7 Explainer Video Tips For Higher Conversions [#2 Is Ultra-Important]

Video is a great way of communicating messages; loud and clear!

An average internet user spends on average 2.6x more time on pages with an explainer video than without. No wonder the web is getting more populated with visual content.

Facebook feed. Landing pages. Search results. Emails. You name it, videos are everywhere.

Reason? Just as stated above. Content in the form of videos is much easier to comprehend and memorize.

Facebook states that they expect 75% of the mobile data traffic to be video content.

According to studies, an average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read.

This is the sole motto behind creating an explainer video, right?

But creating just another explainer video won’t help. It’s just like adding another drop to a sea full of water. Your video will be lost!

Result? A few or no conversions. Totally not your plan, right?

So, how do you think you can fix that?

Stay with me here. The aim of this article is to anatomize a high converting explainer video. So, there’ll be answers. And help.

Breaking down a High converting explainer video

Any great video becomes great because of great content.

The right ideas, when implemented in the right direction with a definite motive present a product of excellence. A high converting explainer video. That’s the key to seal the deal.

But is it all easy? Well, creating great explainer videos is a work of creativity. This simply means that you need to invest thoughts into this. Brainstorm and move ahead with your best ideas.

Moving further for a detailed understanding let us look at everything a high converting explainer video actually comprises.

1. A hot-shot script

Any video runs by its script. Whatever production style you are following, a script is what gives it a specific direction.

Many might argue about the script being the most important factor behind making or breaking your explainer video marketing campaign. Turns out, it really is the most important factor.

While video quality plays a vital role, your video’s script is something that holds the viewer before anything else.

It’s just as simple as that. You fail at a creating a good script, you fail at making a sale.

How is it done?

The definition of an adequate video script depends on the type of video that we are talking.

Concerning an explainer video, the first thing that it needs to be is of ideal length.

Secondly, make sure that you know your audience’s problem. You can’t create an explainer video if you don’t know what needs to be explained.

After that, it is all about writing a crisp script.

Start off sharp. Get straight to the point. Keep your target audience in mind. And you’ll see the results.

You can take the video that Crackitt made for their client Fine Finish Interior for example.

It ends in a minute. Is crisp with what it is supposed to say. Explains the gist clearly and all in all, rocks.

Also, the script is subtle and is making sense with every sentence.

Awesome video, right? Well, that is a result of a well written and concise video script.

Something, every brand needs to invest time in.

2. Relatable instincts

Be it you or me or anybody else, the truth is that we all love content which we can relate to.

You know how a joke at a stand-up show becomes way funnier when you recall the same happening with you?

Relatable, right? (pun intended)

Well, that’s what I am talking about. In your explainer video, try to add elements or characters or characteristics or situations which your audience can relate to.

This implies that you understand the problem which they are having to face. And then you take the right action which needs to reflect in your video.

Try to solve your users’ real problems. Try to extend a helping hand. Let them know you feel them with the problem that they are facing.

All things said, how is it done?

Start with analyzing your audience. Know their interests. Understand what they like and what they don’t.

For example, if your business is an automobile repair garage, you’d know the most common problems which most of your customers come to you with.

When you move ahead with creating your explainer video, what you can do is use this point.

Let us say most of your customers are bothered with their engines choking on ignition and not being able to start during winters.

Now, this being a common issue, you might want to address it in your explainer video.

Simply make a mention of this thing. As most of your existing and potential customers will know that ignition during winters can be exasperating, they’d be able to relate better.

Also, as they will see a common problem being solved by you, chances of your video converting for you will increase.

For a better understanding, let us look at this ‘Generic Brand Video by Dissolve’.

In this video, they said the obvious.

Everyone who has spent some time in the advertising and marketing industry can relate to this. What makes it better is, they try to joke about the commonly used video advertising ideas and yet use those in this same video.

Their audience could relate to this. No wonder they got a huge number of shares and great user engagement stats resulting in this video to go viral within a short span of time.

3. A compelling voiceover

How would you like to see your favorite band play live?

It’ll be awesome, right?

Now, picture them perform the same way. Except the music is thrown out and the vocals replaced with monkey voices?

Ugh! That seems painful.

Well, I hate to break it down to you, that’s your awesome explainer video with a poor voiceover. Painful.

And we all know what happens to painful content. ❌ button. Simple.

So, while it is understandable that cutting corners on unnecessary stuff is vital, doing that with voiceovers will harm way more than it could ever benefit.

