30+ Free Premiere Pro Templates for Awesome Videos

As the founder and Chief Video Editor at Veedyou.com I know first hand that using templates or Premiere Pro presets, templates or transitions every now and then it’s not such a bad idea.

Especially when you pick the right ones, it can step up your video production quality a lot.

The good thing about using the Adobe suite is that you can find a lot of free Premiere Pro templates.

There are literally hunderds and hundreds of them.

So in today’s article, our guest David Freudenberg is sharing a list with the top free Premiere Pro templates you can give a try.

Take it away David.

Dumb Ways to Die, a Melbourne Metro public service ad, is one of the most successful video marketing campaigns ever made.

The hilarious quirky animated video turns a doom and gloom message into a fun jingle that frictionlessly drives the safety message home. 

The entertaining lyrics recorded by Tangerine Kitty reveal characters such as Hapless, Dimwit, Stumble, Putz, and Bonehead.

They kill themselves in various thick-headed ways.

The last three characters’ unsafe behavior around trains kills them. Death by train in the ways depicted in that video is dumb. 

The untamable beast that the video has become has had over 50 million YouTube views.

It has also enjoyed tons of shares on social media. Viral content is every content creator’s dream, and you, too, can create share-worthy content via video.  

Internet users love video so much that 87% of marketers use it as a marketing tool.

A good video can keep your visitors longer on your website.

Data shows that an online user will spend 88% more time on web platforms that have a video on them.  

Video is no longer a ‘nice thing to have’. It is a critical website component.

By 2022, 82% of all online traffic will be video since it has become the dominant online content format.

Video is easy to find.

It is easy to watch and is engaging and entertaining.

A minute of it is worth 1.8 million words!

The best and free Premiere Pro templates online

As incredible as videos are, they are not easy to create.

Fortunately, you can set on your viral video creation strategy by using video motion graphics templates.

Adobe Premiere Pro has some fantastic and free motion graphic templates that will add titles, transitions, or lower thirds to your productions. 

You can use them to color grade, add light leaks and other effects.

Below are thirty + of the best free Premiere Pro templates for your viral video marketing, instructional, or business intro video.

Frame Split Transition – Free Premiere Pro Template

Frame Split Transition.PNG

Filmmakers love transitions. A transition connects one shot to the other, moving a story forward.

One image cut and is instantly replaced by another. Transitions can convey moods, switch up narratives, or jump between storylines.

They can also move a story’s timeline backward or forwards. Star Wars Ep. IV – A New Hope is particularly fond of wipe transitions.

Add transitions to your videos with the Frame Split Transition template.

Its unique effect splits your screen in three and transitions them in two directions.

3D Spin Transition – Free Premiere Pro Template

3D Spin Transition.PNG

 Ólafur Arnalds’s Ljósið is a work of art.

The composer and pianist create minimalist, delicate, and stunning video compositions that carry the significance and weight of his musical notes.

Ljósið’s motion graphics are part fantasia, part audio visualizer. 

Both features are beautifully rendered to emit dance movements to the music.

Motion graphics are perfect for industries, but they tend to shine in the music world. 

To add some pop to your music videos, use 3D Spin Transition – Free Premiere Pro Template.

It has a 3D-like spinning transition that spins one scene to the next one. Use it to grab attention on promo videos and social media. 

Rotating Letters Title – Free Premiere Pro Template

Rotating Letters Title.PNG

Gaspar Noé is a filmmaker known for his visceral and shocking work.

He has a penchant for the extreme, and his title sequences are bold, bright, and eclectic.

His use of typography is especially notable.  

If, like Noé, you want outstanding titles use the Rotating Letters Title template for professional and modern title creation.

You will have catchy rotating letters for your promotional and social media videos that will wow your audience.

Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template  

Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template.PNG

Instagram has over a billion users, and its Instagram Stories is its most popular feature.

500 million Instagrammers use it to share their stories as the scrolling goes the way of the dodo. 

For outstanding 15 second IG stories, use Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template.

These animated templates have easily editable text and image placeholders whose final content will get you noticed. 

Glitch Opener – Free Premiere Pro Template

Glitch Opener free Premiere Pro template.PNG

Thinking of adding some magic to your social media clip? Some added flair to your YouTube video? Use the Glitch Opener free Premiere Pro template. 

It has a glitching effect and tiled text that gives a stylish distorted effect. This template is perfect for your gaming, tech, or fashion projects.

Animated Cluster Title – Free Premiere Pro Template

Animated Cluster Title motion graphics template.PNG

#love is the most popular hashtag in the world.

The modern hashtag has made the otherwise geeky octothorpe symbol on your keyboard famous.

Only used to mark numbers in the past, the pound symbol now makes it easy for social media users to discover content. 

Hashtags aggregate social media content that has the same topic.

The Animated Cluster Title motion graphics template will highlight your hashtags and taglines via text delay animations.

It has a two-tone color feature and is perfect for social media promotions. 

