10 Best Closed Captioning Software for Your Videos in 2023

Including closed captions will help your material be more visually appealing and user-friendly. 

The closed captions on your video can be turned on and off at any time.

Both you and they stand to gain from the circumstance.

Using a platform or app is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to create closed captions. 

Which closed captioning program, though, is best for you?

See our ranking of the top 10 paid and free closed captioning software.

We discuss each choice and offer advice on how to make the best decision.

1. What is closed captioning software?

Transcribing audio from video footage is done via closed caption software.

In order to provide the most accurate transcription, the software typically incorporates machine learning.

In-depth descriptions of sound effects or music are frequently included in captions.

This kind of information is typically not picked up by software.

To add it, you can do it yourself or hire a professional captioning service to do it for you. 

2. The 10 best closed captioning software

Premiere Pro

One of the best YouTube video editing programs is Premiere Pro, which has an unmatched toolkit for editing videos for the web, film, and television.

To assist you in creating cinematic-quality videos, it provides a wide range of video editing features, such as HDR support, free stock video, graphics, music, a captioning tool, an auto reframe tool, and more.


If you frequently post videos on YouTube, you might want to check out the closed captioning software option.

You can utilize the website’s speech recognition software to make your closed captions once you’ve uploaded your video. 

Make sure you’re signed into YouTube Studio before you begin.

To add the video you wish to utilize to your library, upload it here.\

Next, choose “Subtitles” from the menu on the left.

The video you want to produce closed captions for can then be chosen.

Select “Add” after selecting your video’s language selection.

Key Elements:

  • Created by algorithms for machine learning 
  • Available for both live streaming and pre-recorded content
  • After that, edit or delete your captions.


You may easily capture high-quality video material using closed captioning software – Riverside as your recording platform. It’s essentially a “package deal,” if you will.

Highly accurate transcription can be obtained without using a third-party application.

After recording, Riverside allows you to instantly translate into more than 100 languages.

High-quality local recordings are available on the platform, and you can use the easy remover to get rid of any background noise.

As a result, the transcription and recording accuracy are enhanced.

To acquire your closed captions, you can do it all in one spot if you don’t want to fuss with exporting files and sending them somewhere else.

The initial stage is to prepare a studio, invite any distant guests, and then start filming your video material.

A simple button click will allow you to turn your finished podcast or movie into text.

A TXT file can be downloaded for additional uses or a timestamped SRT file for closed captioning.

Key Features:

  • Reliable transcripts and automated AI transcription for fast
  • Immediately after recording, transcripts are accessible with quick closed captioning.
  • Transcripts that are accurate in more than 100 languages


The closed captioning software Rev provides automatic closed captioning with a speedy turnaround time of five minutes.

Simply upload your films, and the application will take care of the rest.

You can obtain as many Zoom transcriptions as you like when you sign up for this service.

Additionally, you may divide the closed captions by individual thanks to the nearly flawless speaker ID.

A custom lexicon function is also available, which you can expand on as you go.

This implies that you can personalize your experience and make sure that brand- or industry-specific terms appear.

As if that weren’t enough, you can record interviews while you’re on the move and have them instantly transcribed using either the mobile app or the in-browser recorder.

Key Elements

  • 90% accuracy is assured. 
  • Quick turnaround (12 to 24 hours)
  • Built-in video editor

AHD Subtitles maker

The AHD Subtitles Maker can be the solution if you’re seeking a straightforward, cost-free program.

One of the lightest alternatives on the market, the closed captioning software is accessible to Windows users.

You can utilize the program’s audio transcription feature to convert the audio to text once you’ve uploaded your video clip. 

There are several languages supported, including, among others, English, French, and Spanish.

The caption synchronization option can be used after editing the subtitles to make sure they match the audio.

Key Elements:

  • Supports Final Cut Pro, DVD subtitles, and Adobe Encore
  • Using the tools, crop and alter the text. 
  • Utilizes Features of Google Translation 


Subly is a straightforward closed captioning software with an automatic, precise subtitle generator.

