Best 30+ Premiere Pro Title Templates for Amazing Videos

We have gathered 30 top Premiere Pro title templates in one place, for you.

In many situations, we use one of these when we work on client videos at our agency.

It’s widely believed the initial 10 seconds of a video determines its fate.

This puts a heavy burden on video editors to come up with a title sequence that holds the viewer’s attention till the content kicks in.

So, what if I told you there are premade Premiere Pro title templates that you can add to your videos?

Yes, these readily available professionally-designed templates will capture eyeballs and save hours of editing work.

From mixed bag packs, color titles, to flame and smoke animations, there are options for every kind of visual content.

In case you’re interested we also have compiled our favorite free Premiere Pro templates, Premiere Pro presets, and Premiere Pro transitions.

Now, let’s look at the title templates.

Shape Elements and Titles

These eye-catching titles with awesome hand-drawn shapes are ideal for cartoon videos, music videos, slide shows, TV shows, and more.

The titles are fully customizable; the text and colors can be tweaked to suit your videos.

This elements and Premiere Pro title templates pack comes with sound effects.

Best Features

  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2019 or higher
  • Full color and text customization
  • Alpha channel included
  • Sound FX included

Modern Titles

Impress your audience with these 8 professionally designed text title animations.

These Premiere Pro title animations are beautiful, dynamic, and so easy to create.

With these animations, anyone can create modern titles for their YouTube videos, presentations, slide shows, interviews, and more.

Best Features

  • 9 professionally-designed text title animations
  • Works on Premiere Pro
  • High-resolution title animation  
  • No plugins required

Lightspeed Trailer Titles

Lightspeed is such a stunningly beautiful titles pack.

This powerful pack contains 8 title scenes and 7 media placeholders.

It also comes with a color controller.

We guarantee that the audience won’t take their eyes off the screen with these titles in your videos.

Best Features

  • High-definition titles
  • No plugins required
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2018 or higher  
  • Sound effects can be downloaded separately

2D Cartoon Titles

Add some mystery, thrill, or quirkiness into the titles with these smoke and cloud titles pack.

These hand-drawn titles will improve the look and feel of any kind of video.

The Premiere Pro title pack contains color and text controllers for easy customization.

Sound effects are also included.

Best Features

  • Hand drawn smoke and cloud titles
  • Alpha channel included
  • Sound FX available

Creative Titles

These Premiere Pro title animations in your video will boost its cool-quotient.

The creative titles pack comes with a wide variety of effects.

Add some dynamism to your action, music, and cartoon videos with these titles.

Video editors can fully customize the colors to suit their video style.

Best Features

  • Full-color control
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 and above    
  • Video tutorial included
  • No plugin needed

Innocence Files

Make your title sequence darker and more mysterious with this title template.

The modern cinematic color, the mysterious atmosphere, and camera animation will give a highly professional cinematic look to your artwork, TV series, films, and more.

The template allows a high degree of customization to its elements.

Best Features

  • Dark opening titles template
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2019 and higher
  • No plugins needed

Flame Elements and Titles

If your video has wheels (cars and motorcycles) in the opening frames, you can’t create a decent title without the flames effect.

These hand-drawn flame effects will make your title scene more appealing to the audience.

Whether it’s an action, kids, or presentation video, these Premiere Pro title templates will improve the look and feel of your creations.

Best Features

  • Hand drew fire elements
  • Full text and color customization
  • Sound effects included

Call-Out Titles

The Call Out Titles pack contains 17 professionally-designed animations that’ll make awesome title sequences for your videos.

Having stunning titles will hook the audience to the visuals.

These titles are sure to impress your audience.

Each animation comes with its custom points, color, and text controller.

Best Features

  • 17 text animations 
  • No plugins required
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 and above

8 Corporate Lower Thirds

These ready to use typography animations will give your corporate videos a highly professional look.

The title animations are also an ideal fit for broadcast projects, brand videos, and more.

Create high-quality titles from these animations in minutes with just a few clicks.

