Best 30+ Premiere Pro Presets For Amazing Videos

The post-production stage is one of the longest, or in certain cases, the longest phase, of the video-making process

I know that first hand because I am editing client videos all the time at our video editing agency.

Hence, tools that make the editing process quicker, easier, and more efficient are always on-demand with the video makers. 

For Adobe Premiere Pro users, there are many templates, presets, and plugins readily available online. 

Browsing through the assets can be time-consuming. That’s the reason we have gathered the best Premiere Pro presets for you. 

This page is the one-stop-shop for the best 30 Premiere Pro presets for creating awesome videos. 

Surf through, download, and enjoy. 

550 Animation Premiere Pro Presets

Make your videos unique and special with this Premiere Pro animation preset pack. 

The pack contains 550 ready-to-use presets that can be employed in any video project regardless of the niche. 

With these presets, your videos will look both professional and cool. 

The Premiere Pro presets are grouped under different categories and all of the presets come with unique sound effects. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method (convenient for beginners) 
  • Works with any FPS
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and above 
  • Supports any resolution (up to 6K)
  • Full online support and video tutorial available  

Cinematic Color Presets

Working with colors; using the perfect color combos and effects to create the right feel and emotion isn’t always easy, until now. 

The Cinematic Color Preset pack comes with 350 color grading profiles divided into 19 categories. 

From creative Premiere Pro presets to extreme presets, the pack includes a wide variety of categories that can enhance the quality of your videos in a jiffy. 

Best Features 

  • Drag and drop method to use
  • Capability to combine 2 or 3 color profiles at a time 
  • No plugins required 
  • Works with Premiere Pro 2017 and above 
  • Comes with fully editable color profiles

550 Motion Premiere Pro Presets

Are you spending hours creating the basic motion effects for your video projects? 

The motion presets library is here to free you from trouble. 

The pack contains 550 presets that’ll help you include stylish and cool effects without any effort at all. 

You don’t need to be an expert in Premiere Pro to include these presets in your videos. 

The drag and drop method along with the video tutorials makes this pack ideal for even beginners. 

Best Features

  • Supports any resolution (up to 6K)
  • The duration of the presets can be changed 
  • Works with any FPS
  • Free updates every month 
  • Video tutorial and online support available 

Handy Animation Preset

Incredibly easy to install and use, the Handy Animation Preset pack is the only one you’ll need. 

Choose from over 1000 Premiere Pro presets placed in well-organized categories. 

Adding animation effects will never be a time-consuming process again. 

This is a handy pack to have regardless of the resolution you’re working with. 

Best Features

  • Over 1000 animation presets in the pack
  • Drag and drop method of use
  • Supports any resolution 

30 Glitch Text Premiere Pro Presets

Infuse dynamism and style into the titles you create with the Glitch Text Preset pack. 

Titles are one of the most important elements in videos. 

With this Premiere Pro preset pack, you don’t have to spend hours creating the perfect glitch effect. 

The preset pack will help you create a realistic text error effect within seconds. 

Best Features

  • Sound FX included in the pack
  • Edit the style and color of the text 
  • Video tutorial available 

Drag-and-Drop Animation Presets

Reducing the time spent on editing and adding special effects to the videos will help you focus on the content and messaging. 

This title animation pack will come in handy to reduce your workload. 

The simple drag-and-drop method and inclusion of a video tutorial signify that even beginners will have an easy time implementing these presets. 

If you’re creating modern and stylish videos, these Premiere Pro presets are a must-have. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2017 and above 
  • No plugins required 
  • Sound effects can be downloaded separately 

Destruction Premiere Pro Presets

Editing videos can be easy, simple, and effective with these unique presets. 

With this pack, you can add dynamic animation effects to your videos and photos. 

Stunning effects don’t have to take hours to create. 

The destruction preset pack will help you add awesome effects in no time. 

Best Features

  • 20 unique animation presets
  • Easy to use (drag and drop method) 
  • For Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 and higher 
  • No plugins needed 

35 Hit Presets

It isn’t enough to add sound every time there is an impact of two objects on the screen. 

To showcase the magnitude of the impact, it’s important to add a ‘shaking’ effect. 

The Hit Presets pack provides 35 shaking Premiere Pro presets that can be used in a wide range of scenarios. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • No plugins required 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2019
  • Works with any resolution  

Ghost Slide Transitions Presets

Add suspense and intrigue to your videos with this 12 transitions preset pack. 

