10 Awesome Product Demo Video Examples to Inspire You Create

Hey guys, it’s Cristian from Veedyou.com.

I know first hand through the video editing work we’re doing over at the agency that product demo videos are a highly requested item.

You probably landed on this page because you have a product or service and you are looking to showcase it in a video, right?

Well in this guest post we have Jane Collen from BuzzFlick offering us 10 of the best product demo videos to inspire us.

Take it away Jane.

No one can explain a product than the person who owns it or makes it.

But in today’s digital world, business owners cannot have a personal chat with every individual.

Here’s where product demo videos come in.

Product demo videos, in essence, are explainer videos in which the product and its use and value are the central theme.

This article will let you know about the best product demo videos made by brands over the years.

For this, we haven’t just picked top brands, we’ve picked the top product demo videos.

What was our criteria for picking these videos out of the dozens made by multiple brands on a continuous basis?

The best product demo videos are incredibly simple and drive their point home.

This makes them more likely to convert consumers into qualified leads.

This might sound simple, but many brands make the mistake of over-complicating their product demo videos.

With either too much cluttering of animation, not adhering to an easy to understand story-line, being too long.

Or even talking too much about the product and not the value that users could derive from it.

Consumers now want to see more video content from brands as per a recent survey by Hubspot.

72% of them would prefer getting their major product info through a video, as reported in another survey.

But you won’t be on the right side of these customer inclinations if your product demo video is bad to start off with.

So to make matters easier for you, here’s us listing down the 10 best product demo videos that you can take major inspiration from.

1.    Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

There is a reason why Apple’s branding is an inspiration to so many across the world. Their product demo video released to showcase their latest smartphone products includes the very same essence.

This “essence” is combining simplicity with vividness and Apple does that brilliantly every single time.

This video had to introduce three products and never once did the tangent of explanation for one product got mixed with the other.

The video introduces every single important element for the phones, describing the uniqueness and the value they offer to the user for each very simply.

Another important point about the video is that any “in-video text” placed next to the features, isn’t rushed at all.

It allows users ample time to actually read them.

The voiceover remains simple, even while explaining complex features like the A12 Bionic chip.

This makes it easy for anyone to understand what’s being said.

The visuals are vivid and include graphics only when needed. The quality of these graphics is scintillatingly good making for a very aesthetically appealing product demo video.

Apple racked up 32 million views on this video, even while its running time is around four minutes.

Speaking volumes about the impact that you can drive by keeping things simple and making the product the “Star” of the demo video.

2.    Slack’s “Channel” Feature

Product demo videos are just supposed to be there only when you want to explain an entire product. They can be used brilliantly for explaining something specific about the product or clearing some misconception about it as well.

Slack is a very popular team collaboration tool but when the brand found out that many of its users had a misconception that it was only for private messages.

Slack released a demo video explaining a feature for public or team collaboration.

The video is kept simple, with a single character narrating the “availability” of a team collaboration feature on Slack.

The background voiceover then walks you through the “how-to” of this specific feature named “Channel”.

This product demo video drives home the point it’s trying to make brilliantly by not “marketing” the product itself but sticking to the theme of the video.

Their main purpose for it was to make users aware of the “Channel” feature they had and they only did that with the video.

Here’s an important lesson for marketers. Don’t try to overstuff a demo video with unrelated stuff like CTAs, unnecessary brand promotions etc.

Stick to the point you are trying to make and your video will work.

Slack garnered more than 150K views on YouTube for this demo video. Pretty impressive for a video that’s just about explaining a specific feature.

3.    IKEA Place

Probably one of the best ways to kick off a product demo video and ensure that users get engaged to it straight away is by introducing the purpose straight away.

The product demo video for IKEA place does exactly that.

It is upfront with mentioning at the start of the video that IKEA would like you to know about its new augmented reality app.

The video then shows how this new app from IKEA makes it easier for people to envision furniture from IKEA in different places of their house.

The voiceover at the back provides narrative to the process of using the app in a very simple manner. Single words describe every step you need to take in the app.

The final result? A product demo video that users loved and viewed over 400K times on YouTube.

4.    Ring Door View Cam

A product demo video can still work towards engaging users even if it doesn’t have a voiceover, but only if the product is “explained” well in the video itself.

Ring Door View Cam’s product demo video doesn’t include any fancy introductions or voiceovers.

Even the graphics and other special effects are very minimal.

But what works in favor of the video is that it shows the product being “used” in a wide variety of situations.

Viewers can almost instantaneously connect with the purpose of the product and what value it offers once purchased.

From a kid making faces in front of the door cam to a burglar being spooked as voice comes through suddenly from the door cam, the different situations of use for the product are shown incredibly well throughout the video.

This product demo video has more than 171K views on YouTube.

5.    Peloton

A stationary bicycle that comes retrofitted with a screen where you can participate in in-video boutique fitness classes, there isn’t much to explain here right?

Peloton’s incredible product demo video proves this wrong.

The video jumps straight into explaining the way the bike was designed and how much work got into doing that straight from the company’s senior executives.

Next up, the video introduced the actual “product”. If you are thinking it’s the bike, then you are wrong again.

The product being pitched by Peloton here is the “experience” you will get by using this product.

