How much does it cost to edit a video? Real-life numbers.

If you are wondering how much it will cost you to get your video edited, you are in the right place.

We are going to give you real-life numbers. And spoiler alert, the average cost to edit a video is 259 USD.

But please, do read on as we talk about the different types of videos and how this number may vary depending on your situation.

In general, this is a difficult question to answer.

There are a whole lot of different things that will determine the final cost of a video edit, such as:

  • the total raw footage duration
  • the total duration of the finished edit
  • is there any motion graphic work involved
  • are there any text overlays
  • color grading
  • image stabilization
  • and the level of complexity of the work in general.

With that being said though, I do have a number for you.

So, how much does it cost to edit a video? Based on thousands of projects we worked on at Veedyou.com, the average cost to edit a video is 259 USD.

There you have it.

We actually have a cost estimator here, which lets you put in the details of your project and automatically calculates the estimated cost of your video project.

So that’s how much it would probably cost you to edit a video with us.

I would say we are priced somewhere in the middle, maybe a little bit below average for the simple fact that our internal costs might not be as high as in other countries.

So depending on your location, or better said on the location of your video editor the price might vary a little bit.

Paying a Fixed fee vs. Hourly

Here at Veedyou we always work on a fixed fee per project. Or on a monthly retainer that includes a certain number of videos.

So with a fixed rate you always know upfront how much you are going to end up paying for your video.

As opposed to hourly rates, where you kind of guess how much the total will be, but you never know.

Me personally, I feel like creative work such as video editing should never be priced per hour. You can always come up with a different idea on how a cut, a transition or the color grading should be made and you can just keep going on and on forever.

So I don’t feel that charging per hour on video editing is fair, to be honest.

That’s why we provide a fixed quote upfront based on the requirements that we get from the client.

If you do however decide to hire a video editor that charges hourly, here is a very informative list with the average hourly rates charged by video editors and producers on Upwork:

video editing hourly rate

What do you think?

Unless you will be hiring a superstar editor, these numbers look about right to me.

Now, the time spent by an editor on a video really depends on the specifics of each project. But I found that most of the time, for a YouTube vlog-style video, for each minute of finished edit we need roughly 1 hour of work in post-production. More or less.

So a 5 minute finished edit would take 5 hours to edit (on average) and it should cost anywhere between 225 and 500 USD if you are hiring an intermediate or advanced editor.

That sounds about right I’d say.

Video editing costs per type of video

We work on a wide variety of different videos ranging from GoPro videos to family videos, weddings, branded videos, corporate, animation and so on and so forth.

And I can tell you that the cost varies slightly from one type of video to another.

Personal videos

I think we’re safe to put the GoPro & family videos in the same bucket as these are probably the easiest to edit. So these should be the least expensive ones.

Here the cost will depend mainly on how much source footage the client has and how long the final video will be.

So for really short personal videos, we end up charging just a 100 USD or so. But on the opposite side, we had a few very long vacations or trip videos that were over 1,000 USD.

And, of course you can have everything else in the middle. You can get a quick cost estimate here.


Next, we have weddings which are a totally separate category.

Wedding filmmaking it’s a big industry.

Wedding videos always need to have a nice and polished look. These generally need more attention to detail and have a cinematic look.

Everything needs to look nice and smooth, the colors should be perfect and you need to have a bit of a storyline.

Now the good part about wedding videos is that you as an editor (almost) always work with professional videographers.

This means that they use nice equipment and they know how to use it.

So the shots are steady, they use the correct settings, the framing is right, they get the right scenes. All this makes editing much easier as the quality of the finished edit will always depend a lot on how good the source footage is.

And then there is also the storyline or the order of events, which is more or less the same in each wedding.

So all these things really make things easier in post-production and that’s why I believe the cost of editing a wedding video is really not that high.

On average, with us, it costs 300 USD to edit a wedding.

We also have a webpage here where you can check out the different packages that we offer, look at our portfolio or read more about our wedding video editing services.

Branded & Corporate videos

In this category, you have to work with a given script, follow specific directions and a branding guideline. Maybe match a certain look and feel.

From my point of view these are probably the most demanding type of videos and in general the most expensive ones.

The prices vary so much that I can’t really give you a number that would be accurate and that would reflect your situation.

But feel free to reach out and I would be happy to help you out.

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