GoPro Alternative: 7 GoPro KILLER Cameras That You’ll LOVE

The most familiar reason as to why we never buy a GoPro Camera is because it’s expensive.

It does not matter which model you’re looking at, the brand is still pretty expensive.

This drives consumers to look for other hopefully good cameras that can measure up to the kind of quality they’re looking for in their videos.

On the other hand, there are cameras more steeply-priced than the GoPro that you might want to have a look at. 

This is where the difficulty sets in – choosing the perfect GoPro alternative camera that won’t let you down.

If you are here for the short answer, the DJI Osmo Action is the best GoPro alternative.

But if you have a few minutes, read on to look at 6 other GoPro alternatives that might fit your personal needs or budget.

In a way, if the camera ends up a meeting or exceeding your expectations, it becomes your little tech gadget baby.

Almost like that car you just are not going to give up on. 

If it goes the other way, well, the same thing applies to the camera – you’ll hate it and dread taking those memorable shots. 

So while looking for a GoPro alternative camera, look out for video quality, durability, frame rate (frames per second), battery life, and other important specs.

We’ve looked through a number of reputable cameras and have come up with our own list of the GoPro alternatives you should seriously consider trying out.

This is something special.

The GoPro alternative cameras that you can grab at a more cost-friendly price, their specs, what makes them stand out, and how very worthy they are of your undivided attention.

The first 2 cameras, however, are expensive and the rest put affordability into consideration.

And here they come.

#1 Best Overall GoPro Alternative: The DJI Osmo Action

Okay, the Osmo doesn’t come cheap but good thing this list isn’t solely about the more readily affordable GoPro alternative. 

The rest of the cameras in this article with the exception of the Sony FDRX 3000Rhave been chosen with affordability in mind.

Still, this camera is slightly less expensive than the GoPro Hero9, coming in at $449 if you’re getting it from Amazon.

Briefly, this is a dual-screen action camera, it supports shooting at 4k/60fps, can do 8x slow motion.

It has a Rocksteady feature, records 4K videos in HDR, is waterproof up to 11m, and has a user-friendly interface.

What else could you possibly want from a great camera?

The camera when having the Rocksteady feature on shows no shaky footage which is a great feature for anyone in an action-packed and extreme sports world.

That’s not all, the capability of the camera to shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range) is immensely better than having it done in SDR (Standard Dynamic Range).

So you’ll have increased contrast and detailed dynamic videos with the HDR option. 

Your images will ultimately look much sharper, bright and have life-like colors. There’s no need to worry that much about lighting at different times of the day thanks to this feature.

The camera also has 5 voice commands, which makes for efficient shooting between filming, taking pictures and shutting down. 

This camera is giving GoPro quite a run for their money and it doesn’t look like they are about to slow down!

I could go on for some more minutes but we still have some good affordable catches to go through.

Just so you can get a feel of what I’m talking about, watch Justine talk about the GoPro, DJI Osmo, and his loyal Sony FDRX 3000R side by side in this clip.

When you’re done watching, let me know what your thoughts are about this camera.

Overall, this is basically the best GoPro alternative if you ask me.

#2 Expensive GoPro Alternative: Sony FDRX 3000R

I know it wasn’t manufactured in 2020, but it’s not that old either.

And yes it costs a pretty penny. The camera was first released in 2016 and is still going strong today – so age is just a number in this case. Still it makes a great GoPro alternative action camera.

There’s an old school tough as nails character that resonates with it, probably because of the brand name. Don’t let the old school mention fool you though. The Sony FDRX 3000R is still sharp and a worthy mention here.

The Sony FDRX is arguably the best when it comes to motion stability, video quality (both audio and picture) and field of view (adjustable and has zoom freedom).

The audio quality is just great. It’s got a 3.5mm audio inject which strictly is for the audio quality and then there are 3 camera angles. 

The camera incorporates optical image stabilization known as Balanced Optical SteadyShot (B.O.SS) image stabilization unlike those with electronic image stabilization.

The EISs do well too, don’t get me wrong but this Sony FDRX 3000R with its B.O.SS is really great. 

The images smooth out well, which is something we all want to have in our videos.

This makes it produce sharp videos and still images while minimizing motion disturbances from camera movements and other external movements.

How does it compete against the GoPro? There’s no fish-eye distortion unlike in some makes of the GoPro camera, even the GoPro Hero9!

Feel free to argue otherwise.

Admiringly, the camera has a simple to use interface which is a great aspect for beginners and professionals alike.

Moving across features on the camera and making your selections is easy because of the integrated LCD Screen.

Take a look at this Everyday Dad gush about the Sony FDRX 3000.

