Surprise Birthday Video Ideas To Make Their Day Special

Are you looking for birthday video ideas?

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We’ve got all the best ideas to help you make a great birthday video.

Whether it’s for your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or for your loved ones!

You can use our tips and tricks to create an amazing birthday surprise that will be remembered forever.

We know how important it is to make your loved one feel special on their big day.

That’s why we put together this list of birthday video ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their face and brighten up their day.

Let’s get started making your own awesome birthday video today!

Why Create a Birthday Video Surprise?

Rather than just sending a birthday card to your loved one, why not create a video surprise instead?

Surprise birthday videos show that you care about the other person.

It’s an incredibly thoughtful gesture that will ensure they know how much they mean to you. Plus, it’s a fun way to celebrate the birthday!

Surprise videos have become more popular than ever and there are so many reasons for it!

1) Surprise birthday videos are unique. Not many people take the time to create and send a video surprise, so it will really stand out from all of the other cards and gifts they receive.

2) Surprise birthday videos are a great way to keep in touch with loved ones who live far away. With so many people now staying home, it’s the perfect time to reach out with a video message.

3) Surprise birthday videos are memorable. They’re something that the recipient can look back on and cherish for years to come.

How To Create a Birthday Surprise Video for Your Loved Ones

1) Start with a theme

A theme will give your video a unifying look and feel. It can be something as simple as the recipient’s favorite color or favorite type of music.

You might want to use a slideshow video with their favorite color, song, and feature your most cherished photographs or videos together.

If you’re not sure what to choose, you may also seek additional ideas from your other family members or relatives.

Think about the person’s personality or interests.

What do they love?

For example, if they love animals, you could do a pet-themed surprise birthday video.

2) Prepare in advance

Start planning your surprise birthday video as early as possible.

This will give you enough time to gather all the necessary materials and create a masterpiece.

  • Gather photos, videos, and other memorabilia related to the person to include in your video.

  • If you are thinking about making a video with greetings from different people, make sure to tell them what type of footage you want. If you want a funny video or a video with a more serious tone, people will likely be more successful in delivering if they know what to prepare.

  • After you’ve gathered everyone’s contribution, look for the things that have in common to get new ideas or a different perspective on what you initially planned.

  • Remember, the more creative and unique your video is, the better it will be received by your loved one!

  • Surprise birthday videos don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming! You can do it yourself with a little effort and creativity.

3) Play around with ideas and effects

Once you have a general idea of what type of video you want, it’s time to start playing around with effects and ideas.

There are tons of free online tools that can help you create professional group video messages with great effects and customizations.

4) Personalize the video message

One of the best things about surprise birthday videos is that you can personalize the video message to make it even more special.

Add photos of the person’s childhood, recent events, or just something funny and memorable.

This will help to make the video even more special and unique for your loved one.

A successful birthday video is when you show the person’s unique personality.

You should also think about colors, font styles, and animation themes when you design your video.

Surprise birthday videos are easy to make.

Anyone can film a short video clip with their phone’s camera, add some music or sound effects, and put it all together using a group video maker app.

Birthday Surprise Video Ideas

When it comes to surprising your loved ones on their birthday, nothing beats a heartfelt birthday video.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or significant other, we’ve got you covered.

From funny to sentimental, these ideas are sure to make your loved one feel special on their big day!

You can use our list of ideas to help create one-of-a-kind videos that will surprise and delight your loved ones.

They won’t believe their eyes when they see how much effort went into making them feel special on their big day.

1) Create a heartfelt video montage

If your loved ones are far away, why not send them a special birthday video greeting?

You can easily make one using a birthday video montage maker app online!

Compile all the happy birthday wishes you’ve received from friends and family into a montage to make your loved one’s birthday extra memorable.


  • Include pictures of yourself when you were younger, to show how much you’ve both changed over the years!

  • Include some old home videos for an extra special touch.

  • You can also include happy birthday quotes in your videos.

  • Add a personal message at the end of your birthday video such as, “I love you and miss you” or “You’re the best friend anyone could ask for!”

