7 LinkedIn Video Examples That You Will Want To Steal

Imagine this.

Your home is sufficiently warmed up, so you want to turn off the heating.

But the lever is stuck and won’t turn. And your place is now hot enough to host a tropical party, just like that episode of Friends

What would be your next move? Most likely searching the internet for help.

You will come across hundreds and thousands of links, all promising the instructions you need.

But in the scorching heat, the last thing you want is to read a detailed blog where the writer is going on and on about their grandfather’s broken boiler instead of getting to the point.

It would be a lot more helpful if you watch a video tutorial instead of dissecting a jargon-filled blog post. 

In comparison to text, video content is easier to consume and comprehend.

If a picture says a thousand words, a video probably expresses millions.

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

It’s no surprise that social videos generate a staggering 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.  

You are doing your social media strategy a huge disservice by not capitalizing on video content.

Understandably, your mind will right away think about YouTube or Facebook.

After all, these two are probably the most visual social media platforms. But video is a gainful format for LinkedIn as well. 

LinkedIn is a powerful platform when it comes to marketing and promotion.

Even if it’s not as widely used as Instagram or Twitter, LinkedIn can help you connect with your target audience as well as generate leads.

If you are new to the platform, it is worth considering LinkedIn automation tools to save time and achieve faster results.

Moreover, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with niche audiences. 

In this post, we’re sharing our top LinkedIn video examples that can inspire your next video campaign. Let’s dive in. 

1. Squarespace

As a brand, staying neutral on social causes is no longer acceptable.

Today’s customers are looking for brands to showcase sensitivity and take a stand.

According to a survey conducted by Clutch, 75% of people are likely to start shopping from a company that supports the issues they believe in.

Expressing your support for social causes via video content will catch your audience’s attention much better than sending a tweet. 

Squarespace’s Pride Month video campaign is a stand-out example.

Many major brands are notorious for slapping on a rainbow on their social media or product ranges to capitalize on Pride Month.

And that’s honestly lazy and makes it obvious that a brand is acknowledging Pride Month just for the sake of it.

But Squarespace’s take was refreshing, extremely creative, and clearly barred no expense.

Here are a few things we loved about Pride video content created by Squarespace.

  • The technicolor, futuristic visuals will make anyone pause their scrolling spree. Rather than opting for overused rainbow colors, the company dug deep to create something different yet relevant. 
  • Squarespace used video content to give a platform to real people from the LGBTQ+ community. And this is a key takeaway to prevent people from perceiving your support as performative allyship. 
  • The campaign features bite-sized videos, most of them only 10 seconds long. Shorter videos are memorable and shareable. Even on a busy day, people likely won’t mind watching a 5-10 second video.
  • Including hashtags on social media makes your content more discoverable. This particular campaign added #ComingOutToANewWorld, which fits perfectly with the visuals and the theme.

2. Oatly

Right off the bat, this video by Oatly has to be our favorite on this list.

Sometimes you have to play safe and other times you have to say it as it is.

And this video falls under the latter category.

It’s a video criticizing Amendment 171, which has since been rejected by the European Parliament.

Here’s what makes this Oatly video spectacular. 

  • Look! It’s 60 seconds of stupidness featuring an EU law proposal that contradicts climate goals and basic common sense, brought to you by friends of the European milk lobby. Is how the video caption starts. Do we need to say more? It’s sassy. It’s confrontational. It’s glorious. If this doesn’t grab your attention and make you smile a little, we don’t know what will. 
  • The visuals feature the signature color palette of pastel blue, black, and white, which are consistent with the brand. Anyone familiar with the brand would immediately recognize the OG colors used on Oatly packaging.
  • The playfulness does not end with the caption. The music and sound effects are catchy in every way. 
  • The video doesn’t criticize AM171 without explanation. It highlights the ridiculousness of the amendments with clear examples and quirky visuals.
  • The one-minute video is highly informative and explains the subject without being overwhelming.
  • The video ends with an appeal requesting viewers to sign the petition. It’s always recommended to end videos with a call-to-action.

3. Headspace

Cross-promotion is one of the pillars of a successful social media strategy.

You are missing out on a huge opportunity if you do not cross-promote your content on various channels.

Video content is especially versatile enough to be easily shared on social media platforms. 

Our next pick is this video posted by Headspace to promote its new series on Netflix.

And here’s everything that makes it a good promotional video.

  • The video features calming yet interesting visuals, which are an ideal representation of the brand. Headspace doesn’t abandon its core aesthetic with this video, but rather puts the limelight on it. 
  • There is no text at all, which is again a true representation of the brand. Since the company offers guided meditation sessions, the video includes well-spoken and captivating narrators
  • As the video progresses, the visuals and narration slow down and meditative background music starts playing. This gives viewers a peek into what they can expect from Headspace’s new Netflix series. 
  • The video is under a minute, which again makes it easy to consume. 

4. Slack

Finding the right talent is key to your organization’s success.

