30 Testimonial Video Examples That Are Awesome [#19 Was Unexpected]

Testimonial videos are powerful, authentic, and engaging. In a testimonial video, current customers describe what a company has been able to do for them.

They may discuss their former pain points, their challenges, and their current success.

Testimonial videos resonate with potential customers because they can see themselves inside the video, and relate to the challenges that current customers have faced, which makes this one of the most effective methods of video marketing for businesses.

In a world that is increasingly rejecting traditional marketing, testimonial video provides a unique opportunity: the opportunity for a business to reach out to a potential customer through, essentially, word-of-mouth.

Testimonial videos are seen as being more honest than traditional advertising and are consequently a fantastic choice for a company trying to build out its video marketing.

Take a look at these examples — they can give you some excellent ideas about what you might want to do.

30 Fantastic Testimonial Videos

1. Adobe

Not all testimonials need to be accessible. Rather, they need to be targeted towards their audience.

In this testimonial video for Okta, they discuss the differences that Adobe was able to make for their business in technical terms and jargon.

That doesn’t resonate with the average person, but it absolutely resonates with the traditional business buyer that would be considering a switch to Adobe.


Testimonials aren’t just for customers.

They can also be for potential employees. In this video, current employees talk about why they love working with ALDI.

Getting the best team together is absolutely something that can be important for a business, and internal testimonial videos show people what the company values and why they should consider working with them.

3. Amazon

Amazon does business with a lot of people.

So instead of focusing on a single person in their “fulfillment by Amazon” testimonial video, they spliced together a whole lot of business owners that they had been able to help.

The result is overwhelmingly positive.

This has a different type of impact than just a single person testimonial because it shows that there are many people whose lives have been changed through Amazon’s technology.

There’s strength in numbers, and Amazon Fulfillment benefits from widespread adoption.

4. American Express

When it comes to the bigger brands, it isn’t about awareness.

Everyone knows that American Express exists and people know about the products and services they offer.

Instead of explaining that, this testimonial video instead highlights why American Express is better than the competition.

This is valuable because it’s probably the first thing most people are thinking.

When they look at Amex, they’re thinking: Why not go with a different company altogether?

This addresses that openly and encourages people to explore their options further.

5. Applied Fitness Solutions

When does a customer lookup a testimonial?

It’s when they’re already considering working with a business, but they haven’t committed.

Maybe they aren’t sure about the company or maybe they don’t know whether they actually need the product or service, either way, they just need that extra push.

In this testimonial, the testimonial giver walks their audience through the stages that they went through when trying to engage with the company.

In so doing, she’s able to remove a lot of their potential concerns.

6. Dropbox

You don’t need to limit yourself to a single testimonial per video.

If you want to cover your bases, consider doing what Dropbox did and featuring a number of people in a single video.

This has the benefit of numbers: It shows that the product has changed a number of lives for the better, and maybe it can do that for you, too.


Don’t say. Show. In this CHIP testimonial video, they show the results of using the health program, rather than just telling people about it. And that has a dramatic impact.

People don’t have to wonder if the people in the testimonial video are telling the truth.

They already know that they are because they can see the results that they achieved.

People tend to be visual learners and the more information that you can give someone, the better.

8. CodeCademy

CodeCademy runs specialized coding lessons and camps for driven, self-taught professionals.

Rather than talking about the program, CodeCademy lets a student talk about how CodeCademy changed his life.

Because that’s what it’s really about: It isn’t about the infrastructure of CodeCademy, it’s about the results that are ultimately achieved.

When watching, the audience is thinking about how CodeCademy can potentially change their lives — not about the ins and outs

9. Dove RealCare

A lot of testimonial videos focus on upper management, but this testimonial video concentrates on employees instead.

A lot of companies find it difficult to transition to new programs because they can’t get employee buy-in.

This type of testimonial video shows employers that their employees are going to be onboard and that they will ultimately benefit.

When creating testimonial videos, you need to think about the things that present the greatest barrier to adoption and address those things directly.

10. Epipheo

Are your customers nervous? Have you noticed that customers hesitate before contacting you?

There are certain companies that require some level of buy-in because customers either don’t know whether the company can help them or aren’t sure that the company is trustworthy.