#3 Affordable GoPro Alternative: Yi 4K+

Recently, the Yi 4K+ has been described as a GoPro Killer by many of its users. 

If I’m being realistic though, it’s still a little lacking and in my opinion, cannot yet thoroughly challenge the GoPro Hero7. 

That said, the Yi 4k+ can singularly compete against other action cameras and will surely come in among the top 5. 

This just might be why it has become an enviable must-have camera. Let’s not forget about that part where the camera is way cheaper than the GoPro Camera. 

The Yi 4k+ brings into play a 4K high definition resolution at a frame rate of 60 frames per second with a gimbal. It’s an exceptional action camera which presents an undeniable impressive video quality. 

Like any respectable action camera, the EIS (electronic image stabiliser) that’s inbuilt will give you the best shots even at the most accelerated ununiformed movements. You can expect to have smooth and steady videos because of this feature.

You can undoubtedly also look forward to frequent camera software updates that continually improve image quality and add useful features every time.

This is something Yi manufacturers have been doing for some years now with their products.

Another likeable aspect of the camera is its User Interface.

It’s simple, the settings can be learned quickly, you can preview your videos and play them back without fidgeting if you need to and preview and playback footage. 

Oh, and by the way, changing modes can also be done quickly, no hustle here.

Did I mention it has the voice control feature that enables you to spell out some commands to it?

Well, it does, and that’s a great thing. The reductive part here is that the command options are very limited – about 2 of them.

So there is no wide range of commands you can give the camera. Luckily though, the camera is not looking to have long conversations with us.

It only wants to help you shoot the best footage to take home with you. 

The upsetting thing about this camera is it’s not waterproof. However, you can always buy a waterproof casing to get rid of that problem.

All in all, for $149.9, the Yi 4K+ exceeds expectations.

See Linus talk about the camera here.

#4 Budget-friendly GoPro Alternative: The Akaso V50 Pro

Akaso has been releasing budget-friendly action camera products which are unexpectedly too good for the prices they have been given!

I’m not the only person singing about this. 

There are numerous reviews of the product which will entice you into getting one for yourself.

In this article of 7 cameras, there are actually 3 Akasos. That’s just how much we are loving them.

One of the things that Akaso maintains through all it’s most recent cameras is making it simple and easy for people to use. 

Even for the pros, simplicity of Akaso cameras’ user interface is something preferable to complicated ones of different brands.

The Akaso V50 Pro, first of all, can be obtained for $120 at most. 

Now before you walk off to another option because of the low price, let’s discuss its specs and just how much you’ll have missed for such an unbelievable price tag. 

The features that qualified the Akaso V50 Pro camera for this list include an advanced Electronic Image stabilization.

It will deliver steady and smooth videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution.

Plus it takes really good pictures with its 20MP photo spec.

It’s got a friendly touch screen user interface which has a built-in 2-inch high responsive touch screen with IPS display.

To compensate for its inability to be water-proof, the camera comes in a waterproof casing.

This means you’ll be able to get into the water and dive as deep as 100ft! As you do so, remember to turn on the dive mode option which substitutes the red light needed underwater. 

You’d expect that the casing might affect the video’s sharpness but that’s not the case.

Even with the casing, there is quality imagery while using this camera.

The camera has got a wireless connectivity range of up to 10m(33ft) which is pretty decent for its price.

As with all latest Akaso cameras, there’s a remote control wristband. It is pretty cool but unfortunately not waterproof.

I hope the company is already looking for ways of making that waterproof feature active and possible.

This would undoubtedly drive up sales for them – just one tiny unsuspecting feature.

On the downside, the inbuilt microphone produces standard okay audio quality which has you know you can do better.

To achieve that better audio quality, get yourself an external microphone for better audio quality. It does not come with the camera 🙁 

The camera is not waterproof but luckily covers for that by providing you with a waterproof casing in case you really must hit the waves.

Just a bonus, you can watch Mark Staph review the camera here.

#5 Cheap GoPro Alternative: Akaso Brave 4

This little fellow costs just 80 USD.

There is little to no discomfort in having the Akaso Brave 4 with you – because it’s small and light.

Carrying it on yourself for one of those enviable traveling escapades is sweet. 

What makes the Akaso Brave 4 stand out on its own is the ability to shoot underwater videos with top quality. That’s why divers and water lovers generally will not pass on this option lightly. 

Regardless of what you want to shoot with your camera, the Akaso Brave 4 is a worthy GoPro alternative.

I don’t know how such a durable action sports camera can be priced that low, but that’s something we have observed about Akaso products – their ability to provide the really good products at unbeatable prices.

We all love getting accessories and the Akaso Brave 4 has got your back. There are 2 batteries, a remote control wristband and 19 accessories kit.