  • Surprise them by singing their favorite song on karaoke

  • For your best friend, include some of the inside jokes that only they would understand.

  • Put together a video with all their favorite memories or quotes from them!

When it comes to sending birthday wishes, there’s nothing quite like a heartfelt video to show how much you care!

Surprise your friends or family with a creative birthday video that will make sure to touch your loved ones and make their day extra special.

No matter what idea you decide to take, just make sure that your video is full of love and all the good wishes that your loved ones deserve on their special day!

Here are a few tips for putting together a great birthday montage: 

  1. Start with a heartfelt message from you, explaining why the person means so much to you
  2. Use photos and videos that reflect your relationship and shared memories together.
  3. Choose an upbeat song that will set the tone for your montage.
  4. Make sure all of your photos and videos are high quality and add a special touch and you’ll have created an amazing birthday surprise video your loved ones will treasure forever.

When you want to send a birthday message, be yourself.

Raw footage recorded using a simple phone camera may show people how much they mean without the frills or any additional effects, and it makes them cry with delight!

2) Share a favorite memory

Creating a video montage or slideshow of your loved one’s life is a great way to capture all of the amazing memories you have shared together.

Look through your old photographs for ideas.

Whether the incident occurred recently or years ago, sharing an old memory is always a wonderful way to make the video message unique.

Ways To Do It

You may ask your loved ones or friends to record a video telling a story or remembering an event you’ve shared together such as:

  • Reminiscing about your previous road trip and all of the silly photographs you took together
  • Consider some video clips from their childhood
  • An unforgettable vacation to your favorite place
  • A memory of you shopping together
  • The film you enjoyed watching
  • If you’re sending a video to a close friend, consider telling a story from your college or high school days. Perhaps a holiday or an adventure that the two of you had done together. Make it enjoyable.

Simply recall the good times you have with the birthday celebrant and compile them into a touching video message.

Add the pictures to your video as an overlay, with the message presented in captions or recorded as an audio file and played in the background, just like you would watch a movie with a flashback scene.

Your loved one is sure to love this thoughtful surprise!

3) Collage photos and clips for milestone birthdays

A milestone birthday deserves a unique touch.

If you’re making a heartfelt birthday video, consider looking back into your photo collection or archives.

Make a memorable birthday video slideshow using photographs that spans their entire life up to now.

Make sure to go through the photos or video clips chronologically or by theme.

Insert messages and uplifting sentiments at various intervals throughout the video.

Consider witty captions and, of course, don’t forget to include a great song.

By adding motion or transition effects to your still images, you can transform them into instant videos in an effortless way.

4) Party recap

Remember the previous birthday party they had? You’re likely to have pictures and maybe even videos from it!

They may be combined in an amusing birthday video that reminds them of the happy times spent together, with the promise of more fun ahead.

If you don’t have a lot of this type of footage but know others who do, spend some more time collecting it all together and editing it into a masterpiece.

5) Use birthday quotes

You may want to focus on a more emotional note when making a birthday video for your mother or father.

To do this, start your video with a clever quote that they enjoy about aging gracefully and use music as background.

You can include a photo montage or various amusing videos of them throughout the years overlayed with their favorite song.

Here are some examples of birthday quotes about aging gracefully that parents will love:

1) “The older I get, the better I was.” – Leroy “Satchel” Paige

2) The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. Lucille Ball

3) Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Mark Twain

4) Live your life and forget your age. Norman Vincent Peale Live Life

5) It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle. Smile

6) A Compilation of Birthday Song Greeting

If you’re really stuck on ideas, go back to the basics. Surprise birthday video messages are classic and will never fail to surprise your loved one.

You may select a different person to sing a birthday song and then combine them into one film.

As a result, you’ll need to trim videos and produce a single excellent compilation in order to make a complete birthday song mashup.

7) A Birthday Album

Are you looking for eye-catching birthday video ideas to commemorate your kid’s first birthday?

Make a beautiful birthday album by compiling an endless number of adorable video clips and beautiful photographs from your baby’s birth to make a charming video presentation on his or her birthday.

Choose an attractive baby album template to make your kid’s birthday memorable.

