common video editing techniques we use in our projects:

  • cuts & transitions
  • color grading
  • audio mixing
  • picture stabilization
  • titles and text overlays
  • motion graphics

Yes, we work with “not so good” footage.

So you don’t need to be a videographer to work with us.

No limit. But it will depend a lot on how much raw footage we have available and how much of it it’s usable.

Yes, we work with voice over artists and we can produce professional voice overs in different accents and languages.

Yes, we use a music licensing platform and we can supply the music for your video as well as the licensing info so that you don’t have any copyright issues.

Our video editing services are turnkey, so you get it all in one package.

Yes, we have a library of stock footage and stock photography that we can use on your videos.

The process is super simple.

We get the raw footage from you using Google Drive, Dropbox or any similar service.

We edit the video based on your requirements and get back to you with the 1st cut.

We work together with you on finalizing the video and implementing changes, if any.

Yes, we can follow a certain video editing style.

We can also make sure your videos match your brand style if you have a branding package.

Absolutely, please check out our examples page.

If you need more examples please email us.