21 Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

21 Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro.PNG

The free pack has 21 different motion graphics for your video creation process.

In it, you will find 8 easy to customize and animated titles.

There are also 13 modern and clean transitions. 

This pack is perfect for commercial and personal projects.

Access all these goodies via the convenient Essential Graphics Panel.

You will not need to use After Effects.

Modern Fashion Promo  

Modern Fashion Promo.PNG

Every creative designer loves Envato Elements.

This subscription service has fantastic educational resources and graphic assets.

Their Modern Fashion Promo is perfect for your fashion project. 

This elegantly designed template stays true to Envato fashion.

Its free motion graphics will make excellent openers, promotion videos, and commercials.

14 Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks  

Premiere Pro Lumetri.PNG

Love the Hollywood blockbuster look?

The Premiere Pro Lumetri motion graphics templates are what you need.

They have a movie inspired color graded presets that adds a ton of drama to videos. 

The pack has the “Thriller” by the Reaktor Production soundtrack that gels so well with the dramatic look.

The sci-fi looking Mars Man will, for instance, give your video The Martian type of feel.

Travel Film Transition Pack

Travel Film Transition Pack.PNG

The Watchtower of Turkey by Leonardo Delassandri deserves an Oscar as one of the best-made videos in the travel world.

This beautiful video makes effective use of creative transitions, a must-have feature for travel videos.  

The Travel Film Transition Pack has four different transitions.

These include a Luma fade, smooth spin with motions blur, quick zoom, and a smooth warp transition.

Static Transition – Free Mogrt Template

Static Transition – Free Mogrt Template.PNG

This template is for the transition diehards.

This free Premiere Pro template adds static distortion to videos, giving your YouTube content a trendy and creative feel.

You will find it easy to edit this template and add quick transitions to your videos.

Shutterstock’s Video Editor Toolkit 

Shutterstock’s Video Editor Toolkit.PNG

In creative circles, Shutterstock is synonymous with top of the range stock images, videos, and photos.

Their Shutterstock’s Video Editor Toolkit has awesome free assets.

This pack has over 220 assets that include nine transitions for your video. 

The transitions are the track matte type, so you will need to include a track matte key at the bottom of your video.

They have a handy visual guide here; Shutterstock’s Video Editor Toolkit. 

Modern Promo

Modern Promo.PNG

Need energetic and action-packed Adobe Premiere Motion graphics?

Use Modern Opener’s dynamic and neat animated templates that have an upbeat, fast-paced feel.

This template is applicable in a variety of ideas and is easy to edit and use.

Simply drag and drop your new elements and render them for fast-paced action.

Short Quotes 

Short Quotes.PNG

One great benefit of social media is its ability to build trust between consumers and brands.

One of the ways that you can establish your credibility on social media is by sharing valuable content from an influencer. 

There is no better way to share such information by quoting them on your pages.

Use Short Quotes to build typographic video content.

It has a placeholder for your blunt, overarching, or finite quotes and different text choices as well.

4K Dust Overlays  

4K Dust Overlays.PNG

Videos with an overlay of texture are incredibly attractive. The 4K Dust Overlays video pack has 10 high-quality powder and dust effects.

All these overlays have 4K resolutions for high-quality effects.  

Use this free premier template to add dynamic animations to your 2D and 3D work.

The 4K Dust Overlays is free both for personal and commercial projects.

Fall In Instagram Story

Fall In Instagram Story.PNG

Looking for an otherworldly look for your Instagram story video? Try out the Fall in Instagram Story.

You will love it.

This minimalist free Premiere Pro motion graphics template has animated heading and subheadings that fall into a frame. It has a swipe prompt and two smaller headings placeholders. 

Analog Clock Creator 

Analog Clock Creator.PNG

In marketing, countdowns are a classic urgency tactic. A timer can set time for the launch of a desirable outcome, such as product release or an event.

The Analog Clock Creator Premiere Pro template keeps time ticking on your video. Use it to create attractive and animated clock effects for your projects.

16 Circle Transitions

16 Circle Transitions.PNG

This free motion graphics energetic circle transitions. The 16 motion graphics are engaging, fun, and dynamic. You can use them to quickly build a social media platform that moves from one scene to the other at a fast pace.  

Like the Shutterstock’s Video Editor Toolkit, this template has Track Matte transitions, so you will need to attach a Track Matte Key to your clip. 

Redacted Titles 

Redacted Titles.PNG

Everyone wants to read redacted documents, and the Redacted Titles templates can give your content viewers that satisfaction. Redacted Titles affect blackout text, veiling key details.

It will make your video look like some NSA secret documents. This template is perfect for social media and YouTube content videos.

24 Free Transitions from FILM CRUX

24 Free Transitions from FILM CRUX.PNG

This pack has 24 different transitions, which range from blurs, glitches, roll-ins to whip panning.

These Premiere Pro templates are perfect for various social media applications. 

To use them, simply create an adjustment layer at the top of your cut point. Add your presets to the layer using the suggestions presented, and you are good to go.