These animation and distortion effects can improve the quality of any video. 

These presets can be implemented in a wide range of scenarios. 

Best Features

  • 12 ghost slide transition presets 
  • No plugins needed 
  • For Adobe Premiere Pro 217 and above 

Split-Screen Premiere Pro Presets

For a video to create an impact on the audience, the way you present a message is as important as the message itself. 

These amazing split-screen presets will perfectly fit into any type of video including vlogs, promos, sports videos, etc. 

The package also contains bonus Premiere Pro presets. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method of use 
  • No plugins needed 
  • Help file included 
  • Compatible with any resolution 
  • Works with Premiere Pro 2018

Big Color Presets Pack

Colors on the screen can have a deep impact on the viewers. 

It also impacts how the audience feels and perceives the video. 

Video editors can bring out the intended emotion through colors using these presets. 

These are unique color presets for every mood and scenario and they fit well into any type of video.    

Best Features

  • Easy to use (drag-and-drop method) 
  • Can be used with any resolution and FPS
  • No plugins required
  • Supports Premiere Pro 2015 or higher

VHS Presets + Effects

The members of Gen Z might not understand the nostalgic value of VHS. 

But for the audience in the preceding demographic groups, these VHS effects have deep significance. 

Video editors can certainly boost the impact of their videos on the audience by adding these beautiful VHS presets. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • Works with PP CC2018 and above   
  • No plugins needed 

Proxy Premiere Pro Presets

Never again you’ll feel you don’t have the right computer system for editing high-resolution videos. 

These proxy Premiere Pro presets work with any computer, camera, and resolution. 

The pack has more than 200 presets to include the best effects for any video project. 

Fast editing and smooth playback are guaranteed with the proxy preset pack. 

Best Features 

  • Works with any resolution and FPS
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2015 and above 
  • Excellent support and help file available 
  • No plugins required

700 Film Looks – LUT Color Preset Pack

Edit your videos and add cool effects from anywhere using any device. 

You won’t be tied to your desktop anymore. 

Create breathtaking visuals with these incredible film preset pack. 

With these Premiere Pro presets, cool and professional-looking videos are just a few clicks away. 

Color presets that big studios and experienced filmmakers use are now available to you. 

Best Features

  • 700 color presets
  • Easy to install and use
  • No plugins required
  • Works with any software, camera, and resolution

Camera Transitions Presets

With this preset pack, 44 camera transition effects are at your fingertips. 

Install, choose, and insert – using the presets pack is so easy. 

These transition presets will fit well with YouTube videos, promos, profile videos, and many more. 

The preset pack allows you to customize the duration of the transition. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • No plugins required
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2015 and above
  • Works with any FPS and resolution 
  • Video tutorial included

Directional Transitions Presets

This easy to use pack contains 18 animation transition presets that can be included in promos, trailers, YouTube videos, sports videos, etc. 

This smooth directional transition Premiere Pro preset pack is modern and dynamic; ideal for all types of videos. 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 or higher
  • No plugins needed 

Horror Film Color Grades Preset

With this pack, you can include 30 horror film LUTs in your videos. 

The effects included in the pack can be used in presentations, social media videos, TV videos, films, and more. 

Anyone can add these fantastic color grading presets; no experience is required. 

Best Features

  • The drag and drop method (ideal for beginners)
  • Works with Premiere Pro CC2018 or higher 
  • No plugins required 
  • Works with any resolution 

Shake’n’Hit Presets V3

This preset pack will give you a decisive advantage over your competitors. 

These 12 dynamics presets will make your videos look more professional. 

Whatever project you’re working on, the Shake’n’Hit Preset pack will always add value to your work. 

With the pack, you also get three additional effects (RGB split effects, distortion, and flash effects). 

Best of all, the Premiere Pro presets are easy to implement. 

Best Features

  • Works with any resolution
  • No plugins needed 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2017 and above

Hallucination Effect V.2

The hallucination effect is difficult to create even for experienced editors. 

Luckily, you have the Hallucination Effect V.2 pack that provides stylish and modern presets for your videos. 

The pack also allows you to tweak the presets to come up with new effects. 

Best Features 

  • 8 unique hallucination effect presets
  • Drag and drop method 
  • No plugins required 
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017 or higher 

Lines Transitions Presets

Go minimalistic to add style and grace to your video creations. 

The line transition Premiere Pro presets can be added with just a few clicks. 

The pack allows customization of the presets. 