Best Features

  • Works with Premiere Pro 2015 and above
  • No plugins required
  • After Effects not required

Wedding Titles

From elegant to modern, these 29 designs will transform the raw footage into beautiful memories that you will cherish forever.

Whether it’s a family slideshow or wedding opener, these title effects will add a cinematic effect to your creation.

The custom control feature will allow the editor to edit the design to suit the video.

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method
  • Works with Premiere Pro CC or later
  • Video tutorial available
  • Custom controls

Brush Titles

Move away from the usual title effects.

Give your audience something unique and fashionable in the form of brush strokes Premiere Pro title templates.

This pack contains five title animations.

These title animations will come in handy while working on social media videos, promotions, teasers, slide shows, presentations, and other video projects.

Best Features

  • 5 full-page title animations
  • No plugins needed

Raised By Space

Inspired by popular TV series, the Raised By Space titles template will give your audience an out of the world experience.

This Premiere Pro title template is best suited for science project videos, documentaries, science conferences, films, and more.

Cinematic colors, VHS effects, and a dark space atmosphere – all of these are bundled into a pack.

Best Features

  • Insert text and render
  • No plugins required
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2019 or higher
  • High-definition title template

Cyber-Tech Premiere Pro Title Template

Bored of using just text effects in your title sequence in the tech videos?

Introduce creative title scenes with the high-end digital design included in the Cyber-Tech Title pack.

Almost all elements in the Premiere Pro title template can be customized.

This creative title template will be a perfect fit for your gaming videos, promotions, sci-fi videos, tech videos, and more.

Best Features

  • Full customization allowed (color, font, size, and position)
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 or higher
  • User manual included (PDF format)

Vintage Titles

From travel videos to brand promos, these 5 vintage titles will add style and elegance to all kinds of videos.

These animated titles are cool and modern, which will appeal to various demographic groups.

Using these titles is the easiest part; edit the text and render the video.

Best Features

  • 5 vintage titles
  • No plugins needed
  • Video tutorial included

Dynamic Typography Titles

Keep it modern and keep it minimal – appears to be the motto of the makers of this titles pack.

These 9 professionally designed titles will add dynamism and style to any kind of video.

All the Premiere Pro title designs come with separate color controller for easy customization.

Charm your audience with these modern and cool title animations.

Best Features

  • 9 unique title animations
  • Separate color controllers for every title animation
  • No plugins required
  • Video tutorial included

Ink Paint Titles

The best titles make an impact with minimal design. This Ink Paint Title pack has a simple design that’s unique, modern, and cool.

The 5 ink paint titles in this pack can be used in a wide range of video projects; presentations, corporate videos, trailers, promos, and more.

Both text and color in these designs can be easily customized.

Best Features

  • Easy to customize
  • No plugins needed
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2018 or above

Lovely Titles

There is something beautiful about simple text animations that capture our attention.

If your video demands unique, visually appealing, and colorful text titles, then the Lovely Titles pack would be the best choice.

The 6 text animations are a perfect fit for your corporate videos, documentaries, TV series, and more.

Best Features

  • 6 creative and colorful text animations
  • Edit, drag, and drop method
  • No plugins required

Winter Titles

Are you struggling to create the right winter look and feel in the title scene?

The Winter Titles pack provides 13 professionally-designed animations that’ll impress your audience.

The snowflakes, frost patterns, snowdrifts, and brush strokes elements are beautiful as well as easy to use.

Best Features

  • Easy to edit and use
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2017 or above 
  • No plugins needed
  • High-resolution animations  

Glitch Titles

The Glitch Titles pack contains 21 dynamic text animations that can be used for any kind of video.

Add these titles for your video blogs, YouTube videos, corporate videos, online game videos, sports videos, and more.

Along with animations for your title, the pack also provides backgrounds.

These titles will add a futuristic look to your video projects.

Best Features

  • Allows easy customization
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017 and higher 
  • Text tutorial included (PDF file)
  • No plugins required

Neon Titles Pack

Swing back to the 80s with the unique, hand-drawn Neon Titles pack.

These flickering Premiere Pro titles will add color and mood to your videos.

Although best suited for fashion videos, these title animations can be used in all kinds of video projects.

