If you care about your brand, buying a professional corporate video editing service is one of the best things you can do for your company. Regardless if you are representing a start-up, a small family-owned business or a larger company, we can make you look good. The videos you put out are your business card. A nicely crafted video can help you attract more clients, it can empower your brand or it can re-confirm your status. We have over many years of corporate video editing behind our belt and we never settle with OK-ish results. We strive to always exceed expectations and always get a 5-star feedback from our clients. All our corporate video editing services are put together by hand-picked video editors. Each person in our video editing team has a solid background in editing a wide range of corporate videos such as: Real Estate, Promo Videos, Facebook Ads, Webinars, Conferences and Seminars, Training Videos, Product Demos, Instructional Videos and many more. All you need to do is send us the footage and a brief of the requirements. Tell us what is the message you want to communicate to your audience and we'll do the rest. To start the project you only need to pay a 30% deposit. The average turnaround time for the our corporate video editing service is 5 working days. Once the edit is ready we will send it over to you and allow up to 3 free revisions. Just in case you want us to make adjustments. You can request any changes you want, there will be no additional fees charged. When you are 100% satisfied with the finished video and pay the full amount we will deliver your video. Send us your footage now and we will make you look good.


We are just as creative as little kids when it comes to corporate video editing. We just love taking footage that sometime might be dull and boring (no disrespect) and turn it into an engaging and fun clip. Often, the corporate video editing services we offer falls into one of the categories below. But we are always open to new challenges.


We can take any footage and create a professional looking clip to showcase your property. It can be an aerial drone shot; it can be a Google Earth fly-over or even an iPhone shot video. By applying state of the art video post-production techniques we can make your property stand out.


Need your interview or show cut? We will cut off any babbling, add cool looking text overlays and deliver back a CNN-like interview video. We will have the names pop-up on the screen, plus any messages you want to add and we can add a nice audio background. You name it and we’ll do it.


Want to add a polished and professional feel to your customer testimonials? Our corporate video editing service can turn your customer feedback into nicely looking testimonial videos which will improve your company’s brand and customer trust.


Make it easier for your customers to get to know your company, what you do and who the people behind your brand are. Here at the VEEDYOU headquarters we can create the ultimate company profile video. Showcase your team, the skills and services you provide with an engaging, up to date company profile video.


Our corporate video editing service can make the launch of your new product go viral. Create an informative and engaging product demo video by sending us your product shots and video script. We will take care of the rest and we will make sure the finished video showcases your product.


We can turn your script, message and footage into a clear, concise and easy to follow instructional video. You know how they say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Well, an instructional video made by VEEDYOU its worth and entire book.


We know what it takes to put together a high converting online ad. So if you want to convert viewers to new customers send us your footage and we will squeeze your message into short and but comprehensive video ad.



Reach out to your existing or potential customers with a professional video which is easy to watch and doesn’t look like you are trying to sell something to them. Our corporate video editing service can increase your brand awareness by boosting your video marketing campaign.


We can make the plain old and boring screen casts into high end looking videos. By adding the right text overlays and animations your viewers will be more likely to enjoy your webinar replays or the FAQ videos.


Putting the right footage on top of your latest hit is one of our favorite types of projects. No matter if you are a bedroom music producer or a well-known band we can make your music video highly addictive for your fans.


Getting your audience to stick with your throughout the duration of a whiteboard video can be a challenging task. By using our corporate video editing service you will have access to talented editors which will boost your audience retention and increase your sales or conversions.


If filming a speech video is not such a challenging task, making a cool video edit out of a speech shoot is. We will do an outstanding job at capturing the key moments of your speech, putting an emphasis of the message you want to transmit to your audience.


If your company went through a massive re-branding process and your existing videos don’t reflect your company’s identity anymore, we can help. We can take your existing footage; add your new visual identity and re-edit them in a manner that suits your new brand.


By using our corporate video editing service you can turn hours of footage in a short, dynamic and compelling video reel. We can capture all the key elements you in just one minute video, while making your message clear and concise.


We have a team of experts who know how to use animation and motion graphics elements so that any complex concept becomes very easy to understand for the average viewer. Getting your message through the screen has never been easier by using our corporate video editing service for your explainer videos.


Even though we are mainly a video editing company we like to play around with audio as well. We can do anything from basic editing to mastering and adding jungles or audio effects.


If you have a revolutionary idea for a video which doesn’t fit any of the above categories we would be thrilled to hear it. We are up for any challenges so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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