15 Amazing Wedding Video Ideas You Will Want To Steal

Drumroll Please!!!

Jennifer Lopez got married this year. Tell me; you didn’t miss that gist. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Wooooah, my God, it was a sight. Jlo stole the day, the night, and definitely the show.

Yh, she did tie the knot with Ben Affleck this time.

And guess what?

It was in the most glamorous style imaginable.

But you know what stood out for me?

The plenty of thoughtful ideas explored by the couple.

They were heart-warming, mind-blowing, and Inspiring.

Should we start with Ben’s amazing speech, which he took off a movie he once directed ‘Live By Night,’ or talk about the couple’s idea to let their five children precede the bride on the walk down the aisle?

Behold, it was a sight.

But, of course, we’re not here to discuss Jlo. We’re here to take some pages from her playbook – creating your own amazing wedding visuals.

How can you do that?

Let’s find out.

1. Create a wedding trailer

Lots of people would love to watch and relive your wedding day for years to come. A great way to create amazing content is with wedding trailers.

Like a movie trailer, your wedding trailer should feature the biggest moments of the day, the highlights of major activities, and the standout dialogues that strike you the most.

To give your trailer a bit of that movie-like glamour, you can include music, video effect, commentary, or voice over.

Your choice of music or sound in different moments should be determined by the actions and dialogues happening in each moment.

For example, in the case of Jlo’s wedding, she had “The Things We’ve Handed Down” – a song about the mystery of children – playing in the background as she walked down the aisle.

That song befitted the action happening in that moment because Lopez was preceded on the walk by her children.

As for the commentary in the clip, you can use dialogues between family and friends or through natural ceremony moments like the “I dos.”

Finally, you can have your wedding videographer order the clips chronologically and in a manner that emphasizes your feelings at different times.

2. Create a wedding hashtag and have every guest use the hashtag on social media

Wedding hashtags are fast becoming a trend, aren’t they? Just this week alone, I’ve seen hashtags like #JaneGotHitched, #HappilyEverCarol, and many more on Instagram.

These hashtags are great, no doubt. But why stop there? Why not leverage them in making a nice wedding visual?

Let me show you how

When handing out your wedding invite, ring it in the ears of guests that they should kindly use your hashtag when posting pictures and videos from the event on their social media pages.

Now, after the event, go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and use your wedding hashtag to search for videos and pictures of your ceremony taken by your guests.

Save and edit these contents in the order of events for the day and then turn them into one big video collage.

As a finishing touch, you can then add a lovely music or voiceover that tells a story of you and yours.

3. Interview your Exes

Sadly, this one may not work for everyone.

But for those who’re still on good terms with their ex-lovers, making a video documentary of exes might make one hell of a wedding visual.

In the interview, your respective exes may share what it feels like to date each of you.

They may burst into a wish mode and say some nice wishes for your marriage.

Or perhaps they may give some words of advice to the groom or bride-to-be.

Imagine creating this kind of video and showing it to your guests at the reception. What a moment that would be.

4. Make a reception video

A video of the reception is one you do to relive your celebrations in years to come. 

Since reception is where the dancing, singing, and jubilations happen, it makes sense to have a documentary video of the whole event unfolding.

Have your wedding videographer select and edit note-worthy moments at the reception and forge them into a standout reception video.

5. Pick a funny moment and make a big deal of it

I saw a video on Instagram where the groom was asked to prostrate in front of the stairs as the bride walked down the aisle.

It was such a hilarious moment.

I saw another on Facebook where the groom tucked his head under the bride’s gown and stayed like that for minutes.

Only God knew what he was doing down there. (Winks).

There was another hilarious one on TikTok where the bride ran around the reception room the moment the groom kissed her. 

My point being?

Come up with a funny and memorable idea and make a video of it.

In years to come, when you remember the action of the day, you’ll need the video to relive the memory.

6. Have a cinematic wedding video

Cinematic wedding videos are always hit because they are one of a kind.

They’re the type of videos you see in movie scenes where the camera follows the groom’s lips as he’s about to plant a kiss on his bride.

Or the type you see where a teardrop from the bride feels like a flashing diamond from the sky.

In simple terms, cinematic wedding videos are those videos created in the language of a cinema.

As such, they tend to cost more money. 

These videos are more like an artistic mini movie rather than a compilation of clips and moments.

They are what you would call a Hollywood-esque wedding scene. 

The film is shot in high-quality short clips to tell a certain story.

Unlike trailer videos that mumble numerous unrelating moments together, a cinematic video tells a particular story using captivating visual effects

The storyline?