The remote control, unfortunately, is not waterproof though it’s not something you’re going to miss very dearly – okay truth be told, you’ll miss it.

When it comes to video resolutions, you can comfortably shoot a 4k video at 24fps and can also do a 1080P (similar to saying a 2K video) at 60fps.

It’s also got a built-in gyroscope for anti-shanking and image stabilization which I consider a must-have for any good camera.

That way, you will not have those shaky videos happening to you.

The camera will go up to 100ft (20m) deep when placed securely in its waterproof casing.

Getting your underwater footage at this point should be enjoyable and simple.

Overall, at an insane price of $80!

I don’t think you’re going to get a better deal on a camera. If there is the one you know of, I’d be honored to read your opinion in the comments section.

And just to get a feel, watch Seth do a review of the Akaso Brave 4 camera.

#6 Best Overall GoPro Alternative: Akaso V50 Elite

I was trying to minimize the accumulation of Akaso cameras in this article but there’s simply no way I can ignore the Akaso V50 Elite. 

I probably should have started with this very one as the number one of the three mentioned but each camera has its own special effects that make them stand out.

The good thing is, I’ve made no particular order in listing all cameras here.

About the Akaso V50 Elite: This is an improved/upgraded version of Akaso V50 Pro.

Some of the differences between the V50 Elite and the V50 Pro is that the Elite has a SONY IMX 078 Sensor.

It shoots 4K Video at 60fps, has the 8x slow-motion and 8x Digital zoom feature, plus it uses super image stabilization. 

Its display is a 2” HD screen, it accommodates storage space of up to 256GB and shoots good 12MP photos.

These differences may make the Akaso V50 Elite a better choice as compared to the V50 Pro. 

This, however, is arguable when it comes to which of the cameras can handle extreme movements better.

The other tricky part to deal with will be selecting a camera with a better built-in audio quality. I personally find the V50 Pro to be better in both cases – have your say.

One of the things I like about the V50 Elite is that its video quality overall is great. If you’re a vlogger, do try using this camera, it will give you that beautified enriched color setting in all your videos.

It doesn’t matter how dull the day could get – you’ll still get an admirable vibrant image. 

Even if you are no regular vlogger but like using cameras for family and friends and basically catching fleeting moments in life, this camera is one to live for.

The camera, just like its older sister the V50 Pro has a touch screen interface that’s easy to use and has a waterproof casing.

This enables it to reach water depths of up to 30m. Water lovers are not left out on this stunning camera. 

To have a closer look at the camera’s performance, see this review by Chigz Tech Reviews, if only for your curiosity.

#7 Popular GoPro Alternative: SJCAM SJ9 Pro

This camera is a 4K action camera that has a SONY IMX377 sensor. It can record a 4K 60fps video which understandably is the best of the available options – 1440p 60fps, 1080p 120fps & 720p 240fps. 

The camera can take excellent 12MP photos, has a 6-axis gyro stabiliser which does help with avoiding shaky pictures. It has a 2.33” UHD touchscreen that makes using your camera easier and enjoyable.

The user settings available are simple to understand, so it doesn’t take long at all to ease into comfortable camera usage.

Thanks to the 4k/60fps resolution, the footage you’re going to take will have a really good video quality. 

Like most of the cameras we have looked at so far, in as much as they are good at what they were created to do.

The one fault line this camera shares is that it isn’t waterproof. 

That’s why they have endeavored to provide a waterproof casing. This should be able to protect the camera from destruction by water.

It allows for up to 30m/98ft diving which is just enough unless you are an extreme diver. If you are, there are other available options with greater depths.

For the cost of $219, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro is a powerful buy and one of the best affordable action cameras today.

Watch Redskull do a detailed review of the camera here.

Last words

When it’s time to make that purchase, we all have that moment of difficulty in choosing the ultimate camera which will henceforth be ours. It’s an understandable dilemma that can be maximized until we get THE ONE or TWO. 

As long as you are able to identify what you most need from your camera, the options will simply line up for selection.

The divers’ number one requirement is a water-proof camera. The biker, car racer or any other high-level action and speed lover will look out for stabilisation and fps rate, and the average person will look for a decent picture-perfect image camera. 

So while one kind of camera is lacking in say having poor audio quality, it may make up for it by being water-proof. Some cameras can even achieve maximum satisfactory levels by being able to fulfil not only one but all areas of interest and need. It’s natural that you will look towards satisfying your tastes and preferences. 

Luckily, there are also many types of cameras today from which you can pick to suit your needs. Therefore, this list does not exhaust the best of the best of the best in only one category. 

I’d like to hear from you about the experiences you’ve had with your cameras. If you haven’t yet got the one, suggest anyone camera you think would work best for you and why.

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