Best 15 Explainer Video Software In 2023

The internet has been transformed by video content, which is here to stay. Among the many options available, explainer videos have great benefits.

Explainer videos have developed into a fantastic tool for bringing in new clients, fostering loyalty among current consumers, and fostering trust between a company and its customers.

They are among the most interesting, alluring, entertaining, and educational video formats you might utilize to quickly convey your conceptual model.

With the cost of explainer videos averaging 5,000 USD per finished minute of animation (last year, in 2022), learning how to create them yourself might not be a bad idea, depending on your situation of course.

You must first choose a reliable software that will satisfy your unique requirements if you want to create one of these videos to improve your marketing approach.

One that guarantees exceptional results and provides top-notch explainer video production solutions.

Do you want to learn more about explainer videos and the software tools that can help you?

Keep on reading. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to make effective explainer videos and find out what they are like.

We’ll go through the components that a solid explainer video needs to include as well as offer a straightforward, step-by-step plan on how to make one.

Finally, we will provide a list of the top 15 software and tools for producing outstanding explainer videos in 2023. 

So without further ado, let’s begin!

The Rise Of Video As A Marketing Medium

When a company is searching for a fresh platform to begin communicating with customers, they consider video marketing nowadays.

You should have enough content before you can create a video marketing plan.

A single video will be sufficient to get things going, but later you’ll need to make more videos of varying sorts.

The most recent data from a Wyzowl poll shows that 94% of firms have found that videos boost understanding of their goods or services.

Additionally, 78% admitted that videos have a direct impact on sales and can even boost them. 

Another set of Biteable’s video marketing statistics revealed that 74% of the companies in their study have found that videos have a higher return on investment than static images.

If the above data is any indication, video content is becoming more than simply entertainment; it is a new channel for marketing that improves user engagement.

In this sequence, the most efficient method of video marketing is explainer videos.

These videos allow you to go into detail about your business or product while conveying the proper message.

It is crucial to capture the attention of your audience and convey your message about your brand’s goods or services; explainer videos help do just that, and more.

Why Do Explainer Videos matter?

You can use explainer videos to give your target audiences a clear, personal explanation of your business concept. Explainer videos help improve your YouTube video ranking as well.

This fosters trust and helps build a connection with your audience. 

Your explainer video’s background, scenery, and colors all significantly contribute to grabbing the attention of your audience.

You may engage viewers on an emotional level by customizing the characters in your videos. In turn, this promotes the development of brand recognition and trust.

Within a split second, a simple message can capture your users’ attention.

All that is required is the strategic placement of an explainer video on your landing page.

It substantially elongates the audience’s time spent on your site.

Qualities of effective explainer videos

One of the best ways to interact with users and convey your ideas is through an effective explainer video. If you post any video to a particular platform, though, nothing will happen.

Users have quite high expectations for the media they consume in the modern world.

As a result, you must ensure that your explainer video is of a higher caliber when you decide to produce one.

The following are some essential characteristics of explainer videos that work.

  1. An excellent explainer video is straightforward

If you disregard the fundamental rule that the simpler something is, the easier it will be for consumers to understand the core idea, even if you utilize the greatest explainer video software, the results will be disappointing.

As a result, before you begin creating the video, you must choose the main message and the easiest ways to convey it.

  1. A quality explainer video is unique

Originality is essential for explaining ideas in explainer videos.

Original content is what users are looking for. In addition, they expect this information to address their issues.

Although it can seem like a wonderful idea, revamping your competitor’s videos will not produce the desired results.

The results will be amazing if you put some effort into research, write a script that represents your company and idea, and play stories that convince your target audience.

  1. An effective explainer film must elicit feelings

Videos are dynamic, moving pictures. Until they are finished, they must maintain the attention of the audience in the story.

Evoking feelings is the simpler technique to achieve this impact. 

Additionally, by creating emotions in your audience, you improve the connection between you and them and increase their sense of loyalty.

Stepwise plan to make effective explainer videos

The best aspect is that you can create effective explainer videos without hiring a video production company.

You can produce successful explainer videos when equipped with the appropriate software tools and bear your target audience in mind.