The storyline in a cinematic video can be anything you wish for it to be.

It could be a story about the bride’s family’s emotions on the day or a story about the groom’s friends’ outfits. It could be anything.

7. Make room for the ones you’ve lost

Is there someone who’s supposed to be at your wedding but who can’t because they’ve passed away?

This is your chance to honour their memory and plant their presence forever on your big day. 

Honour them by including clips of them in your video collage, trailer, or other videos of the day.

For example, you can add a photo or clip of a deceased uncle along with the rest of the family in one of your wedding videos.

8. Make a music video

Yes, it’s your wedding day, but what’s stopping you from turning it into an MTV-worthy visual?

Many a time, we see wedding scenes make it to TV screens in the form of music videos.

Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together,’ Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had,’ Cardi B’s ‘Be Careful,’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Moment 4 Life’ are some of the few examples that come to mind.

Why not create something similar?

Depending on how you’re feeling, you may choose to recreate your favourite music video or have a videographer create your own unique video to a song that fits the day.

When you’re done, share the video across your social media pages, and tag the artist.

Who knows, you just might bag a repost. 

Imagine Cardi B reposting your wedding video – hmmm, that would be huge.

By the way, if you’re serious about bagging a celebrity repost, I’d advise you do it on Instagram.

That app – the second most popular (65%) social media platform for video efforts – is notorious for virality. 

9. Something about your love journey

Not everyone comes to a wedding for a sip of wine or a taste of the cake.

Some people actually come to get a glimpse of your love story.

How you met, how you survived the tough days, how you had your first kiss, who said I’m sorry first, what the groom/bride is like in a relationship, blah blah blah.

Make it worth their time by sharing a video documentary of your love story.

You can have it in the form of an interview where a close friend throws numerous questions at you and yours.

In the end, you’ll have a short clip that shows friends and family a side of you they had never seen.

Imagine going to your friend’s party and finding out he and his wife-to-be had their first kiss in your basement the night of your birthday party.

How hilarious would that be?

10. Make a video of the proposal

Proposals are also a big part of wedding celebrations.

Although they happen long before the actual wedding, they’re still worthy of being captured.

Also, considering the cinematic theatrics that characterises wedding proposals, it makes a lot of sense to capture the entire moment leading to the groom popping the question.

That said, when it comes to proposal videos, you have two options. 

Firstly, you can record the surprise by setting up cameras beforehand or ask invited observers to help you capture the moment with their smartphones.

Secondly, you can return to the proposal site to re-enact the moment and then film it in a more appropriate fashion.

11. Guest Introduction

Get a message across to everyone you expect to attend your wedding, and ask them to make a short video introducing themselves, their relationship with you, and any word of advice or encouragement on the new journey.

Please don’t forget to encourage a bit of humour.

It’s a wedding guest introduction video, not a virtual interview.

Compile these clips and forge them into one big video shoot.

On D-Day, have the video played at the reception and watch people smile from ear to ear.

12. Do one for the culture

The digital age is making many of us forget about our cultural values.

People now choose wedding ceremony ideas from Instagram and YouTube without even minding whether such ideas align with their culture.

To be fair, it isn’t a bad idea. But sometimes, doing one for the culture makes sense, too.

And that’s where the cultural video idea comes in. 

Wedding videos with cultural displays hit differently because you don’t see them every day.

For example, in the 2011 movie, Jumping The Broom, Sabrina Watson (the bride) was made to jump over a room at her wedding reception as a sign of observing a cultural tradition.

Although this action was earlier frowned upon by many, everyone all came to enjoy the moment later because it came off different from what they were used to.

If that was in real life, I bet the couples would watch the video and laugh every year they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Now, that’s the power of culture.

13. A Compilation of getting-ready footage

Another lovely idea that would pass for a wedding video is a video highlighting your most important family members and their on-the-day party preps.

In this video, you can have family members’ interviews, getting-ready footage, and their loving messages in voiceover.

14. Have your pet play a part

What if you had a cat or a pup play the role of the ring bearer at your wedding?

How amazing would that be? I bet everyone in attendance would be amazed and amused by the action.

Have your favourite doodle be a ring bearer and film the surprised faces of your loved ones laughing and cheering with delight as he bumbles down the aisle. 

15. Your honeymoon trip

Your wedding day video doesn’t have to be about the on-the-day activities alone.

You can sneak in events that happened before or after.

For example, you can capture moments on your honeymoon trip and make them into a video.

In this video, you can film your partner dozing off on the plane or both of you goofing around.

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