When downloading it and subscribing (it costs about $17 per month! ), you simply choose the movie you want to use.

There are two options available.

You can import movies from TikTok, Vimeo, or YouTube or upload a document to be translated directly from your computer. 

The next step is to create closed captions that you may change as you go.

You can use the editor in the software to make quick adjustments to the subtitles in real-time.

That entails that you can adjust the timings, add some punctuation, or change some terms.

The length of the video can also be reduced, or even a brief sample can be made using the built-in tool. 

Key Features

  • Translation for more than 31 languages
  • Select your own video captioning style.
  • Export in whatever format you like.


Txtplay is an easy-to-use closed captioning software for Mac users that works with Brightcove, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, Teams, and Zoom among other platforms.

To utilize the service, you must first register.

Following that, you simply upload your video and wait for the speech recognition software to do its magic.

When the transcription is complete, the program will let you know.

It runs in the background of your computer. 

You should head over to the online text editor as soon as you receive that notification.

Using this tool, you can assign speakers to certain subtitle segments, highlight specific sections of the closed captioning, and edit it as necessary. 

Of course, exportation comes last.

You can download the file type you require because the software supports 20 distinct download formats.

Key Features

  • Includes more than 20 download formats
  • 48 different language transcriptions 
  • Simple uploading and downloading 


The greatest closed captioning software overall, as well as for individuals who need captioning beyond closed captioning, is CaptioningStar.

A user-friendly captioning service with several distinct captioning options is CaptioningStar.

You can get open captioning, real-time captioning, emergency-live captioning, and more in addition to closed captioning. 

There is a good probability that the platform supports whatever format your video is in.

Additionally, it incorporates well-known video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. 


  • Able to give captioning in both Spanish and English
  • Allows for live stream captioning
  • Video files are simple to upload
  • There is always customer support.


The top closed captioning software for compliant captioning that complies with the most recent rules is 3play Media.

Fast and accurate transcriptions are offered by 3play Media, and they also adhere to the most recent ADA, CVAA, and FCC rules.

In addition to absolute compliance, the turnaround is quick, and the transcriptions are precise.

The transcriptions go through two rounds of editing to ensure correctness.

The turnaround time might range from two hours to four days, depending on how long the video is. 


  • Ensures accuracy by using a two-step transcription procedure. 
  • Can instantly monitor your development
  • About 50 distinct file types are supported
  • The service complies with all applicable laws.

Archive captioning

For individuals who require live captioning, Archive Captioning is the ideal closed captioning software.

Real-time captioning is available for live broadcasts and live streaming on the captioning platform Archive Captioning. 

This service employs captioners who use steno machines to instantly translate audio into text.

In addition to offering a very high level of accuracy, this is also one of the only ways to obtain real-time captioning.

Key Features:

  • Offers same-day captioning turnaround
  • Multiple languages are available for machine translation.
  • There were several stages of quality checks.

3. How to choose the best closed captioning software

After discussing some of the top paid and free closed captioning programs, let’s explore how to pick the best option for you.

Think about the following elements:

Time for Transcription 

How much time can you spare?

The turnaround time is one of the most important things to think about when selecting closed captioning software.

Some of the apps and software we’ve discussed offer extremely quick results or even real-time transcription. Make sure to read the software’s fine print and think about how long you can wait. 

Ease of Use

Nobody likes to play with software for hours on end.

Find out how user-friendly a closed captioning app or program is before registering for it.

Generally speaking, you should opt for software that does all the labor-intensive tasks, requiring little more than minimal adjustments from you.


For closed captioning, accuracy is crucial. Take a look at the programs’ accuracy.

They all have editing capabilities. That implies that you can afterward repair any mistakes or other issues.

It’s crucial to have excellent audio when transcribing as well. You will achieve the most precise outcomes in this manner.

4. Conclusion

Millions of viewers who are deaf or have hearing loss can benefit from your videos by using closed captioning software.

Additionally, it enables viewers to watch films with the volume reduced and may enhance user experience.

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