Top 10 Animation Software for Kids In 2023

The mind of a kid is a creative paradise with limitless imagination and unlimited potential. Every attempt must be made to encourage and guide their inherent talent.

A lot has been written about how technology has stifled creativity. We would beg to differ. More than ever technology now helps kids to unleash their creative potential.

Nowadays, animation software isn’t just for adults. Apart from being so much fun, the animation tools also help kids to develop their cognitive capabilities.

The kids learn drawing, discipline, storytelling, hard work, perseverance, creativity, and various other skills.

To get the best out of our children, animation tools tailored to their needs are regularly introduced in the marketing.

In this article, we shall take a look at the top 8 animation software for kids. This is followed by a guide to choosing the perfect animation software for your kid.

As a company who is providing video animation services to big name companies, I’d say we know a thing or two about it. Here are our top picks.

Best Animation Software for Kids

The list contains a mix of 2D and 3D animation software. That said kids can use these to create other styles of animations as well.

These tools are tailor-made for the little ones. The features are simple, buttons and commands are easy to understand, and the interface is interactive, fun, and user-friendly.

If you are looking for more advanced tools please check out this list of 2D animation software.

Let’s check them out one at a time.

1. Adobe Animate

Adobe is one of the main video editing and video animation software developers.

Adobe Animate has a user-friendly interface, much simpler that After Effects if you ask me.

It also does a great job at providing tutorials and guides that can be helpful for beginners.

So, if a child has a strong interest in animation and is willing to invest time and effort to learn the software, then they may be able to create simple video animations using Adobe Animate.

2. After Effects

After Effects is one of the most popular animation software out there. It is not by any means a beginner level program, but kids and teens can get a good grasp of how it works quite fast.

Once you know the basics of After Effects you can dive deeper into more complex things and create better looking clips. The sky’s the limit when you work in AE. You can get as creative as you want.

Since it’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package you can easily import your AE compositions in Premiere Pro, or share the project files with other AE users and collaborate on various projects.

Last but not least, if you know your way around After Effects you can land freelance gigs and make some money from that.

Salient Features of After Effects:

  • Multi-platform animation software (Mac, Windows)
  • Allows working on the same project on multiple platforms and devices
  • You can find tons of predesigned templates to work with
  • Easy to create and define background objects
  • You can work with tons and tons of different layers
  • AE compositions can be imported in Premiere Pro

3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio makes animation movie making as easy and effortless as possible.

An ideal program for kids and beginners, Stop Motion Studio guarantees the young minds the best experience while creating visual content.

The software comes with enough features for kids to create their animation movies from scratch.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design and GUI. The animation software is incredibly powerful. It’s the best tool that can give shape to your child’s creativity.

Kids will have no trouble understanding photo and video concepts thanks to the well-thought-out user interface.

The layout will intrigue the children and encourage them to explore and experiment.

Stop Motion Studio is free to try with certain limitations. The premium version supports 4K videos. It’s fairly inexpensive compared to other animation software.

Salient Features of Stop Motion Studio

  • Multi-platform animation software (Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS)
  • Allows working on the same project on multiple platforms and devices
  • Users can start a project from scratch or use pre-designed templates
  • Easy to create and define background objects
  • Gives the users the ability to add multiple layers
  • The magic eraser feature allows the removal of any object from the images
  • The software allows users to restore changes made to a project

4. PowToon

Although PowToon isn’t an exclusive animation program for kids, the features and interface make it an ideal tool for the young interested in animated content.

The tool has already helped thousands of students in creating engaging presentations, infographics, and animation videos.

The software comes with a long list of effects that kids will love experimenting with.

With PowToon, creating an animation can’t get any easier.

Login to your PowToon account, pick the animation style you want to work on (example: whiteboard, modern age, infographics, cartoon, and corporate), choose a storyboard structure, and get down to work.

The program also has numerous pre-designed scenes. Just choose one that fits your project and customize it to create an animation.

Users can expect exceptional quality from the software. PowToon is employed by some of the best brands and marketers to create compelling marketing content.

It won’t take long for kids to understand the interface and features of the software. In no time, kids will learn to create animation videos without any assistance.

