20 After Effects Transitions To Up Your Videos in 2022

Designing the transitions from one scene to the next is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks which almost every video editor hates to do.

Most of the time, you can count on basic cuts, fades, and wipes but sometimes you really want to bring out something unique.

That’s where After Effects and video animation enters the picture.

Whether you are editing an adventure vlog or a professional video, there is a wide range of transition packs to suit every style perfectly.

You can save a good amount of time and energy by saving some tried and tested transitions that can easily be put into your videos to add some aesthetics.

We have compiled 20 of the best After Effects transitions to add a vibrant and elegant touch that takes your video projects to the next level.

1. Colorama Transitions

One of our favorite techniques for effortlessly combining two scenes is to provide a burst of color when you transition through them.

The Colorama Transitions are a must-have effect pack since it provides a number of methods to achieve captivating results with only a couple of clicks.

This pack provides enough for any video, with features varying from light leak style effects to colourful pushes.

2. Liquid Transitions

Liquid transitions are one of the most liked effects in video editing. The transitions in this pack provide a beautiful effect that gives motion vibes.

There are several variants of this transition effect. Its fluid, wavy, and swirly effects are ideal for videos including travel, sports, marketing, and gaming.

You can easily incorporate them in your product advertising reels, social media videos, YouTube clips, and other projects.

These stunning liquid transitions will surely help you bring a unique appearance to your videos.

3. Ink Transitions

The look of dripping ink in the following clip is a popular choice for travel vloggers and videographer reels because it adds depth and interest to your work.

It will transition from one scene to the next in the form of ink splats being dropped on paper that gives different feels. To make your project unique, you can choose from 11 distinct transitions.

The ink transition will function at any resolution and is simple to use, just add the transition over the layer of the video, press a couple of buttons, and Voila! You are done.

Try out this pack of ink transitions for an eye-catching look that isn’t too strong and flashy.

4. Video Glitch Transitions

The glitch transition effects pack has a variety of glitch effects, from vintage VHS audio and rewind distortions to the latest digital dispersions and particle effects with whippings of chromatic aberration. 

The glitch effect is quickly recognizable as it is being widely used in sci-fi and futuristic videos. You can also transform glitch effects into a gif by using a video to gif online tool.

Apply these glitch transition effects to effortlessly incorporate the same appearance into your video projects in little to no time.

5. Line Transitions Colour Pack

This transition pack is basically a pair of swirly, symmetrical lines that connect at the center of the screen in a flash of light. It gives a fantastic look as long as you don’t overdo it.

It’s a standard QuickTime video generated in 10 different colors that is simple to use; keep in mind that it’s only available in HD format. So if you are working on a 4K project, you may need to look somewhere else.

6. Logo Transitions

The most popular transition among corporate videos! It allows you to display a corporate logo or personalized text graphics in every frame.

Perfect for business projects and videos where you require customized branding to be displayed over the screen. This pack, unlike most other transition effects, is not about scene transitions.

You can use these transitions to go to a brand-revealing scene or an outro where you can promote your business or other social media platforms.

It offers a variety of transition effects as well as compatibility to 24 different social platform icons.

7. Clean Transitions

The Clean Transitions Pack strikes a nice balance between standard, straightforward transitions and something a bit more creative.

As the preview illustrates, these are neat enough to be utilized in a business video but provide a much more engaging method of moving through scenes than your editor’s pre-built transitions.

8. UltraLight Transitions

These ultralight transitions are basically a bit more than a collection of variously shaped wipes with hard-edged corners, carrying a blurred and tinted rendition of the final photo.

It is straightforward to set up with simple sliders to adjust the colour, opacity, and blurriness of the wipe border.

9. Linear Transitions

This pack is for you if you are looking for transition effects that can be used with any type of video, whether it’s for a business brand or a personal YouTube channel.

There are no additional plugins needed and it is compatible with After Effects CS5 and above.

10. Bokeh Effect Transitions

How can we forget the bokeh’s lovely textures? This transition is perfect to elevate any work into a garden of light.

This beautiful bokeh set is tough to top for fantastic transitions.

It includes 10 light, colorful, and gracefully animated bokeh transitions that fill the screen with out-of-focus light streaks when you go from one scene to the next.

11. Distortion Zoom Transitions

We genuinely love the mind-bending visuals that appear on the screen with this distortion zoom transitions set.

This pack contains up to 170 transitions, ranging from power zooms, elastic zooms, and optical zooms, to wave transitions, motion defaults, and twirl transitions, all of which are simple to use and freely resizeable to every display resolution and screen size.

12. Transition 365

This bundle focuses on geometric forms and patterns that transition between your video clips.

This all-purpose transition set is ideal for any YouTuber who wants to give their video a casual feel without breaking the bank.

13. 100 Corporate Transitions

The set of 100 corporate transitions can be ideal for your next commercial advertising video.

This pack hits the right balance between “better than pre-set transitions” and “not very fancy,” making it useful for a wide range of video editing.

14. Handy Seamless Transitions

The fact that the handy seamless transitions collection is consistently at the top of the best sellers list on the Envato market is no surprise to anyone.

This After Effects Transitions pack includes up to 1,000 distinct transitions that you can use to add unique transitions to your own video clips.

15. Transitions Chroma Aberration FX

This transition collection can be used to experiment with different shot transitions as well.

As you shift from shot to shot, a blend of glitch, distortion and refraction-type effects will assist your scenes in taking on an intense atmosphere.

16. Paint Brush Transition Reveal Pack

Similar to the ink transitions collection, the paintbrush transition reveals pack provides you with up to 30 different transitions. These images will transition from one scene to the next with a variety of vivid brush strokes.

The After Effects Transitions pack comes with a video guide to help you get started.

17. Torn Paper Transitions

Torn paper transitions are another interesting approach to implementing 3D transition effects in your videos. Its soft and edgy style is ideal for portfolios and projects alike.

This transition collection will look great in an explanation video with animations showcasing your work.

When you mix the clips with these torn paper transitions, you will add a sleek and modern touch to the video while delivering your message.

18. Flash FX Splash Transitions

These beautiful 4K After Effects transitions provide a fluid look for transitioning between your sequences.

These gorgeous linear After Effects transitions, built from scratch, are sure to draw the audience’s attention.

It features 50 varied transition effects in a wide range of styles, such as linear, circular, triangle, and many others. They are also ideal for slideshows and presentations.

19. Glass Transitions

Glass transitions are often used in photographic album videos.

This pack contains a number of transition effects influenced by glass transitions.

They are ideal for fashion photography, wedding video albums, and memory videos.

It comes with 10 different After Effects transition effects that work with both images and videos.

20. Lightning Transitions

This transition effect has a thunder appearance in which lightning hits to rip away your screen to show the following scene.

It’s ideal for YouTube channels that mostly prepare gaming and entertainment-related videos.

It also features a variety of lightning animation types and variations for making a grand entrance or giving a large flare. 


The best After Effects transitions can transform a visually good video into an eye-catching piece of artwork.

Nowadays, people want to see new and compelling effects in transitions, especially when creating content for social media. Most of the default transition effects available to video editors have already been overused so it’s always a good idea to try something new.

While you can design your own transitions in After Effects, the simplest way to use them is to apply creative default transitions and alter them to match your work properly.

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