The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Gaming YouTube Videos for Newbies

You’re a seasoned gamer looking to create gameplay videos or a newbie who wants to share their progress with others?

Starting a gaming YouTube channel is perfect to get involved in the gaming community and reach a large audience. 

There are over 3 billion gamers worldwide, and this number is growing every day. 

Gaming is no longer just a hobby – it’s a legitimate form of entertainment that people are passionate about. 

With platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and others it’s easier than ever to create and upload gaming videos. 

This is a great way to share your passion for gaming with the world.

Not only can you build a following of like-minded gamers, but you can also create content that educates and entertains others.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to make gaming videos on YouTube, what types of content to create, and list some tips on creating your YouTube channel.

Why do people watch gaming videos?

  • To learn how to play a game

Many people watch gaming videos to learn some tactics to use in a particular game.  Some viewers might just want to see how the game is played before they decide to buy it.

  • To see skilled gamers in action

Some viewers watch gaming videos because they enjoy seeing professional gamers in action. 

If you’re good at a game, your videos will be entertaining to watch for people who want to see some high-level play. 

Some skilled gamers to include are Ninja (previously a Twitch streamer), H2ODelirious, and others.

  • To have fun

Some gaming videos are simply meant to be funny or entertaining. For example, you might create a series of videos where you do silly things in games. 

Markiplier is a popular YouTuber who is known for this type of content. If you can make people laugh, you’ll have a loyal following of viewers who just want to be entertained.

  • To find out about new games

Gaming videos are also a great way to learn about new games that are coming out. 

This is a great way to generate excitement for a new release and get people interested in playing a game. 

Many YouTube channels publish game news and even do first impressions videos.

  • To watch others compete in gaming tournaments

Some people watch gaming videos because they enjoy watching professional gamers compete in tournaments. 

This is especially true for games that include a lot of team play and strategy as well as large e-sports scenes like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. 

These tournaments usually have large prize pools and attract thousands of viewers.

6 Types of gaming videos you can make

  1. Let’s plays

These are videos where you play through a game and provide commentary as you go. 

Many let’s players will also add extra elements to their videos, like funny sketches or challenges. 

PewDiePie is a well-known YouTuber who started his career way back on October 4th, 2010 by uploading Minecraft let’s plays.

By the way, Minecraft is still at the very top of the most viewed games on YouTube.

  1. Game guides and tutorials

If you’re good at a game, you can create videos that teach other people how to play. 

Such videos can be either general overviews of a game or more specific guides on how to complete certain tasks or use some in-game mechanics.

In addition to YouTube, such guides like this FIFA 23 tips by The Guide can be found on Instagram and other social media:

  1. Game news and reviews

Discuss the latest announcements in the gaming industry, provide updates to existing games, cover their positive and negative aspects, etc. 

These videos might be shorter than others, but they’re still a great way to engage with your audience and start a discussion. A channel like GameSpot creates both types of videos.

  1. Walkthroughs

A walkthrough is a playthrough of a video similar to a let play but focused on the actual gameplay than providing commentary. You can create a walkthrough for an entire game or a specific event like a boss fight.

This video type is often used to provide viewers with an overview of how to complete the game or to show off one’s skills. Check out this full game walkthrough of Stray for an example.

  1. Gameplay videos

These are videos that show people playing a game, but without any commentary or other elements. They’re usually shorter than other types of videos and are meant to be more like a highlight reel. 

You can create a compilation of your best moments in a game, or create a series of videos focused on a specific mechanic or aspect of the game.

  1. Live broadcasts

Although the number of YouTube gaming live hours watched has significantly decreased since 2020, YouTube live streaming is still popular among some gaming audiences.

 Live streams are more varied and may even include a mix of video types. 

You can broadcast yourself playing a game and people can watch and interact with you in real-time, or share other gaming events like tournaments or game launches. 

How to create a YouTube channel for gaming?

  1. Create a YouTube account

If you already have a Google account, you can use that to sign up for YouTube.

Once you’re signed in, click on the icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select “Create a channel.”

You will then be given the option to create a personal channel or create a channel for a business, organization, or other entity. 

Choose “Use a business or other name” and enter the name you want for your channel.

  1. Customize the look of your channel

Once you have your channel, it’s time to start customizing it.

The most important thing to do is add channel art.

This is the large banner at the top of your channel page, so pick something that will catch people’s attention and give them an idea of what your channel is about.

You should also add a profile picture, which will be seen next to your channel name whenever you comment on a video or post in the community.

This should be something easily recognizable like a custom gaming avatar or your real-life face.

  1. Add channel keywords

These are words or phrases that describe what your channel is about, and they help people find your channel when they search YouTube.

Include a mix of general and specific keywords, and try to use terms that you think people will search for. 

You can also add some gaming-related topics to your channel to help YouTube suggest your channel to people who are interested in those topics. 