Epipheo found that the best way forward was to address the issues directly.

A testimonial doesn’t just talk about what’s great about a business, it can also address concerns that an individual had before working with a business — and that’s what Epipheo does well in this video.

11. Fictiv

How long should a testimonial be? At under two minutes, this Fictiv testimonial is about the perfect length.

It makes its point early on, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

When you’re creating a testimonial video, try your best to pare it down to as long as it needs to be to display the relevant information, and front-loads the information so that anyone who watches the first half of the video will still get the core message.

12. Foresee Home

When you’re selling services that go into people’s homes, you get to know them on a personal level and you also need to be personal with them.

This testimonial relates intimately to the testimonial giver, walking through her home with her, and communicating her personal needs.

Potential customers are going to put themselves in her shoes and have their concerns put to rest.

13. Fort Street Veterinarian

This testimonial tells the story of a single patient, and it’s highly impactful on an emotional level.

Most pet owners can imagine themselves in this situation, feeling as though they have nowhere to go.

It also takes a notable risk, because it highlights the failings of the competition.

Not every business wants to take this type of stand, but when they do, it can be extremely memorable.

14. Google Adwords

Google uses the story of a doggy daycare to show how effective its advertising platform is.

Here, you can see the appeal of a great spokesperson.

This customer is delightful, and their business (a dog daycare) absolutely unobjectionable.

Choosing the right person to give the testimonial matters, too.

You want to put the customers that really connect with your audience at the forefront.

15. Hootsuite

No tricks, just honesty. Hootsuite uses its testimonial video to address a problem that a lot of people have: that they don’t feel like they have a partnership, but just an employee.

By addressing these kinds of challenges head-on, the testimonial video is able to reassure people who may be considering Hootsuite but may have not yet decided.

16. Hubspot

At the end of the day, Hubspot as a brand is about people.

So it makes sense that they decided to make their testimonial video highly personal, by exploring the business that’s featured, and highlighting what the business does.

This is the exact opposite of more generic testimonial videos such as Amazon’s FBA.

17. HP

Sometimes it’s valuable to take some time to get to know the person giving the testimonial, which is exactly what this HP video does.

When customers know more about the testimonial giver, they trust that giver more.

They relate to them and understand them, and (transitively) they will also relate to and understand the company on a deeper level.

18. Lifelock

The concerns associated with Lifelock are emotional in nature: People are afraid of potentially being the victim of identity theft, or discovering a huge problem when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Consequently, the Lifelock testimonial makes sure to bring up these emotions, while showing how it also resolves them.

19. Love Yer Dog

A video doesn’t have to be shot as a professional video to be effective.

Love Yer Dog’s testimonial is shot with a simple, grainy camera, and that’s how it gets its message across.

It’s up close, personal, and friendly. The poor production quality only underscores its authenticity.

It’s not a trick that could be used for just anything, but it’s a trick that works well here.

Here are 7 video editing websites to check out if you’re trying to recreate something similar.

20. MagicJack

In this testimonial, you’re going to learn less about MagicJack than you’re going to learn about Barry.

Sometimes to get a message across, you really need to imbue it with personality.

MagicJack understands that its technology isn’t going to be exciting to everyone.

To spice it up and make it really memorable, it brought in a true character.

Not everyone may be able to relate to Barry, but they will remember him, and they’ll remember what he said about MagicJack.

21. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s testimonial videos tend to jazz themselves up with B-roll, and it’s often B-roll that doesn’t have a lot to do with the product itself.

In this testimonial video, a trampoline is used to emphasize the fact that Microsoft is growing.

A testimonial video can be quite plain, especially if it’s just people talking to a camera.

Augmenting a video with some flair can make the difference between a forgettable and memorable video, and quite a lot of B-roll can be accessed through free stock sites.

22. Omada

On a practical level, maybe you can’t get your testimonial givers in the same place, or maybe you can’t get them on video.

You can use text-based testimonials through video tricks and transitions, which make them livelier and more engaging.

A lot of people have tons of text-based testimonials that they can whip into an animated feature, and that gives you content for a very low initial investment.

23. PayPal

What’s the one phrase you want customers to remember from your testimonial video?