For example, I came across this Microsoft explainer and totally loved the touch that the voiceover had.

The best thing about the voiceover in this video is the way it is clear. The respective artist has given a novel touch to the video.

And this is not so just with Microsoft or this video. Any good explainer video will have a compelling voiceover.

And all that it depends on is the choice of voiceover artist.

4. Right choice of music and sound effects

While videos are known to perform better in marketing campaigns, choosing the right kind of music and sound effects is crucial.

It’s very simple. No song is better without music. Even if the background music or sound effects are on a really low note, the point is, they have to be there.

This makes it easier to keep the viewers engaged.

Keys to nail this?

It revolves around a simple approach.

Keep adding adequate music at different places in your video. It’s mostly the background sound that does the job here.

For example, at highly interesting points in the video, a popping sound or something similar can be used.

The idea is to keep it as intriguing and as simple as possible.

Let us take SwiftComply’s environmental compliance video for example.

The team behind this video took care of all the music details.

From using notification pop sounds while displaying notifications on smartphones to button click sound while a digital button is being clicked in the video.

And that’s not it. If you observe closely, you can see that the background music throughout the video goes pretty well with it.

It’s simple. It’s subtle. It does what it’s meant to do.

5. A Sly Call-to-Action

CTAs are an important part of any marketing campaign. And when it’s about an explainer video, the CTA copy has to be more compelling.


A normal ad campaign running across search engines or platforms like Facebook will have a clickable CTA.

On the other hand in an explainer video, the CTA is less likely to be clickable (except if it’s an annotation on YouTube). This means that your CTA copy has to compel the user to click somewhere else.

One great CTA that I recently came across was in Mint.com’s explainer video.

You saw that? A very simple and actionable CTA.

The best part is that the CTA, in the end, tells users that they can connect with Mint and start managing their money in less than five minutes.

Seems to work great, doesn’t it?

6. Be a storyteller

Audiences in 2019 are smart. They know the reason why we spend money on creating explainer videos.

But is the idea appreciated as it comes? Not always.

Nobody wants to be blatantly advertised to. Viewers want something for their benefits.

Now, this might incur some confusions. I am aware that your product is going to benefit them. But will they know it before they watch the video? No!

So, the aim is to make them watch. But hey! We knew this long before mentioned. The question is how to make them watch?

In the sections above I mentioned some useful tips for creating a high converting explainer video. Turns out, there is more to it.

We all love to hear to and watch stories. Can you do that with your video? Can you produce an explainer video with a good story?

This is something you need to invest in.

Get your team. Think it through. Come up with ideas. Take notes. And create an awesome explainer video story that drive sales, connects to people and abides by all the previous 5 tips suggested in this article.

Just see how Oscar health insurance used a perfect storyline in their explainer video.

With the help of a sweet short story, Oscar health insurance conveyed their message clear. Also, they did exactly what their explainer video is supposed to do.

Even the voiceover narrates the story. Sounds sweet. A great way of making an explainer video conveying a story.

7. A/B Testing strategy

One great factor providing real marketing intelligence is the concept named A/B testing.

Its basic purpose is to help you understand your audience better than ever.

Referring to your first explainer video campaign, A/B testing aims at briefing you about the settings that might work better for your campaign.

How to do it?

You fix a certain set of settings and run your first campaign.

This can be considered as a test run campaign. As a result of this, you will have data about the whole campaign.

The next thing that you need to do is analyze your spend and ROI against it for any set of settings among different geographical locations, age groups, genders etc.

After that, optimize your next campaign depending on the results that the first showed.

And then, keep repeating the same to keep getting better.

The aim is to saturate the optimization of your video ad campaign.

Tip: This might need you to tweak with your video’s voiceover, background sounds, color scheme and everything else under the sun.

Also, it is really important to keep yourself updated with the analytics of your video marketing campaigns.

Final words

A high converting explainer video isn’t too difficult to craft.

Just focus on creating a great script. Implement it the right way. Keep your video short and crisp. Take good care of the voiceovers. Choose the right kind of music. Pick the right CTAs. And understand the need to try different sets of settings to find out what works the best for you.

Also, be a storyteller. Along with everything else, understand that every video is better when there is a story connected to it.

If you are able to hook your video around a sweet storyline, which your users can connect to, chances are your explainer video will perform better.

We hope this article helps you work up your explainer video game.

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