You should follow these steps to create excellent explainer videos using your explainer video software of choice: 

Start with the script for the video

The video screenplay outlines the entire plot, including what will happen when and how, as well as the message it should convey.

Utilize software when producing

To build the video’s visual component, we now require explainer animation software.

The designers follow the narrative as they work and produce images that perfectly match the central concept.

Do not forget about voiceover

One of the most crucial elements of an explainer video is its voiceover.

For the correct mood to be set and to complement the high caliber of the video, the music, sound and actor voices must all be flawless.

Leverage the power of A.I.

You probably heard that A.I. software is all the rage nowadays, with ChatGPT an all.

Things are advancing at a fast pace with it comes to video marketing and video creation as well.

There are tons of AI tools you can use to streamline your video production process.

The Top 15 Explainer Video Software In 2023

It appears that there are many simple explainer video software available. Plenty of them offer a free version or at least a free trial to help you decide if you like it before signing up. In order to create the best explainer videos without having to engage a professional, selecting the appropriate software is crucial.

Following are the 15 best explainer video software that you can choose from based on your needs: 


Hand sketching animation is VideoScribe‘s area of expertise (whiteboard-style). Unquestionably, it is a top producer of whiteboard videos. It comes with templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and a wide collection of media resources in its library.

If you’ve been wanting to make a whiteboard video, VideoScribe makes it simple to do so. Even novice users may simply use this explainer video software because it has built-in drag and drop capabilities that make it easier to move and add pieces for the best possible animation. It works with Windows and Mac.


(Image Source)

You may test out VideoScribe’s explainer video software without having to pay for a membership thanks to its free trial period. With the free plan, you may record a voiceover, use 190 royalty-free music tracks, use your own assets, access a library with 7,300 photos, and use video templates. 

However, there are many limitations with a free plan, such as the inability to transfer videos to multiple devices or erase the video’s watermark.

Following are the paid plans to access its full functionality: 

  • Monthly: $20.65
  • Yearly: $113.28
  • Team Plans: Customizable


Visme is a visual content production tool and drag-and-drop animation software. You can make animated explainers with Visme that feature animated characters that you may customize. To enhance visual complexity, it also has a tonne of backgrounds, components, and animation effects.

Using the Brand Kit, it makes it simple for you to create branded animated explainer movies. All you have to do is make sure the color schemes and font in your explainer video are consistent with your brand. Visme is simple to use and requires little training. The Visme Blog provides a tonne of lessons and articles if you need assistance with design and layout.


(Image Source)

You may create videos and a variety of other sorts of content with the free Visme accounts, which also include everything else you need. They are all priced similarly.

  • The $12.25/month Personal package includes more functionality and gives you access to premium video templates and materials.
  • The Business plan costs $24.75 per month. It includes a Brand Kit and limitless projects.
  • When requested, Enterprise plans are made to order.


You can quickly produce animated and live-action videos using Animaker. Globally, major corporations including Bosch, Amazon, Unilever, HP, Nokia, and others use the explainer video maker software Animaker. 

The character builder, drag-and-drop builder, more than 1000 templates, and more than 100 million stock films and photographs are all features of this 2D explainer video programme. It is very simple to use.

Users with and without prior video-making knowledge can both utilize Animaker with ease. Working with 4K videos and quickly resizing videos for various devices are both possible with this software.


(Image Source)

Although animaker prices are fairly adjustable, each has some constraints and limitations:

  • Basic at $10 a month

5 premium downloads, 5 custom characters, and 10 premium asset credits are the monthly restrictions.

  • Starter at $19 per month

10 premium downloads, 15 custom characters, and 20 premium asset credits are the monthly restrictions.

  • Pro at $49.00 a month

20 premium downloads, 30 custom characters, and 45 premium asset credits are the monthly restrictions.

  • The enterprise plan includes customized pricing.


Wideo is an excellent tool for making simple animated explainer videos. It provides an astonishing array of template options. You can add live-action videos as well as animations to make videos that are more uniquely yours.

Wideo enables you to animate items, generate custom brand colors, alter words in a variety of ways, and take advantage of libraries chock-full of templates. It is a cloud-based video creation tool. In order to truly benefit from their timeline editor, creators with some experience in video editing and animation are best suited.


