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Here’s How To Outsource Video Editing Like A Pro

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Editing your videos no matter how long or short they are, can take a tremendous amount of your precious time.

If you are struggling in post-production and you simply don’t have enough in-house resources to get the finished video done we have just the right solution for you.

Outsourcing this task to an online video editing company has never been easier and more efficient.

So if you are thinking about hiring someone else to handle your video editing, you are in the right place.

In this post, we are going to tell you what are the absolute best tips you need to know and what to look at before you outsource video editing to an online video editing company.


Why do videos in the first place?

Well, let me answer that with a question.

What would you prefer: watching a 5-minute fun and engaging video which will explain how an engine works or reading a 2,000 words article about it?

Video has become the preferred content type around the web.

High-speed internet connections and high-performance mobile devices allow us to watch videos anywhere, at any time.

It makes perfect sense for you – regardless if you are representing a company, a brand or just yourself – to get in the video marketing game. Your competition is surely doing it already.

A video editing company who knows exactly what it is doing will make even a poorly shot footage look good enough to attract new customers.

Focus on creating content

As a content creator, what you want to do is actually focus on creating the video and that’s it.

Once the video is shot all the post-production can be outsourced to a video editing company which can be literally overseas.

The actually filming can take just a few minutes, but the editing of that 10 or 20 minutes video and the rendering can take a few hours.

You can spend this time in creating more content or working on that new project of yours which you never have time to start.

Using an online video editing service will actually save you both time and money in the long run.

Works for any niche or topic

This video editing outsourcing model can be implemented no matter what market you are in.

We, as a video editing company, have dedicated video editors who are specialized in a different type of editing styles which match various business or consumer needs.

For example, a business owner will want someone with a solid background in corporate video editing to handle your projects.

A person who wants to create an emotional video of his family trip from last year will want a video editor who is specialized in that particular niche. And so on and so forth.

So if you are thinking about outsourcing the editing of the video you don’t need to worry at all about the type of the video you want to create. We can do any kind of video.

Why should you outsource video editing

Here are the top reasons why outsourcing video editing is the best option for your particular situation most of the times.

#1 You don’t have the human resources

I haven’t met a single company regardless of the market they are it who has a full-time video editor on board. Of course, video broadcasters and TV stations are excluded. But most of the times, the majority of the business don’t have a person or a team who can handle video editing.

And this is perfectly normal because for most business having a full-time editor on board is not economically feasible given the amount of work required. You are probably doing videos just a couple of times a month or even less often.

That is a perfect reason to outsource video editing to a specialized team of professionals. Shift that activity over to someone else and keep focusing on the core activity of your business instead.

#2 You don’t have the technical resources

If you are thinking that you can quickly cut your raw video yourself, you might want to reconsider. Even the most basic video editing software can get pretty expensive. On top of that, the hardware needs to smoothly run today’s Full HD or 4K footage will have to be high end.

This is a cost you might not be able to recuperate if video editing is not a something that you need to do constantly on a long-term basis.

You contract with the company to whom you outsource video editing can be project based. It doesn’t need to be long-term and it doesn’t need to have a monthly charge associated with it. You only pay per project.

Qualities to look for when you outsource video editing

Alright, now that we have that cleared up let’s see what are some of the qualities you want to find the person or company you are going to outsource video editing to.

#1 Creativity

Another important thing which you want to look at when you outsource video editing is the creativity of the team or individual you are working with.

Here you want to look at how the first draft of the video comes together in terms of editing style and what are the video editing methods & techniques used. Even though this will be a draft version, you want it to me as closely as possible to how you picture the finished video to look like.

#2 Skillset

This one goes hand in hand with the creativity. The editor may have the right ideas but he will also need the right set of skills and technique. Otherwise, he will not be able to put into practice the ideas that he or you may have. Video editing software can get pretty complicated. Even for the most tech-savvy people and learn how to use it takes a lot of time.

Also, staying connected and up to speed with the latest software and trends in the industry can be quite a challenge. This is a fast-moving market.

#3 Availability

Most of the times your video editing company or video editing freelancer will live in a different country. Or even on a different continent. That is why communication could be lacking sometimes. So, before you outsource video editing to anyone check what their availability is.

Ideally, you want to be able to reach them by phone or Skype calls as well, not just by email and chat with customer support.

#4 Attitude

You always want the guys with a “can do attitude”. Having the right mindset and just a positive attitude will make a great difference. When somebody is enthusiast about a project you can’t really expect to see mediocre results from them.

A team which is passionate about each and every project will come back to you with a creative solution which matches your expectation. All within the mentioned deadline. We believe this is extremely important especially for long-term relations.

#5 Portfolio

Don’t just browse around their website to look for past videos they did or projects they worked on. Ask specifically to see their work in a given niche. For example, over here are, we have been working with many clients who asked us to keep their videos private or even sign non-disclosure agreements.

So if you can’t find a specific type of video style on the website it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t do it. Let’s have a short call and see if we can help make your video project a reality. We’d love to chat and show you in private more of our previous video edits if needed.

#6 Pricing

Lastly but not least you obviously want to check out the pricing. Most online video editing companies will charge you just a fraction that a marketing agency would. But double-checking the price is definitely something you want to do.

For standard projects, the fees are based on the duration of the footage that needs to be edited. But for more complex projects which are heavy on visual effects and animation, the pricing structure might vary a bit.

Final thoughts

Bottom line, outsourcing video editing will help any company to keep up with the market trends and with the competition. On top of that, by hiring an online video editing company will not leave a dent in your budget. But hiring a marketing agency probably would.

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