Several elements – text, color, duration, and effects – can be customized.

Best Features

  • Full customization allowed
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 or higher
  • No plugins required

Digital Titles Opener

These cool-looking glitches animation titles and glitch plexus will give your videos a modern and dynamic look.

The 8 editable text layouts also come with a placeholder to add your brand logo.

These striking Premiere Pro title animations are a good fit for your tech videos, digital channels, and Si-Fi videos. 

Best Features

  • Video tutorial available
  • Compatible with Premiere CC2018 or higher
  • Motion Array Plugins required

Bright and Shine Awards Titles

Dazzle your audience with a bright and shiny opener using these professionally-designed title animations.

You can use these titles in video projects about weddings, birthdays, awards, anniversaries, etc.

The Bright and Shine Awards Titles are fully customizable; you can change the color and text to suit the video.

Best Features

  • Easy to edit
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 and above
  • PDF tutorial included
  • No plugins required
  • Around the clock support

Glow Titles

These are bright and colorful Premiere Pro title openers for your videos. The text, color, and other elements are editable.

Video tutorial is provided to facilitate customization of these title animations.

The Glow Titles pack is suitable for fashion videos, video games, sports videos, corporate videos, and much more.

Best Features

  • Easy to edit and use titles
  • No plugins required
  • Video tutorial included

Label Titles

These full-screen title animations are designed to add grace and elegance to your videos.

These exquisitely created Premiere Pro title templates can be used in nature, travel, and other video projects.

The titles are easy to edit and use.

Best Features

  • 10 unique title animations
  • Full-screen title animations
  • No plugins required
  • Video tutorial available
  • Works with Premiere Pro CC2018 or higher 

Quote Titles Toolkit

Think out of the box and present something unique to your audience with the Quote Titles Toolkit.

The pack contains 5 professionally-designed quote title animations that’ll impress your audience.

These titles will be a good fit for corporate videos, brand promos, review videos, and more.   

Best Features

  • Image and text placeholders
  • Drag and drop method
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2019 or higher
  • No plugins needed

Cool Freeze Frame Titles

Add the freeze-frame moments to introduce people, ideas, and concepts in the videos.

These titles are suitable for videos involving events, brands, TV shows, commercials, and more.

The titles are fully customizable; tweak the text and color and create awesome titles for your video projects.

Best Features

  • Easy to edit and use
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 or above
  • Motion Array Plugin required

Folding Titles Grouped

The Folding Titles pack features unique text animations for the title scenes of your videos.

The pack provides a control panel for editing each Premiere Pro title animation.

Apart from the color and text, the thickness of the elements can be tweaked as well.

Instructions to use the titles are also included in the pack.

Best Features

  • Instructions and tutorial included
  • No plugins needed
  • Full customization allowed
  • Works with Premiere Pro CC 2019 or higher

Awards Titles

Anniversary, awards, and birthday videos will never be the same again.

The Awards Titles pack will add color, sparkle, and glitter to the title sequence.

These title animations will allow you to create amazing titles for all kinds of video projects.

Best Features

  • Easy to use
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019 or above
  • Text tutorial included

Travel Titles

Simple, modern, and clean – three words that best explain these titles.

While showcasing beautiful destinations, you don’t need flashy titles.

These travel titles deliver the information without distracting our focus from the beautiful scenes in the background.

These titles can be used in trailers, promotional, and corporate videos as well.

Best Features

  • 15 travel titles
  • No plugins required
  • Easy to edit and render

Modern Title Overlays

These are 16 full-screen titles with trendy overlay animation.

Two versions of the animation are available. You can use the normal animation or the titles with RGB split effects.

This pack allows you to edit and add overlay titles in minutes without much effort.

Best Features

  • Easy to edit and use
  • Two versions of overlays available
  • No plugins needed
  • Compatible with Premiere CC2017 or higher

Final Thoughts

All 30 packs mentioned here offer professionally designed Premiere Pro title templates that’ll impress the audience and make them want more.

Opening sequences won’t take hours to edit anymore. These ready to use titles will make your job simple, quicker, and more efficient.



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