(Image Source)

Wideo provides:

  • Free plan includes 10-template videos and 1-minute videos.
  • A Basic plan for $19 per month, which includes 10 monthly downloads, 1.5-minute videos, and 33 video templates.
  • A Pro plan for $39 a month includes unlimited downloads, 10-minute videos, and the whole portfolio of templates.
  • A Pro+ plan for $79 per month that includes unlimited downloads, 30-minute videos, and one more account.


InVideo makes it simple and quick to produce professional-quality videos. Making an explainer video will take you five minutes and access to the necessary tools.

It features a vast selection of templates, including tools for combining photographs, videos, and music. You can undoubtedly discover yours among the templates offered in the library, which span a variety of sectors.

By choosing a template, customizing it, and uploading it, you can create a masterpiece with InVideo in just three easy steps. Text-to-video is one of the most exciting features. InVideo transforms your uploaded article into video without your intervention.


Although there are paid plans with a wider range of capabilities, InVideo is available for free.

  • Free

You get automated text to speech, InVideo Watermark,  and a 3 million+ standard media library, and 5000+ video templates.

  • Business

It includes all of the features of the free plan plus no watermark on videos, 10 downloads from iStock per month, 1 million or more downloads from Premium Media, and 60 monthly video exports.

  • Unlimited

You get all of the features of the Business plan in addition to 120 iStock media downloads and unlimited video exports each month.


(Image Source)

Moovly is a powerful video editing software. With Moovly, you may accomplish a lot thanks to the abundance of high-quality alternatives in their canvas.

You can either easily change or duplicate the template to entirely personalize it when employing one to produce an explainer video. With this capability, it’s simple to generate videos in a matter of minutes by just editing the template’s content.

The actual video editor is sophisticated and provides a wide range of editing tools similar to those found in professional video editing software. On the timeline, each scene has a dropdown menu with a list of all the items in it. You have complete control over how you arrange the scenes and other components on the timeline.


To become familiar with the editor and resources, the free version is sufficient. You’ll need a premium plan if you want the advanced features.

  • Pro plan costs $24.92 per month.
  • The Max plan costs $49.92 a month.
  • Custom pricing is available for the Enterprise plan upon request.


(Image Source

PowToon is an explainer video software that can meet all of your professional demands. You may produce almost any video in a matter of minutes thanks to a huge video library. PowToon allows users to capture live-action videos using a screen and a camera. You can be guaranteed that all of your videos will have the same aesthetic thanks to its total brand control.

Canva, Facebook, PowerPoint, Youtube, Adobe, and Hubspot are just a few of the well-known apps and tools it integrates with frequently. As it assists in creating characters for explainer videos, it is also useful as a 3D explainer video software.


  • PowToon offers a $19 per Pro month subscription that enables you to trial all available software alternatives.
  • You can upgrade to the Pro+ plan, which includes extra features and costs $59 per month, if you’re satisfied with the outcome.
  • The suggested package for businesses is $99 per month.


(Image Source)

With the use of artificial intelligence, RawShorts, an animated movie producer, enables you to produce an explanation video in a matter of minutes. You may use the text to video AI tool on this explainer video platform.  

This tool will make a video by simply entering the text content or URL of a blog post that has already been published. The software will then generate a video for you. However, you continue to update and customize to your needs.

Additionally, the storyboard feature allows you to select the style of video you want to make, after which the slide-selection wizard will offer you your possibilities.


A free trial is available from RawShorts so you may evaluate the programme.

  • The Essential Plan costs $39 per month for 25 downloads.
  • The monthly cost of the Business Plan with 50 downloads is $59.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is possibly the most used software for creating explainer videos. It includes everything you could possibly need for a decent video because it involves more than simply editing; it also involves coming up with something entirely original. Working with music and colors is also possible with this programme.

Among the most well-liked characteristics that artists adore are:

  • Possibility of working on multiple projects at once.
  • Possibility of project sharing with the team.
  • Vast selection of motion graphic templates.
  • Different effects for your videos.
  • Editing, rotating, and audio work in VR.
  • Variety of formats
  • Publishing directly to any platform.
  • Cinematic looks can be achieved with the use of intuitive Lumetri Color tools.