Ink Splash Transitions

Ink Splash Transitions.PNG

Ink Splash Transitions look fantastic on video because they are unique.

They will splash a creative splatter all over your videos for an engaging look.

The templates’ ink splashes are stylish, upbeat, and perfect for content marketing. 

Love Guy Ritchie type of movie trailers, movies, or commercials? Download the Ink Splash Transitions templates and have his style in your videos.

Travel Stories Premiere Pro Template 

Travel Stories Premiere Pro Template.PNG

One of Wanderlust’s most popular travel blogs is Anil Polat’s Fox Nomad. This blog has fantastic travel tech guide videos that give up-to-the-minute international travel advice. 

Travel Stories free motion graphics templates have simple text animations, modern design, and smooth transitions.

These elements work perfectly for image or video travel blog content. Use this template to impress your fan base and grow your blog.

15 Animated Lower Thirds  

15 Animated Lower Thirds.PNG

If you need a professional polished-looking video, then you need this animated lower thirds template.

Professionally designed lower thirds deliver critical information that identifies the people on the video.

They also set the scene. This free pack animated lower third lightens the once difficult challenge of creating stunning lower thirds.

Digital Slideshow  

Digital Slideshow.PNG

This template by Envato Elements makes fantastic brand presentation videos.

It is free for use in both commercial and personal projects. Use it to create a cinematic experience in your business presentations.

50+ Free Social Media Marketing Mogrt Templates

50+ Free Social Media Marketing Mogrt Templates.PNG

Social media marketing is now central to business growth. The digital era consumer does their purchase research from the comfort of their home.

They also can buy just about any item that they need from e-commerce businesses. 

Businesses without a robust online presence are facing imminent extinction. Social media loves video.

Data shows that video content gets 48% more views than images or text.  

This social media marketing motion graphics pack has all you need to create a robust marketing strategy.

50 free templates in it including Instagram backgrounds and various social media icons. 

Wedding Titles V3 Premiere Pro Template 

Wedding Titles V3 Premiere Pro Template.PNG

It’s out with paper made invites and in with video invites. The Wedding Titles V3 motion graphics templates are an elegant love themed or wedding video template. 

It is super easy to use. All you need to do is open it up, edit your text, and click send. Its animated titles will attract lots of attention.

25 Action Compositing Elements 

25 Action Compositing Elements.PNG

If you do not have an established style of video creation, then you will want to try your hand at different elements for a learning experience.

This is what this Rocket Stock template is for. It has elements such as fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, explosions, and debris elements free. 

Brush Stylish Free Logo Reveal Premiere Pro Template

Brush Stylish Free Logo Reveal Premiere Pro Template.PNG

Why would anyone use a still logo when they can have a stunning animated logo instead?

Animated logos have become a popular feature in visual identity and branding portfolios.

Simple, one dimensional, static, and flat logos will not get you noticed. 

A sophisticated animated logo video will, however, stream your brand all over the internet, increasing brand awareness.

This Adobe Premiere Pro free motion graphics template is perfect for logo reveals that have become a staple on YouTube videos.  

The template has colorful brush stroke effects. You can use it in art, design, or creative work projects.

Free Quotes Premiere Pro Template  

Free Quotes Premiere Pro Template.PNG

Like Short Quotes, this free motion graphics template will help place stylish quotes on video. The 25-second clip has 6 quote placeholders that are easy to customize and use. You can also add colors with a few clicks. 

Corporate Shifter Titles – Free Premiere Pro Template

Corporate Shifter Titles – Free Premiere Pro Template.PNG

The global video conferencing market is going to double in the next seven years. Data from Transparency Market Research shows that this market will rise from 2019 values of $6.1 billion to $11.56 billion in 2027. 

Cloud-based video conferencing sessions will require the support of prime corporate video makers.

There is a market out there that needs professional videos for business.

Corporate Shifter Titles Premiere Pro templates have a suite of brand-suitable transitions. In it are 7 title slides, 15 editable text, and 8 media placeholders. 

The final word

The digital era is here, and most business activities are now online.

Organizations do not have the luxury of ignoring video any longer.

Fortunately, creating professional videos is also no longer the luxury it once was.

The Adobe family is home to the largest community of creatives online.

This enormous creative resource shares fantastic free Premiere Pro templates that have significantly lowered the video creation barrier to entry.

You can use these magical resources above to grow your brand in the golden age of videos. 

These free Premiere Pro templates will save your tons of time in video creation.

All that you need to do is choose the most suitable template pack for your project and drop it into your Premier Pro.

The template will shorten editing time and bring life to your life. 

The flair that these templates bring to videos will boost your engagement online. Your web platforms will also rank higher in search engines, thanks to video.

Author Bio:

David Freudenberg is the active public relations manager for DJO Productions an awesome suite of websites providing free and paid VFX, media elements, SFX, royalty-free music, Graphics, 3D and a forum to ask questions. Which allows you to take your production to the next level.

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