8) A Timeline Slideshow Video

Making a beautiful timeline birthday show about your lover’s life is one of the most spectacular birthday video ideas you can do for him or her.

All you have to do is simply look for the oldest photograph of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

You may visit your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s social networking profile and contact their relatives for additional pictures.

Arrange the photographs in chronological order to document his or her growth from child to mature adult.

Consider adding witty captions, and don’t forget to include their accomplishments as well.

9) Surprise birthday party reveal

The surprise birthday party reveal is one of the most creative birthday video ideas you can ever think of.

Surprise videos are easy to make but they require lots of preparation and time since you will need to coordinate with your friend or family member before handing out the camera.

Before making a surprise video, prepare everything ahead of time, and plan every detail carefully.

Surprise videos are great birthday party ideas for kids or teens who love surprises!

How To Do It

If your birthday party guests are capable of keeping quiet, this is a sure thing – an absolute hit!

Make a video of yourself standing inside the party room.

Begin with a birthday greeting and then show a prerecorded video of the guests emerging from their hiding spots.

Finally, simply say, “look behind you”. This may give them a mini heart attack, yet it will undoubtedly be memorable!

10) Interview video

You can talk to people who have been in their life, like family and friends. Ask them questions about the person’s life and get answers from everyone you can.

Ask each one about the person’s life story in different ways such as funny anecdotes that will make everyone laugh out loud while shedding light on some interesting aspect about the birthday celebrant that others may not be aware of.

How To Do It

On camera, ask all your family members or friends to contribute and tell the best story about the birthday celebrant.

You’ll be amazed at how many gold nuggets you can uncover!

Interview ideas you can ask:

  • How did you meet?
  • What’s your favorite memory of them?
  • What do they love to do?
  • What’s their passion in life?
  • A funny story about them.
  • You can also include stories about how they impact your life for a truly heartfelt birthday wish!
  • You can thoughtfully describe their personality traits, their favorite things, or any other attributes you want to highlight in the video.
  • Try to get a variety of stories, whether they are humorous, heartfelt, amusing, anecdotal, or anything else.

This is a great way to get insights into the person’s life and put it together in a video.

You have the option of displaying this interview video before or after the birthday party, which you may view together on a TV or project onto a screen.

11) Special Birthday Greeting/Letter

Another idea for a birthday video is to make a special birthday greeting or letter!

The video can include your creative ideas of what you want to say in the birthday message, and how you will wish them a happy birthday personally.

You could even talk about their favorite things that they love, and why they mean so much to you.

This is a great way to show how much thought you’ve put into their birthday and make them feel extra special on their big day!

Instead of writing it on a card, make it into a video. This way, it will be more unique, and they can save the video for later!

How To Do It:

1) Start by gathering some photos and videos of the birthday person that you can use in your video.

2) Next, write out what you want to say in your birthday greeting.

3) Once you have everything put together, it’s time to start recording! Record yourself reading your letter or speaking directly to the birthday person.

4) Once you’re done recording, put everything together in a video editing program. You can find free birthday video letter makers online.

5) Add music to your video, and any other effects you want to include.

6) When you’re finished, save the video and send it to the birthday person, or you may choose to show it before or after the celebration party.

12) Life Story Video

People who turn 80 years old or older most likely don’t need many material gifts.

But the best gift you can give is to share their story with the next generation. A life story that she can tell the grandkids is a priceless gift.

How To Do It

1) Pick the most important events in their life and arrange them in chronological order. Birthdays are an excellent method to look back on a decade of existence, hoping for even more fun ahead. It would be a unique approach to sequence the happenings and give them a significant impact.

2) Create a map of their life and make a birthday video based on it. A mini-biography that might include photos from their journeys and tales about what they’ve experienced. You can include some of her invaluable insights about life and growing old.

3) Make a short video or short narrative out of the most memorable events in her life using the photos you’ve gathered then add brief but meaningful text overlays to it.

4) Make the present even more memorable by presenting it to her in the presence of her grandchildren. It will make her entire year better.

With all these tips, you’ll be confident that your loved ones will treasure your masterpiece for a lifetime.

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