Salient Features of PowToon

  • Well-organized knowledge base to make the learning process easy and simple
  • Fully stocked image and template library
  • The WYSIWYG editor makes users work smarter and not harder
  • The drag and drop interface is ideal for kids to learn animation
  • The software allows data import/export and comes with a wide range of collaboration tools

5. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is robust animation software with a simple user interface. Kids just starting to learn animation can conjure up a captivating video with this powerful program.

First-time users won’t take long to figure the ins and outs of this animation software. No prior experience in drawing or animation is required.

The software comes with a treasure-trove of assets. The library contains PNGs, graphics, audios, and videos – assets users can employ to create engaging animated videos.

The software comes with a special gift for young users. The TAWE is an add-on that’ll ensure the kids have a smooth learning curve.

The user doesn’t have to be experienced to create whiteboards, presentations, and animation videos.

With VideoScribe, all these tasks are made easy, even for kids. From playful graphics to professional-level videos, the VideoScribe software can be used for all types of 2D animation.

Salient Features of VideoScribe

  • The program permits high-degree of customization of elements
  • Special add-on feature for the kids and beginners
  • Simple interface to create high-quality animation videos
  • Both text-based and video tutorial available with the software
  • Fantastic customer support for all users

6. Digicel Flipbook

Digicel Flipbook certainly deserves a round of applause for making 2D and stop motion animation accessible for kids.

This free-to-try animation software doesn’t compromise on features to make it more kids friendly.

All necessary tools to create awesome animation are available in the Digicel Flipbook software.

With a touch screen tablet and stylus, young animators can draw directly on the screen and use the tools in the software to animate the objects.

The program allows kids to draw on multiple frames at once or one frame at a time.

It doesn’t matter if the user is new to drawing. You can scan and manipulate the image in the Digicel Flipbook software.

The program comes with enough tools for kids to try their hand at stop motion animation.

The Digicel Flipbook animation software is known for its features, functions, and flexibility. It comes with useful features such as dissolve, zoom, blur, and more.

Salient Features of Digicel Flipbook

  • The import feature allows users to add videos, overlays, background, etc. to the program
  • Users can export their project files to other video editing programs
  • The software can be used on multiple platforms including iOS, macOS, Windows, etc.
  • The animation program supports the inclusion of audio files and soundtracks
  • There are five versions of the Flipbook software. The lite version is ideal for kids and beginners.
  • Tutorial provided to teach kids the ins and out of the software

7. Flipsnack

Flipsnack is an online flipbook animation software that allows users to create realistic page flip
animations within a few clicks.

Digital flipbooks nowadays are the go-to option for everyone who wants to switch from dull and
static documents to interactive content.

The software comes with a plethora of fully customizable templates, so users can easily create
engaging flipbooks by adding audio elements, videos, photo slideshows, GIFs, and many more
interactive elements.

Flipsnack’s intuitive drag and drop editor comes to the rescue even if you’re not a tech-savvy,
therefore you can create your own animated flipbook in 3 simple ways:

  1. Upload a PDF document
  2. Create a presentation guided by the design studio
  3. Use one of the many preexisting templates available in the integrated library

Salient features of Flipsnack:

  • Allows users to easily obtain a 3D page-turning effect to their publications.
  • The platform also allows users to integrate photo slideshows and GIFs in any of their presentations.
  • Flipsnack has an intuitive drag and drop editor, which allows everyone to easily create their animated publications.
  • The animated software supports audio and video elements.
  • It integrates other interactive elements such as social media buttons, allowing readers to quickly navigate on other platforms.

8. Animatron

Sometimes kids might be overwhelmed by the tool, features, and functions of premium animation software.

The Animatron program introduces 2D drawing and animation gradually to kids.

It’s a perfect starter tool for the kids to turn ideas into shapes and cartoons. Plus, the animation software is free to try.

The program has a special feature for the kids and beginners. The Lite mode allows kids to drag and drop the effects, elements, etc.

Drawing characters, animating the 2D objects, and narrating a story can’t get any easier.

With the Animatron software, kids can work on their school projects, whiteboard animation, presentations, and more. Minimal supervision from the parents is needed.

Even adults can use the program to create complex 2D animation, whiteboard videos, etc.

Another defining feature of Animatron is its flexibility. Animatron is an online animation tool, which means there is no need to download the software.