When people are searching for gaming videos on YouTube, they’ll typically use keywords like “best moments”, “gameplay”, “walkthrough”, or ”tutorial”. 

By including these keywords in your video titles and descriptions, you can help ensure that your videos show up in search results.

  1. Describe your channel  

The final step you need to do is to scroll down to the “About” section and add a description of your channel. This is where you can sell people what your channel is about and what they can expect to find there. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to show off your personality.

You can watch the following video of Howfinity on how to create a YouTube channel: there you’ll find all the information on channel customization, various settings, etc.

12 great tips for starting your gaming YouTube channel

1. Choose your games wisely 

Not all games are created equal when it comes to making entertaining videos.

Some games are more visually stimulating or have more interesting mechanics that make for better viewing. 

Consider what kinds of games you enjoy watching yourself and try to create content around those.

2. Create an engaging channel intro

YouTube intro is the first thing people will see when they visit your channel.

Time to make a good impression, eh?

Keep it short and sweet, around thirty seconds long.

Create a video intro with many visuals or record yourself talking to the camera and introduce your channel that way. 

If you’re feeling creative, there are plenty of YouTube intro templates available online that you can use.

3. Make sure your audio is crisp and clear

Although people will watch gaming videos for gameplay, poor audio can be a major turn-off. 

Not everyone wants to listen to someone crunching on chips or slurping their drink while they’re trying to enjoy a video (even if this is a part of a show). 

Make sure you have a good microphone and that your voice is coming through clearly.

4. Don’t just focus on the game

Some gaming videos like walkthroughs or compilations don’t always include commentary, but even if it’s just background noise, people want to hear you. 

Your commentary and personality are just as important as the games you’re playing. You don’t need to be talking constantly, but a bit of banter or jokes here and there will keep people engaged. 

Think about what makes you unique and try to highlight that in your videos. Are you funny? Sarcastic? Witty? Goofy? Use that to your advantage!

5. Find a theme or format and stick to it

Want people to keep coming back to your channel? Give them something to look forward to! 

Whether it’s a certain game you always play, a type of video you always make, or even just a regular upload schedule, find something that works for you and stick to it. 

Develop your plans to make gaming videos push!

Consistency is key to building an audience. 

6. Use high-quality graphics

No one wants to watch a pixelated, blurry mess unless it’s Minecraft. 

If your video quality is poor, people will assume your content is as well and they’ll be less likely to watch. 

Most gaming laptops and computers these days come equipped with pretty good graphics cards, so there’s no excuse for subpar quality. 

If you’re recording gameplay, use capture cards or Windows 11 screen recorders (if you’re on another version of Windows, the options are the same) to get the best quality footage possible. 

The better your visuals are, the more people are eager to watch your videos.

7. Edit your videos

Publishing raw footage is a huge mistake beginners make. Not only do people not want to watch 10 minutes of you waiting in a queue in complete silence – it simply makes you look unprofessional.

 Take the time to edit your videos down to the most interesting parts and add some transitions, graphics, or music to make them more engaging. 

If you’re not certain how to edit, take a look at the list of the best video editors YouTubers use and watch online tutorials to get started.

8. Don’t make your videos too long

As a beginner, you need a hook to keep people watching. 

The average human attention span these days is pretty short. Unless you’re providing something truly unique or special, people are likely to get bored if your videos are over 5-10 minutes. 

That’s not to say you can’t ever make a longer video, but try to keep the majority of your content on the shorter side to keep people engaged. 

Another option is to use YouTube Shorts: it’s an easy way to engage your viewers with some moments from your future videos or some that you didn’t include.

9. Use captions 

Many people watch videos without sound, so using captions or CC can help ensure your content is still accessible to them. 

Captions can also help to clarify what’s happening in the video for those who don’t speak the language it was created in.

 You can create your own captions or use a service like YouTube’s automatic captions to create them for you.

10. Promote your videos through social media and other channels

Share your videos on social media, forums, and other websites to help get them in front of as many people as possible. 

The more places your videos are, the more likely people are to find and watch them. 

You can create a gaming blog, a fan page on Instagram, a TikTok account with creative challenges, or even a channel on other YouTube alternatives.

11. Collaborate with other gamers

Gaming collaborations are a great way to cross-promote your channels and reach a larger audience. 

Guest star in each other’s videos, live stream together or mention each other in your video descriptions or comment sections.

12. Participate in gaming communities

In addition to other popular ways, online gaming communities can help you reach new viewers.

Share your videos with other members of the community, and take part in discussion forums and threads to get people talking about your channel.

Wrapping Up

Growing a successful YouTube channel takes time and effort, but it’s also important to remember to have fun with it. 

If you’re not enjoying yourself, it will be difficult to create content that others will enjoy watching. 

So relax, have fun, and don’t give up if your channel doesn’t take off overnight.

We hope that this guide has helped you better understand how to become a YouTube gamer.

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