You can change the thickness of the lines and the colors to suit the video. 

Best Features

  • Customize the duration, color, and size
  • Works with any resolution 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2020 
  • Video tutorial available 

Color Gradiator

Color Gradiator is the only preset pack you’ll ever need. 

The pack is inspired by the best color graphic designs and the cinema industry. 

The pack comes with full customization capability that allows you to play with the colors to arrive at the outcome you want. 

The makers of Color Gradiator promise more presets through their free weekly updates. 

Best Features

  • 300 high-quality presets 
  • Video tutorials included 
  • No plugins required 

Motion Parallax Effect Presets

Add a modern and stylish look to your creations with the Motion Parallax Effect Preset pack. 

The 8 awesome parallax Premiere Pro presets will make your videos more interesting. 

With this pack, the cool parallax effects are quite easy to create; absolutely no experience is required. 

Best Features 

  • Easy to use presets 
  • No plugins needed 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC2017 or higher 

Weddings Essentials Pack

Augment the beauty of weeding videos with the multiple effects in this pack. 

The Weddings Essentials Pack contains over 250 color presets to bring out the best of each frame. 

Along with the Premiere Pro presets, the pack also contains slide shows, transitions, and more.

Best Features 

  • Drag and drop method 
  • Works with Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 and higher 
  • Video tutorial included 

Bad TV Premiere Pro Presets

This is a transition preset pack that adds TV noise effects to the videos. 

To include the effects just add an adjustment layer and choose the preset. 

Surprise the audience and capture their attention with this awesome preset pack.  

Best Features

  • Works with any resolution
  • 100% Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Video tutorial included 

Color Correction and Color Grading Presets

The pack contains beautiful color correction presets that will infuse life into the videos and photos you create. 

These presets will fit any type of video: promos, sports videos, social media videos, trailers, and more.  

With 45 color correction presets divided into 7 categories, this is the only color Premiere Pro preset pack you’ll need for all your video projects. 

Best Features

  • Easy to use (select a preset, then drag and drop)
  • 100% Premiere Pro
  • Works with any resolution 
  • Around the clock support    

Glitch Mosaic Text Preset

This text preset adds in and out glitch mosaic effects to the videos within seconds. 

The pack contains dynamic and stylish animation text that can be added to a wide range of video projects. 

Anyone can add these text effects; drag and drop on the text layer and the job is done. 

Best Features

  • 8 dynamic animated text effects 
  • Drag and drop method 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2019 and higher 
  • No plugins required 

LUTs Color Presets Pack

With this preset pack, you can add amazing cinematic film looks to your videos. 

With more than 1300 presets, a wide range of looks – drone, Instagram, cinematic, and more – are just a few clicks away. 

The Premiere Pro presets are well organized, which allows you to pick the effect you want without much effort. 

The pack also comes with hundreds of bonus presets.

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method
  • Works with any resolution 
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2017 and above   
  • 24/7 support 
  • No plugins needed 

Bounce Presets Pack

This is a versatile preset pack that enables the users to add various bouncing effect to videos, images, and even texts. 

You can use these presets on any video; all you have to do is just drag and drop. 

Users only need Adobe Premiere Pro to insert these effects. 

Moreover, these 150 Premiere Pro presets work with any resolution (vertical video, HD, 4K, and others). 

Best Features

  • Drag and drop method 
  • Works with any resolution
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2019 or higher  
  • Video tutorial available
  • No plugins required  

Computer Cursor Transitions Presets

Want to add a computer cursor to your video? Couldn’t find the transition in any of the big packs? 

Look no further; this preset pack contains 14 cursor transitions that you can add to corporate videos, music videos, and more. 

The pack has two versions: black and white computer cursors. 

Best Features

  • Two versions (black and white)
  • 14 unique cursor transition presets 
  • Works on Premiere Pro 

Hit Zoom Premiere Pro Presets

The hit zoom preset pack is a must-have to add style and dynamism to your videos. 

These effects can be used in all your projects; promos, trailers, sports videos, social media videos, presentations, and more. 

Adding the Premiere Pro presets to the video is child’s play. Here you can use the adjustment layer method to apply a preset.  

Best Features

  • 8 unique hit zoom presets 
  • No plugins required 
  • Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 or higher  

Final Thoughts

These Premiere Pro Presets will help you make your visuals look great. Plus, get that professional look and feel that captures everyone’s attention. 

Also, with these video presets, you can get a head start on your projects and save valuable time and money.

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