While LinkedIn is gaining popularity as a social media for generating, it still remains a viable recruitment platform.

After all, it has over 740 million users. 

In today’s world, just the salary package is not enough to attract employees.

People want to know the culture and ethos of a company before accepting the job.

So why not make the best of videos?

This ‘14 reasons to join Slack’ video by Slack does a great job of giving potential employees an insight into the company. 

Here are few things we loved about this video.

  • The video starts off with upbeat music, which sets a positive tone for the rest of the video. 
  • The font style, color scheme, and speed of the video make it easy to read. In particular, the speed is ideal. It’s neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Rather than just stating reasons to join Slack in the form of text, the video features real employees from the company. Since Slack has global offices, the video includes employees from different parts of the world.
  • Specifically, we appreciated how the video didn’t obligate employees to speak in English. And this is a discreet yet highly effective tactic to showcase their diversity.
  • The content itself is brilliant. It doesn’t feel like actors are reading lines from a teleprompter. The employees are recording in their homes and expressing their genuine thoughts about the company, which doesn’t come off as overly scripted. 

5. HootSuite

Companies might refrain from producing video content because of the associated effort and expenses.

While writing long-form content is usually less cost-intensive, you can still create video content on a budget.

Your video campaigns don’t necessarily have to be a huge production.

This video by HootSuite is a great example of getting the point across without spending a fortune. 

Here are some factors that make it distinctive.

  • The virality of TikTok is undeniable. And this video clearly borrows its format from TikTok. As we know, capitalizing on trends is a vital part of social media marketing. Even if TikTok might not be a suitable platform for your brand, you can create a similar style video for LinkedIn.
  • The video is trendy, but informative. The narrator wastes no time in introducing the viewers to significant change-makers for the LGBTQ+ community. Along with the narration, easy-to-read texts and images are included. The video delivers exactly what it promises. 
  • We also noticed that the music changes with every new person. This is a subtle touch that eliminates monotony and keeps the viewers engaged. 
  • The video is just one minute long, which gives users a short burst of distraction from never-ending blog posts. 
  • The caption is simple yet effective. It ends with a question ‘Who else would you add to the list?’, which is a smart way to encourage user engagement.

6. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most well-known music streaming apps, which is majorly catered to teenage and older audiences.

However, music is just as stimulating for kids.

So Spotify decided to conduct research to find how kids use applications and developed Spotify Kids.

They used this LinkedIn video to explain the science behind Spotify Kids. 

Take a look at some impactful ideas you can use for your next video campaign. 

  • Rather than just explaining the concept in a textual format, the video features experts who have worked on developing Spotify Kids. 
  • The video is clearly meant for parents but still, the video retains a fun element with hand-drawn animations.
  • Along with narration, the video includes subtitles. Even if the audience doesn’t switch on audio, they can still watch and understand the video. We cannot emphasize the importance of subtitles enough. You might lose a considerable chunk of your target audience because your content is not inclusive. 
  • The video also incorporates screengrabs of the app, which gives users an insight into what the app for kids looks like. 

7. WeWork

Speaking of trends, social media content should be driven by the latest topics gaining traction in your industry.

In the past year, the pandemic completely changed how organizations operate.

Almost overnight, many companies had to shift to a remote working environment.

Now even though things are looking better, companies are embracing the potential of remote working. 

Specifically, hybrid work is becoming quite popular, and WeWork wasted no time in making a video on it.

Here are some things that make this video attention-worthy.

  • Hybrid work is a relatively new term that many people might not be familiar with. The caption itself is intriguing and gives viewers a brief understanding of the model. 
  • Hybrid work involves giving employees the flexibility to work at a time they feel most productive. And they also have the option to work with their teammates or from a remote location. This video by WeWork explains the concept with minimal words
  • The person in the video always moves from left to right in every clip. This editing style creates a sense of continuity in the viewer’s mind despite the scene constantly changing. 
  • WeWork has seamlessly integrated its own co-working spaces among other common remote working spaces such as coffee shops and apartments. They are showcasing their services without blatant promotion. 
  • The video is in a vertical format, which translates well on smartphones and other social media platforms.
  • It is also important to note that unlike few other examples in this post, this video doesn’t include narration. Videos on LinkedIn by default play without sound. This means that viewers must actively turn on the sound to hear anything. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that your video is not only based on narration. And if it does, you should make sure it has subtitles. 

The Bottom Line

Integrating video into your LinkedIn marketing strategy is a great way to promote your brand and attract target audiences.

With constantly shrinking attention ranges, leveraging visual content is imperative to get eyes on your business.

A well-planned video campaign can help customers visualize your brand and bring your product to life.

Videos are not only effective in conveying information but are also significantly more memorable.

So don’t waste another second, start creating video content today.

Author Bio:

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS Entrepreneur | Bootstrapped to €3M ARR in just 1year | Founder of Worlds safest software for LinkedIn Automation Expandi.io | Vegan | Father

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