Pick of The Week: Moovly Review, The Online Video Editor

Hey guys, so in today’s post, we’re taking a look at an online video editing tools that helps you create your own personal videos from scratch.

Even if you don’t have any past experience with video post-production and or video content creation at all.

You’ve seen the title. We’re looking at Moovly.

Let’s go.

What is Moovly and what’s it all about?

Simply put, Moovly is an online platform that enables its users to create and edit stunning videos using an online video editor.

All resources are provided for and easy to put into use. If the user wishes to upload their own media into the tool, it is acceptable.

‘Moovly is a cloud-based multimedia platform that enables people to create engaging multimedia content by making it affordable, intuitive and simple.’

The video editor was released in 2012 and has since undergone many developments and garnered the loyalty of many users today.

It is a very popular video editing tool.

Its users include people in businesses, organizations and Educational institutions – teachers and students alike. The tool caters for all generations and is super easy to use.

This being a cloud-based platform, all video creations happen online; there’s no need to download and install some suspicious software.

All you need to create your videos is your computer, a secure internet connection, plus a trustworthy browser.

The tool has a wide range of multimedia items in millions (more than 70million) which are readily available for users to easily and quickly create stunning videos.

All you need to come with is your creativity and your vision.

There are a number of reasons as to why the Moovly video editor has gained such rapid growth in usage and popularity.

  • The tool is user-friendly to all ages and skillsets which makes learning how to create videos exciting. You don’t need to be an expert to get started using the tool.
  • There is a free account which has over 1 million multimedia objects that can be used to make beautiful, practical and meaningful videos.
  • The editing studio has a very extensive library containing over 70 million engaging multimedia objects which are absolutely at the user’s disposal.
  • The packages offered are affordable and give you more than you pay for.
  • No need for plug-ins or installing software into your computer – everything is available on the go.
  • Moovly encourages creativity through the many amazing templates availed to users, who can then adjust them to fit their creation.
  • Updates are always occurring every two weeks, which means you can always look towards getting features that are new and improved constantly.
  • Moovly has created its own mobile app, for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Now you are able to upload your files directly to your Moovly library, to view and share your creations with other Moovly users. The apps can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

Unlike what we’re doing at the video editing agency, you don’t need any kind of profound knowledge to operate this online video editing tool.

Features of Moovly’s Online Video Editor

The User Interface is very easy to use and is not clustered with too many parts, which is something we tend to see in many video editors.

The tool has four major parts (Library, Stage, Properties, and Timeline) all of which are well explained and shown. This makes navigating through the tool simple and comfortable so you will not get confused at all.

The Library:  It contains more than 70 million multimedia items which are readily available to you at the time of creating your video. These include video templates, infographics, motion graphics, animated clips, stock images, story blocks, and many more items.

The Stage: This is where your creation will be made. All you’ve got to do is pick out an item from the library, drag and drop it onto the stage. The item can be adjusted in terms of size and positioning according to your liking

The Timeline: Here, you get to control the length of showcasing various items you’ve added onto the stage. Each item when dragged from the library and dropped on to the stage has its own timeline which appears like a bar. You get to determine at what exact second an item appears on the stage and just how long it should take. Easy peasy right?

Beneath the timeline, there is an option for ‘Add animation’. That option as the name suggests animates objects you have placed on the stage. You can have, say, moving hands dragging your notes left and right, up and down. You get to choose how your item will first appear on stage and how it will exist.

Properties: From this space, you are able to make adjustments to the appearance of your stage. For example, you can choose your own colors for the stage and other properties you wish to apply.

With this tool, one can create incredible explainer videos, marketing videos, presentations, tutorials, and many others. Many captivating templates are available, in variety, and can be adjusted broadly to best address a user’s need.

Making your video is literally done in these 3 simple steps!!

After you have exhausted all options during the creation and finally have your complete video, you are free to publish it on YouTube, Vimeo or the Moovly gallery, download it in mp4 format or share your project with other Moovly users.

Downloading, however, is not possible if you have a free account but you still have access to your creations in your set up Moovly account. All videos are auto-saved the moment you start crafting them. Upgrading to a pro account activates the download option that’s lacking in the free account.

If you are a first-time editor, there is no friendlier tool than Moovly because it walks you through an entire tour that’s been added to the video editor!

Making use of the new Clip concept in video editing

New already made clips have recently been added onto the library of Moovly’s online video editing tool. With such clips at hand, all that needs doing is adjusting the clips to fit your story.

They can be combined with other available multimedia objects according to your interest to quickly construct new content. In so doing, within the shortest time possible, you are more than able to produce an efficient influential video.

If after all this, you still don’t feel up to creating your own video especially for businesses, or you simply don’t have enough time on your hands to get this done, Moovly can make you the video.

You’ll spend a little more than your tool’s subscription price, but in return, you’ll get a lot more than you paid for. You’ll also be able to edit and adapt the video yourself for a whole year at no additional cost.

Account Subscriptions

Moovly is currently running four types of accounts – Free account, Pro, Business and an Enterprise account

The free account affords you a complete HTML cloud-based editor. Yes, there is no need to upload files if you don’t want to, everything you need is in the cloud

Even with a free account, you can to post your creations to social media sites.

You still have the option of uploading up to 20 personal files to your creation dashboard.

More features can be activated with a Pro account for only  $24.92 on a yearly plan. Some outstanding benefits to having one are;  having over 75 million! premium multimedia files at your disposal! You can choose to commercialize your video, there will be no Moovly branding attached to it, you’ll have a much better quality of up to 1080 HD.

You can also upgrade to a Business account for $49.92 per month. The higher the cost, the more features, and the advantages there are to be gained.

The Enterprise account has custom pricing but facilitates a minimum of 10 users for $599/user a year.

With each package enters more benefits than the latter.

Special note:

  • For a first-timer, you can sign up for the tool and try out the app for 30 days straight, free of charge!
  • There is an Edu Free account for everyone with an educational email.
  • The Edu Pro account offers HD video creation at a reduced price (67% discount)
  • Users of approved non-profit organizations can obtain an individual non-profit subscription at a 50% discount on a Yearly Pro subscription.


We can not deny that Moovly’s tool has a simple user interface, it comes with a very extensive library of more than 70 million premium multimedia items! The tool is convenient for both budding video editors and the expert editors.

I can’t talk enough about the available video templates which can be maximized by businesses and organizations to better showcase their products and services to today’s highly video consuming audience.

This tool favors and enables teachers and students to share knowledge effectively through humorous clips, infographics, and many other features.

Moovly’s online video editor is the perfect and convenient tool you should consider using in your video projects today.

Just in case you get stuck figuring out what to do when you start creating your sensational videos, you can watch how-to videos from Moovly here

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