Professional software like Adobe After Effects necessitates tool expertise.


A free trial is offered to get things started. Every feature and tool in Adobe Premiere Pro are available to you regardless of the plan you choose:

  • Monthly payment of $27.62 for an annual plan.
  • Prepaid annual plan amount: $315.61.
  • Plan for a year: $41.43 each month.


Camtasia can be useful for both webcam recording and screen capture. Additionally, it offers simple video editing features for enhancing videos.

Your explainer video may be created using a camera or an existing clip, and you can add captivating titles, comments, effects, and more to make it more interesting. 

You can either submit your own audio or select a track from Camtasia’s library of attribution-free music to accompany a video.


You get a free 30-day trial to start with. The paid plans per user are priced as follows: 

  • The Individual Plan is now available at an offer price of $199. 
  • The Business Plan is also available at an offer price of $199. 
  • The Education Plan is available at $140.57. 
  • The Government & Non Profit Plan is available at $177.53.

iSpring Suite

(Image Source)

A video production studio and tools for building online courses, tests, and dialogue simulations are all part of the iSpring Suite, a PowerPoint-based authoring programme.

You may create explainer films using the iSpring video studio, even though the toolkit is primarily intended for creating eLearning content. You can add pictures, infographics, PowerPoint slides, and captions to a pre-made live-action video or create a screencast, recording a webcam video directly in the software.

Additionally, the studio makes it simple to mix videos and give them musical or voice-over accompaniment.


It offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plans are as follows: 

  • The Business Plans start at $770 per annum per user.  
  • The Academic Plans start at $470 per annum per user. 
  • The Non-profit plans start at $470 per annum per user.


The templates in Vyond allow you to produce a range of videos, from instructional to informative, in addition to explainer videos. Because it is a versatile tool, it allows for extensive modification of everything from face emotions to skin color to movement and clothes.

It can be difficult to create something drastically different, but it is a terrific alternative for brands who want to make movies that match the style and feel of a campaign.

To produce a more engaging visual experience, you can always add extra camera movements. Due to the three distinct types of templates it offers, it is appropriate for enterprises of all types. These types are: 

  • Contemporary
  • Business Friendly
  • White Board Animation


It offers a free trial. The paid plans are as follows: 

  • The Essential Plan is for $49 per month per user. 
  • The Premium Plan is for $89 per month per user. 
  • The Professional Plan is for $159 per month per user. 
  • The Enterprise Plan can be customized as per your needs.


You may generate explanation videos using the simple online video maker Animoto. The explainer movies you create with Animoto, however, will be relatively simple in comparison to the output you can expect from some of the other software on our list. You may also make videos on the fly with the help of the software’s app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

The primary benefit of utilizing Animoto is that its free plan gives you full access to all of its standard features without any additional fees. It is intended to be a straightforward, simple-to-use piece of software that anyone may use for both personal and professional purposes.


The free plan does the job, but it comes with Animoto watermark. The paid plans are priced as follows:

The Basic Plan is for $8/month.

The Professional Plan is for $15/month.

The Professional Plus Plan is for$39/month.


(Image Source)

For a totally free platform, Synfig is an explainer video tool that is remarkably thorough. Some tools from Synfig Studio, like brushes, fills, masks, and layers, will be recognizable to anyone who is familiar with the Adobe Suite.


It is available for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a completely free, open source, 2D animation software. 

Adobe Spark

The simple content creator from the Adobe Creative Cloud is called Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a simple but less flexible tool than the others on this list for making explainer videos.

Adobe Spark is an intuitive piece of software that makes it simple to make stunning videos for social media. You don’t have to be an artist or designer to use Adobe Spark to make any type of video in under a minute.

Adobe Spark is a straightforward video marketing app. Since it is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, you won’t even require a desktop or laptop to use it.


It comes with a free starter pack. The paid plans are as follows: 

  • The Individual plan is for $9.99 per month. 
  • The Team Plan is for $19.99 per month. 


Making explainer videos has become super easy, all thanks to the plethora of Explainer Video Software available in the market. You can find the one that suits your requirements the best after going through our carefully curated list provided above. Choose wisely. 

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