Salient Features of Animatron

  • Easy to use animation software for kids and beginners
  • The Lite mode allows drag and drop of elements 
  • Suitable for kids aged 8 and above
  • Users can access the tool from anywhere and any platform
  • The Animatron software is free to try

9. Harmony

Harmony by Toon Boom is animation software that brings out the best in the user.

The brush strokes, texture, style, drawings, and animation created in Harmony will surely make an impression on the audience.

Toon Boom, the creator of Harmony, is a trusted player in the animation software industry.

Harmony is quite popular among graphic artists. That said kids and beginners will equally enjoy using the software.

Harmony comes with amazing features like vector drawing, advanced bitmap, etc. The powerful features give the users the freedom to take up a project of any size and sophistication.

The animation software comes with excellent features to encourage kids to take up animation or carry it to the next level.

Harmony uses skill badges and other innovative elements to encourage kids to pursue their dream of learning animation. Plus, the software allows kids to learn at their own pace.

Harmony provides every possible help to its young users. The excellent learning resources, webinars, and video tutorials will help the kids master animation and the software effectively.

Salient Features of Harmony

  • The many sophisticated tools ensure the users stay in complete control over the project
  • Allows the development of hybrid animation by combining 2D with 3D imported models
  • New features and up-gradation of existing ones are done regularly
  • The software is available on multiple platforms (macOS and Windows)
  • The animation program allows the application of effects in 3D

10. Blender

Blender is the first choice of many wanting to try their luck at 3D animation.

This open-source 3D animation software is even used by professionals all around the world.

Although Blender is free-to-use, its features, functions, and performance are on par with top premium 3D tools.

The software is suitable for kids, beginners, and professionals. The numerous features and tools in this program give the users complete control over their production.

The Blender 3D animation software is the product of the hard work of some of the best animators and programmers in the world.

The Blender software is known for its smooth 3D creations and fluid animations.

This product of international collaboration is available for macOS, Linux, and Windows users.

Salient Features of Blender

  • Suitable for kids and beginners as it comes with beginner tools such as rendering, texturing, 3D modeling, etc.
  • The 3D animation program comes with HDR lighting and VR rendering support
  • Blender is a multi-platform animation software
  • Since it’s an open-source tool, Blender is regularly updated and new features added
  • Guides and tutorials are comprehensive and easy to find online

A Guide to Choose the Ideal Animation Program for Your Kid

Although we have made your life a little easier with this list of animation software, you still have the arduous task of choosing the right software for your kid.

Here are a few filters you need to apply to arrive at the right software that’ll suit your child.

It’s important to emphasize here that the program that might suit some might not be the ideal choice for your kid. The decision certainly comes down to the following questions.

  • What’s the kid’s age and ability to grasp the basic concepts of animation?
  • How good is the child with the computer?
  • Does the child possess qualities such as patience and perseverance to master the software?

The field of animation encompasses many different styles. The software the kids need also depends on the type of animation they want to learn.

Here are the 5 animation types to choose from:

2D Animation: This involves creating a sequence of single-frame images usually drawn on translucent paper.

Nowadays, individual vector images are created on a digital tablet and later refined, animated, and processed using animation software. Example: Manga, Disney, etc.

Stop Motion Animation: In this type, a sequence of photos of an object is used to create animation.

Here instead of vectors or drawings, real-life objects are used. Example: animated sand, Wallace and Gromit, etc.

3D Animation: This is slightly more complex than Stop Motion Animation.

In 3D animation, a three-dimensional image of shapes and characters is created with the software.

The 3D models are then manipulated to create motion effects. Example: Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Shrek, etc.

2D Rig Animation: In this type of animation, the skeleton or rig for 2D characters is created with the help of software.

Movement and action are later added to the characters to convey a story or message. Example: website ads, advertisement videos, etc.

Whiteboard Animation: The whiteboard or presentation-style animation brings the drawings to life.

This new type of animation is nowadays quite widely used in the education and marketing industry.

This animation style is mainly used to effectively present ideas and information.

Final Thoughts

Apart from that, several more animation software are available. You can start with any of these tools.

Each software you see here has something unique to offer but they all have a common feature – they offer the right kind of tools and functions to initiate the kids in 2D and 3D animation.

Much effort has been invested in preparing the list. That’s because our children deserve the best.

The list of 10 animation software offers the best chance to develop your kid’s creativity, imagination, and skills.

Other honorable mentions include Toon Boom, FlipaClip, and Pivot Animator.



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