Peloton introduces the concept of how this experience will allow you to feel like you are in a real life boutique fitness class, complete with the immersive experience, the passion, the enigma and the sweat, everything rolled into one incredible product.

Perfecting the “Sell the hole in the wall, not the drill” concept, this is one of the most innovative product demo videos you can come across in today’s digital world.

Peloton got more than 568K views from this product demo video, which is nothing short of just brilliant for a simplistic product pitched as an end-to-end fitness solution.

6.    Duolingo

Brands can get carried away when making their demo videos by adding too much of everything. Too much animation, too much sound, just too much of everything.

This is not right and if you are afflicted with the same thoughts for your demo video, then this product demo video by Duolingo will make you think again.

A lesson in absolute simplicity, the video uses 2D animation to make users learn about the app, its uses and the value it offers.

Only one single icon will be visible for most of the screens in the video, but this is what makes the video so effective.

These icons portray exactly what the purpose of the feature or the value is. Duolingo’s ability to make language learning fun through gaming.

The video has a very basic yet effective structure i.e. introduce the ability of the product with social proof.

Tell about its experience, provide info on its value.

And finally, let users know how it’s better than the alternatives they have.

Amassing 800K views on YouTube, this product demo video is one great example on how to keep things minimal in order to drive home the actual message.

7.    Zoom’s New Meeting Features

One thing that many marketers often forget is that, the point of a product demo video is not to follow a set video production format but to drive the actual point across.

There should be only one bottom line to this; if it’s effective, then it’s a great demo video.

Zoom’s new product demo video is exactly that. The video is about the new meeting related features being introduced in the famed video chat and meeting software.

And how does Zoom make it? Nothing flashy, no fancy voiceovers, no nothing. Just a simple female host, who is actually an employee of the firm, walking users through the new features.

This product demo video is brilliant on two accounts. Firstly, the video gives off a feel that a friend is talking to you.

And secondly, the video’s flow is laser focused on the features and the features alone.

This was one brave move by Zoom and it undoubtedly came off in a mightily effective way.

And got more than 200K views on YouTube in just over 20 days of being released.

8.    Lime

Again, a very impressive product demo video and once again, it’s absolutely simple and elegant, making it perfect for all types of audiences.

Lime is an electric-scooter sharing platform and those who want to use it can download their app to do so.

Lime demonstrates the simplicity of their product and its usage in this product demo video.

That’s accompanied by a funky, uptown beat that makes the video even more entertaining.

The video explains the process of using the service through the app by mentioning things in a step by step manner. The text in the video is elegant, clear enough to read and remains visible for just long enough.

The best thing about the video is the vibe that it gives off about using the product.

All without suppressing any sort of information about the actual product.

Lime got 585k views on YouTube through this elegantly designed product demo video.

You can certainly take inspiration from for any innovative product that you have.

9.    Nike Joyride

Our personal favorite product demo video is the one made by Nike for its new “Joyride” line of shoes.

Nike is one of the world’s most influential brands for a reason. They know how to market their product in a way that customers instantaneously connect with them.

Most marketers working with a benign product that is self-explanatory.

Like shoes or bags often get confused about how they can pull off great marketing content for it.

Well, this product demo video by Nike offers them a perfect example to learn from.

The video is about the new “Joyride” shoes and how much work Nike had to go through in order to perfect the design.

In this demo video, they didn’t talk much about the product much but about its process that led to the final perfection of design.

This is exactly the kind of brand content that keeps people hooked to Nike for decades without flinching.

The video has a whopping 6.9 million views on YouTube till now.

10.   Amazon Web Services

Product demo videos are “Top of The Funnel” content i.e. they help users know about the product or service when they come for the first time. No one emulates this concept better than AWS, in their product demo video.

AWS is the world’s largest cloud platform and all of its capabilities are defined in a simple, 2D animated demo video that runs for just over three minutes.

The video is stylistically brilliant with a compact storyline, highlighting major features of the service like its pay as you go mode, its holistic machine learning framework and a lot more.

For new business owners, the target audience of this video, following the narrative is easy and understandable at all points.

The video currently has more than 163K views on YouTube, speaking volumes about its value in a very niche market.

Wrapping Things Up

A product demo video that’s made perfectly can help push a lot of your initial target audience further down your conversion funnel.

When the world’s largest brands like Nike, IKEA and Apple are using them successfully, there’s no reason for others not to try it out.

Product demo videos will be the next “It” thing in the world of marketing as more and more competitors try to capture the attention of the consumer in the best way possible.

The mantra to win here is simple; make sure that you explain your product and the value users can derive from it brilliantly and the customer is undoubtedly yours.

To make a successful product demo video, you can take inspiration from the 10 examples given above or follow this simple model: Simple-Energetic-Valuable.

If your video is simple enough to understand, energetic enough to keep users hooked to watch it and valuable enough to let users derive a decision from it, then it’s perfect for your marketing campaign.

Follow this formula and create the next killer product demo video for your brand that could bring your maximum leads and conversions. 

Author Bio

Jane Collen is a creative content writer and digital marketer at BuzzFlick. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video scriptwriting, ghostwriting, copywriting, and social media marketing services.

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