This PayPal/SAP Hana video is short and punchy, describing in very simple and understandable terms what the business relationship means to them.

By distilling things into short, punchy sentences, the testimonial is able to create a long-lasting impression.

24. Rethink Robots

People are scared of robots. They’re scared of AI.

Like some other testimonials on this list, Rethink Robots tackles customer reservations head-on by discussing the issues that would keep customers from potentially committing to their product.

After all, customers already know why they’re hesitating; it doesn’t introduce any fears that the customer didn’t already have.

Rather, it assuages a lot of their personal fears, in a practical and pragmatic way.

25. Roku TV

There are two really nice, clean things that this testimonial video does.

One, it connects a number of customers together, rather than just focusing on a single testimonial.

Two, it uses text and video together in an engaging way, making it possible to highlight what they want to highlight inside of the customer’s testimonials.

It’s a simple trick, but it’s an effective one: viewers are going to go away with the text phrases in their minds.

26. Salesforce

This testimonial is almost more of a character study, and Salesforce itself takes a background to the story of the woman featured in it.

Yet it works, because people do connect with the woman featured, and they want to learn more about how Salesforce was able to help her.

This goes back to working with your best clients, and the clients that are going to relate to your audience on the deepest level.

27. Slack

Take a look at Slack’s “So Yeah, We Tried Slack” and pick out the pieces that are extemporaneous and the pieces that are scripted.

While imbued with personality, you can tell that this testimonial has been highly controlled and scripted. This is why you want to consider picking a video production company vs. a more DIY approach.

Yet it still comes off as fun and authentic. It’s important to make a testimonial feel less like “advertising” and more like a genuine experience that a customer has had.

28. Sunrun

In any advertising, you have to catch their attention fast.

Sunrun does this by catching the viewer’s attention with an exorbitant power bill, far beyond what most people could ever imagine paying.

Once the audience is watching, Sunrun can dive into the testimonial itself.

Usually, you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention online, and you need to work hard to do so.

29. Yum Yum Videos

You’ve found a fantastic company and you absolutely adore their work, but you’re concerned: they’re in another timezone entirely, and you’ve been burned by companies in other countries before.

Yum Yum Videos uses its testimonials to address some of the most common issues that customers likely have when considering their company, and it comes out all the stronger for it.

These are things customers are already thinking about, and it’s better to address the issues openly.

30. Zoom

The testimonial itself isn’t always as important as the general feeling and vibe of the video.

The video needs to be highly branded, showing the company’s culture and its values.

This Zoom testimonial has a lot of footage from around the office, showing what the office values, and how the business itself feels.

Creating Testimonial Videos for Your Business

What do the above videos have in common? Though they’re from some very diverse brands, and they encompass a large spectrum of videos, there are some things you might notice them having in common.

  • A larger-than-life personality. If a testimonial itself is dry, you can counter that by introducing a client who is unique, interesting, and engaging. Focusing on the customer can help the audience relate to the testimonial, looking at the video in the context of the challenges that they themselves face.
  • Addressing potential problems head-on. If there’s a common sticking point for customers, such as price, it’s important that testimonial videos confront the problems with transparency.
  • Tailoring to their audience. Some testimonials need to be highly technical because they’re targeted to a technical audience. Other testimonials need to focus on facts and figures because they’re targeted towards a business-oriented audience. Determine who key decision-makers are.
  • Being as unique and interesting as possible. From using “found” footage to professional B-roll, testimonial videos have to have something creative and compelling about them. When watching, the audience should feel compelled to watch more.
  • Capturing attention right away. The first few seconds of a testimonial video (really any video) are the most critical. Many testimonials capture the audience right away by asking a question or by surprising them.

Over to you

Are you ready to start building out your company’s testimonials?

As you can see, testimonials go a long way towards improving the perception and authority of a business.

Through testimonials, companies are able to reach out to prospective customers and show them what they can expect.

You can start by connecting with your most valuable clients and working on these yourself or engaging with a professional video production company.

If you need help with video editing or other post-production work, feel free to reach out to us.

About the author:

Joe Forte is the Co-owner/Producer of D-MAK Productions, a video production company specializing in producing corporate, commercial, digital and branded media content.

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